OT: Dynasty league interest?

It's only May and I'm already hankering for some fantasy football action. I jumped into my first and only dynasty league last year and it has been a blast thus far, so I'm hoping I might be able to drum up interest in a 10-12 PPR SuperFlex (QB/WR/RB/TE). I'd want to draft soon, probably within the next week or so if we could get the necessary interest going.

We'd use FleaFlicker - it's the best and most customizable site for dynasty leagues. They offer an email draft which is the preferred method I think we'd go with. There's no formal timer setting, but we'd do it similarly to VTFootballGrad's GM mock draft he did a month or so ago. You'd likely have 1 -2 hours to make a pick between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM, then you'd auto draft the next highest ranked player overall.

I'm thinking $25 entry fee, winner takes 80% and second takes 20% of pot. Payment would go through LeagueSafe to ensure that everything is above board and players get their payouts in a timely manner.

This may go largely unnoticed or without interest, but if it does tickle your fancy please let me know.

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I'm down, in one already and I friggin love it. It really puts an interesting twist on who to draft. Also there definitely needs to be some sort of punishment for losing to prevent tanking to hard

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I've been largely ignoring the NFL, but I really enjoyed VTFootballGrad's draft so I'm down for it.

Drafting could be complicated, but I'm in.

we'll see if we get to 10-12 interested parties, but Flea Flicker has an option to do it entirely over email so we could do it at our leisure. We did it that way in a start up draft last year and weren't hard and fast about the timeline, but if you set the expectation for 1 pick every 1-2 hours you can usually get done in about 2 weeks. There will be a run of faster picks, then some slower...it balanced out.

Count me in.

I'd be down for it as long as everyone takes it serious enough to be competitive but not "that seriously". ;)

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I love fantasy but have never played Dynasty before. Count me in.

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I'd be very interested. Only thoughts: I live on the west coast, so could we make the draft window open at, say, 11am?

I would be in

sitting at 9 right now, myself included, we would need just one more interested party to make this a good size.

bump to see if we can get one more person to join...


I was seriously considering, but I am going to be in the middle of my last semester of Grad School and I have a Capstone mixed in with it along with 2 other leagues. I won't have time :(


No problem man...I'll draft for you. :)