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As I just finished packing all my earthly possessions into a moving truck and wished them a pleasant journey from Guam to Hawaii I figured now would be a good time to try and figure out if there are any Hokies living on Oahu. I will be finishing my transfer and arriving to Hawaii on Nov 1st and will definitely be in need of a place to watch the VT vs ND game since I won't have anything to my name except the clothes I have in my suitcase. Any suggestions for bars that would be pro VT would be great or anyone with experience on the island that knows a thing or two would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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There are, well were, haven't been out in 6 years. I used to watch games with the alumni group when I had to go out. I knew one of the organizers when I was in college. She has since moved away. But i would assume the alumni group still exists.

I found that Irish Rose Saloon is one of the few bars open at 6 am for the "noon" games. They don't serve food but have menus so you can order food to the bar.

Round table pizza has a lot of TVs. I watched one of the ACC championship games there with the alumni group.

Hawaii Chapter

Looks like they have an email and Facebook page. Check it out for the deets.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

I will be on Oahu during thanksgiving this year! Let me buy you a drink - you can scout the good bars between now and then!

Damn, I'll just miss you by a few days! I'll be in NYC picking up the 7 month pregnant wife and getting her moved to Hawaii over thanksgiving and the first week of December. I'll check out the bars for you and give you the scouting report for sure though.


Thanks man, and congrats!!

Are you hitting up the Maui Invitational before Oahu?

Edit: question for dc

yep..all 3 games

I'll see you there . . . I'm coming over from the Big Island. Can't wait. Maui is my favorite island. I moved there right after graduation and got a job at the Hyatt where the team is staying.

I love the Big Island, my dad grew up there in the 40s-late 50s/early 60s, went a few years back for a week with the whole fam, incredible place. If I ever move from the OBX, it will be to Hawaii

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Awesome, let's grab a beer or something! Would love to meet a fellow TKPer out there.

As opposed to a TKP tailgate, where there would be a huge pile on? ;^)

Then again, I have yet to make one of the TKP tailgates. We'll go to one together, and I'll have your back, bud.

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LOL- I aint affraid!

...into a moving truck...

...journey from Guam to Hawaii...

Sooo....what route is this moving truck going to take between Guam and Hawaii?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

I'm hopeful they take the route from my apartment to the airport/sea port and load it into a vessel that flys/floats to get to Hawaii. I'd be pretty pissed if they pulled the above to get to Hawaii.


Living in Hawaii sounds like a really good idea. I need to do that.

I've been to Guam and if it's anything like there, then yes it is.

Guam has way more humidity, I'm looking forward to the reprieve from the oppressive humidity


Yea, I highly recommend it. This will be my second go round in Hawaii. The golf is great, the weather is great, not much to complain about when it comes to Hawaii.


Going to Maui for honeymoon in May 2020, so any recommendations, particularly from local Hokies would be appreciated!

Not local, but was there a few weeks for work. edit: this was back in 2016 for reference
Kihei is quite nice. Beaches are amazing and some good restaurants. Nalu's south shore grill was good, Three's bar had amazing pork nachos, and Moose McGillycuddy's had decent happy hour specials. Maui Brewing has a really nice facility and the tour was alot of fun, and on the west part of the island they have a nice tasting room. Strongly recommend going to the top of Haleakalā for the sunset. Absolutely stunning views, but it does get quite cool up there. I also did a helicopter tour which was pricey but such a fantastic experience. Pro tip: where ever you are driving, give yourself plenty of time. Theirs basically only the one highway from Kahului to Kihei. Almost everything else is single lane roads and no one is in a hurry. I drove the loop around the western part of the island and it took about 4-5 hours (and went through some towns that I definitely did not want to get stuck in) and the eastern part took closer to 6. But basically every 5 minutes is another amazing view. Especially the eastern side you see the back side of Haleakalā and they had recently re done the road so it made for a fantastic drive.

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Awesome. Thank you! We will be staying near Lahaina in West Maui.

Definitely want to see Maui Brewing (priorities, I know) and plan to do a sunset hike of Haleakala.

Was thinking of doing the helicopter tour - did you go with Blue-Hawaiian helicopters?

I think mine was Air Maui, but I had heard good things about Blue-Hawaiian as well. I was there by myself and they had a deal where if they had an opening on a trip and needed a person to fill in, it was only $100. But if you can pick, I highly recommend doing on of Molokai. They have the tallest sea cliffs in the world and we flew all around them and there's tons of waterfalls shooting off them. It was a surreal experience.

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Thanks for that tip! They had whole island of Maui tour I was eyeing but there's a West Maui and Molokai tour they have (only one that does Molokai). Thanks again, would not have come up with Molokai on my own.

Happy to give some ideas! Hope you and your wife have a wonderful honeymoon! And really, no matter what you end up doing, you're going to have a great time in Hawaii. It really is an amazing place

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Thanks again! Never been before, really excited for it.

Any thoughts on going to Hana the back road?

It's a nice trip, but there are too many people who don't know how to drove on that road.
You absolutely do not need a four wheel drive. Anyone telling you that is an idiot. I'd do one of the bus tours of The road. They do all the driving, take you to decent stops, and you get to look around instead of focus on the other people on the road.

Snorkeling Molokini is pretty sweet. I highly recommend that.

Definitely don't need 4 wheel drive. I had a rented mustang and it had no trouble. The pilani highway section seemed to be recently repaved and was a joy to drive. The Hana highway is a bit rougher and much more congested. I had heard rumors that if you drove it, rental companies wouldn't honor insurance claims or tows if you got stuck, but I think it was more of a scare tactic. Biggest thing is just to give yourself plenty of time. Like I said, the whole circle took about 6 hours to drive.

