Farley named 3rd Team All American by PFF

PFF All American Teams

A great honor and well-deserved. He's grown leaps and bounds for someone who hadn't played defense until last year's season opener!

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Highest rated coverage in the country, 3rd team All American... sounds about right.

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He'll be 3rd team AllACC with neither guy from PFF ahead of him...'cause #GOACC

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PFF named him and Waller both first team All-ACC. Farley was the only ACC CB represented on the PFF All-American list

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I mean the ACC coaches and media will rank him lower than PFF.

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I'm absolutely shocked he's getting this kind of recognition. Good for him!

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Bradburn didn't even make honorable mention?

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Actually he did make honorable mention. Admittedly, I don't know much about the punters who received more votes but I wouldn't trade Bradburn for anyone else. I hate ever having to punt but actually enjoy watching him do his thing. He's such a weapon.

Bradburn made all-conference honorable mention in the official media/coaches awards. This is the all-american team as graded by Pro Football Focus

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Good point. Nonetheless, If he only made honorable mention in the acc Coaches/media voting then is it really that surprising that pro focus didn't recognize him?

Awesome for him. Good corners can make $$$ in the league, so happy to see him getting this recognition

One of the bigger improvements I've ever seen over the course of a year. Great for him. He is a great kid.

You could see late last year is coverage skills were getting better which gave me hope for this season, but he improved more than I had hoped for. Tackling and run support were huge weaknesses last year. He really came to play this year.

Not just in coverage, but in tackling.

I selfishly hope he doesn't go to the NFL, but if it looks like he can get a high rating, he's got to go.

Successful pro's help the program and recruiting more than anything. If he gets a 1-2 round grade, he should run to the NFL

I agree but seriously doubt he'll get that grade. He looks to me like could benefit from another year in the weight room before he's ready to consistently tackle NFL wideouts. And I don't think he's quite good enough in coverage to make the classic Deion Sanders "tackling is for linebackers" claim.

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Thought Farley and Waller should be at least somewhere in the 2nd team area but this is a good recognition for 2 sophomores.

Hopefully ACC give some love

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How many years do they have to be removed from HS to enter the draft?

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He is an incredible talent. Credit to him for working in the face of adversity and criticism. Also, credit to the coaches for sticking to the plan. The plan will eventually make him some serious money.

With that said, I think Farley can improve even more. If he comes back he could work himself into a top 10 pick and a 1st team all American. Very high ceiling that hasn't been hit yet. He needs to play. The risk is the NFL is too much too fast and he regresses some. Not saying he will - just posing the issue. Kids needs to play and learn to be the star and not just be projected to be one to truly maximize their potential. He is an incredible athlete, great work ethic and good head on his shoulders. I hope he comes back one more year and wins all the awards and goes pro then to be a sure fire top pick.