OT: VT FutureHAUS Worth a Visit (NoVA area)

Don't believe I've seen this mentioned here - VT students designed and built FutureHAUS, which won first prize at the 2018 Solar Decathlon Middle East, a competition launched by the United States Department of Energy and the United Arab Emirates' Dubai Electricity & Water authority to accelerate research on building sustainable homes.

Virginia Tech was the only American team in the contest.

I went and visited this weekend while it's set up in Alexandria (near Delray/Potomac Yards) and it was pretty awesome. The level of work and sophistication, using entirely OTS parts, was really impressive. A great look for the university and future VT recognition.


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My brother and I went into Times Square in May to see this and several other exhibits -- it's awesome. Highly recommend going and seeing the FutureHAUS and talking with the students who helped execute the vision.

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I misread this as FuenteHouse and thought we were trying something new to raise donations.

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I saw "Haus" and got really excited about the new Tech run biergarten near DC.

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I just graduated from VT architecture and while I wasn't on that project, I know a bunch of people who put in a crap ton of time into it. It is very impressive and even more so knowing how much work was put into it. Also for anyone unaware the 2009 winner is currently located behind Cowgill hall right now. Sadly it is a bit rundown but it won an AIA building of the year award and is also very cool.

I remember working on this guy back in 2001...they've come a long way

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