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seconded, we drove it with our Camaro and had no problems. just take it slow and you'll be fine!


I'd kill to live in Hawaii

Actually killers get moved away, so much crjme there they export the major criminals to the mainland so need to find another option 😉

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I'm cross-posting this with the TKP Local Eats thread - here are some Maui and Oahu favorites from my trips there:
Asian food:

  • Star Noodle (Maui - 286 Kupuohi St, Lahaina, HI 96761) - Some of the best Ramen I've ever had. Reservations are recommended.
  • Shirokiya Japan Village Walk (Oahu - 1450 Ala Moana Blvd #1360, Honolulu, HI 96814) - This is a massive Japanese food court in the bottom floor of the Ala Moana Mall. Plenty of good food options, and $1 beers all day every day (I believe it's open from 10 AM to 10 PM)
  • ABC Stores (Literally everywhere) - I think you can get 2 huge pieces of Spam Musubi for $3. It's the perfect breakfast. Don't be afraid of Spam...they marinade it, and it's delicious.

Hawaiian food:

  • Da Kitchen (Maui - 425 Koloa St, Kahului, HI 96732) - Slightly fancier version of traditional Hawaiian food. Portions are huge (and pretty cheap by Hawaiian standards).
  • Old Lahaina Luau (Maui - 1251 Front St, Lahaina, HI 96761) - Obviously a Luau isn't a restaurant, but their kalua pig was really good, and they have an exclusive sweet potato beer made by Maui Brewing Company that is dope.


  • Yama's Fish Market (Oahu - 2332 Young St, Honolulu, HI 96826) - Super fresh seafood and great poke. Jason Momoa eats here.
  • Shaka Poke (Oahu - Lower Level, 2250 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815) - This is probably my favorite find of our trips to Hawaii. Little shop in a small shopping plaza/mall run by a father and son. Poke is great, and prices are very good for Waikiki standards.


  • Ululani's Shave Ice (Multiple locations in Maui, but I have always gone to this one - 790 Front St, Lahaina, HI 96761) - Best shave ice I've ever had. They use all fresh fruits for their syrups, and make fresh mochi every day for topping. If you don't go here, you're dead to me.
  • Dole Plantation (Oahu - 64-1550 Kamehameha Hwy, Wahiawa, HI 96786) - It's a tourist trap, but you still can't beat a Dole Whip on a hot day. There's also a legit pineapple garden maze (like a corn maze) if you're into that.
  • Leilani's on the Beach (Maui - 2435 Kaanapali Pkwy, Lahaina, HI 96761) - It's a regular restaurant, but they have this insane dessert called the Hula Pie. It's basically a chocolate cookie crust topped with macadamia nut ice cream, topped with fudge. It's served like an ice cream cake, but it's a pie (ice cream pie?!?), and the slices are bigger than your head. I think you can get it at a few different places under the Duke's Hawaian restaurant chain (Kimo's and Hula Grill)

Other stuff to do:

  • Watch the sun rise (or set) at Haleakala National Park (Maui) - You'll have to stay up all night or wake up at butt o'clock in the morning, but it is worth it. Probably the most incredible views I've ever seen. Bring a jacket and layer up, because it gets legitimately cold at 10,000 feet (in the 30s).
  • Hike Diamond Head (Oahu) - Go early (like 8 AM at the latest) because it gets super crowded and hot. It's not a long hike (and half of it is on sidewalks, so it's not really a "hike" per se) but there are a lot of steps so you will feel it in your legs once you get towards the top. Great views of the whole island from the top.


Since you're living there then find out when night swimming in Hanauma bay is, its great, but they used to run out of equipment fast so you had to bring your own.

Stairway to heaven is an amazing hike but not all legal. You'll have to trespass on personal property and then hike an unmaintained trail. Go with locals if you do this. Lots of them know what to do.

Koa pancake house was delicious last time I was out there. Its in Kaneohe.

The north shore is my favorite spot on Oahu. Lots of great things to do there.

I can tell you from my personal experience the last time I was there for a week in October 2018

- Stairway to Heaven has a HPD Officer that patrols the bottom from sun up to sun down and will charge people with trespassing if he catches you. The only way around it if you wanna do the climb is to get there early (around 4am) but then you are stuck up there until the sun goes down if you want to avoid the officer which gets very dangerous trying to get down in the dark.

- I thought Koa Pancake House deserved a meh thread. The food was decent, the service was sub par, and this was probably a one off but our sugar shaker was a solid brick of sugar because of the humidity so my wife (fiancé at the time) was trying to break it up by hit the sugar shaker on the table and it broke the bottom off and spilled sugar all over the table. Kinda funny in retrospect but she was pissed in the moment. I like Anna Millers in Pearl Ridge for breakfast better personally.

- the North Shore is amazing. If you're on Oahu you should definitely make time to go there and do stuff.


hood info I did stairway a decade ago. Also sad if koa went down hill.

Got a Hokie buddy that lives in the Honolulu area

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

I lived there for a few years around 2015. There is a group on fb, I think it was "Hokies in Hawaii" if I remember correctly (would look it up but don't have fb anymore). They used to meet at round top pizza(Ohana East building) off of kuhio ave in Waikiki.

Hit me up if you have any questions about Hawai'i life!

Don't know any Hokies out that way, but I know an Army pilot that's stationed out there. Justin Reece. At Wheeler (I thiiiink). More of an acquaintance (year or two younger, so I never got to play ball with him), but good guy nonetheless.

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