Plans for Cassell

Tech recently released an RFP for A/E services for a feasibility study to be done on Cassell Coliseum.
Stated goals that seemed to be of note:
Expand concourse to the exterior to achieve fan experience, code compliance and operations updates goals.
Increase prominence of west elevation to be "front door" for non-student fans.
Update 2-story north portion including the lobby and exterior facade; current program square footage must be maintained.
Refresh overall building aesthetics while preserving key characteristics of the original design.

Improve concourse flow and openness to court floor.
Reduce total quantity of concessions locations and replace with fewer, but expanded locations to support a full array of concessions offerings.
Modify seating to include premium seating options, an overall reduction in seating capacity is acceptable.
A few VIP amenities.
Improved coaches' meeting room.
Replace court flooring.

Things not being considered:
Center hung video board - structural limitations and sight line limitations.
No plan to host concerts or similar events

Modifications to the interior should transform the concourse with increased flow, amenities,
premium seating, and openness to the court floor while maintaining the unique gameday
atmosphere of Cassell Coliseum; its key characteristics include steep-sided seating, high
noise-level potential, and other attributes that contribute to home court advantage through an
intimidating competition environment for opponents.

General interpretation is that they plan to update, but don't expect increased capacity or major changes on the arena side of things. This is just a feasibility study. Things could totally change.

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AKA... Keep it the same but make it prettier. Got it.

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Would you want anything else though? I like Cassell.

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I like it. Don't want to lose the snakepit factor

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This looks like more of an interiors project with a couple of exterior items. What would be interesting is the alteration level per the Code. Though its seems to be mainly a Level 1, it looks like it would hit a Level 2 or 3, requiring a lot of items to be brought up to date.

I'm sure that is what they are trying to figure out. The latest building code update has some impacts in the mechanical and electrical side of things for sure.

I'd love to go after something like this, but doubtful they would pay us any mind. Tried to look up the RFP and couldn't find it.

I've chased several projects on the CM side and haven't gotten shortlisted yet. Good luck. It seems like they like to stay with the big boys for fear of someone taking a chance on an unknown quantity and coming up short. We've worked with UVA on numerous projects and have a great relationship there. Hard to translate that success to VT.

It's going to be WM Jordan unless they don't want it. Lawson pretty much runs the construction at Virginia Tech.

Good to see Dwayne Lawson back at VT /s

Well, when your name is on the school...

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I'd almost expect a Wexner center type intervention on the West side, based on the descriptions in the RFP. It talks about maintaining the arches and other defining features, but adding to the western entrance. I fully expect the A/E to do something that wraps the existing arches, leaving them plainly visible, but breaks between/out of them to form this new entrance.

Unless the west face is the one on washington street. The building is angled, so, I'm just guessing at which is the "west" side based on context.

Personally, I'd love to see us scrap the reno, and go full tilt replacement. I love Cassell, but it's tired. Recruiticorns are looking for new/bright/shiny, and I don't think polishing it up is going to help the perception that it's old. I think to move to the next level, the basketball program is going to need to upgrade the facilities. Obviously, the financial commitment to this is going to be an issue, as much as location. Having had a lot of opportunity to see LOLUVA's arena (say what you will about the boohoos), JPJ is a fantastic facility, It's a great place to watch a game, and it's a top notch facility for concerts and other events. It's impressive for recruits, when they come in. I fear we're falling behind in the basketball front of the facilities war. It's time for escalation.

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Same. There are some cool (not literally) parts about Cassell and the nostalgia is there, but it is a dump. It's very hard to imagine VT with a new, modern, on-campus arena and anyone wishing we were still in Cassell.

Build a new one where the tennis courts are. Demo cassel. Build another dorm.

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I LOVE Cassell, but the things we love about it are not attractive to recruits. It's about the size of Cameron Indoor, but we don't have the history to make it worth keeping. I've been avoiding this opinion for years, but I think it is time to start over and go big and flashy!

I'd love to see a new arena but designed with a lot of nods to Cassel's architecture. I doubt we have the money for that as an athletic program, however. Would be cool, though.

Never thought I'd feel this way, but I totally agree with you. The time has come to step up in basketball, and as you have mentioned, JPJ is more than just a basketball venue. It enhances the cultural life of all students and is a draw for Charlottesville as well. I have many fond memories of Cassell, and love it still, but, well...
At what point are we just polishing a turd?

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Not realistic, but I'd love to see us just build a new arena. Make it fancy but small-ish. Hokie stone, make it look like New Classroom Building. Ability to host events as well like concerts etc

Hmmmm.....perhaps like what Wofford did when Coach Young was there, but larger. (Very hard to be nicer.....)

meh, I'm a big fan of the single level like we have in Cassell.

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Not steep enough.

(add if applicable) /s

The Washington St facade reno is way overdue

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