174lbs Weight Class Overview: Cody Hughes

2018/2019 Season

David McFadden bumped up a weight class to 174lbs in order accommodate his friend, former freshman phenom Mekhi Lewis at 165lbs. McFadden handled the weight increase admirably, earning a record of 24-4 (5-0 ACC). As it was previously mentioned, his point production did decrease with nearly a 30 point difference. This can be attributed from not having enough endurance to continue his high powered offense Last year, he would go on to earn his second ACC Championship and become a NCAA All-American for the third time.

2019/2020 Season

Cody Hughes (r-SR, South Berwick ME) looks to return to his starting role as the 174lb starter this year. Hughes only wrestled in two dual matches last year, Missouri and Northwestern. Afterwards he participated in the Cliff Keen Invitational, Southern Scuffle, and the Appalachian Open where his final record was 7-7 (0-0 ACC).

Cody Hughes did defeat Kolton Clark, 12-3, in the Intrasquad Wrestle-off this past week. Last year he had only one victory that resulted in bonus points. In 2017/2018, he had seven victories that resulted in bonus points and the team hopes he returns to form. Hughes sets up his shots generally with head taps or snap downs which leads to long single leg shots.

If Hughes has improved his quickness and deliberateness in this shot, it can become a solid move. Hughes also tends to reach for his shot without fully bypassing his opponents guard. Hughes is fairly long for his weight class and uses this length to defend shots and get in funk situations.

I'm wishing for Hughes to prove me wrong, but I peg his over/under conference dual wins at 1.5, and not qualifying for the NCAAs. He can make a huge impact for the team though, if he wrestles above seed during the ACC Tournament.

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Thanks for doing this dude. Learning a bunch about VT wrestling through these posts. .

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Seconded. I know very little so I don't usually contribute much to the conversation, but I am happy for this series and appreciate being filled in on what is arguably Tech's best program at the moment.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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This can be attributed from not having enough endurance to continue his high powered offense

Not that it matters but I had a different take on McFadden at 74. It seems pretty logical that moving up a weight would result in a less drastic weight cut and result in greater energy/endurance. This is pure speculation and it was probably a combination of factors, but I'd lean toward the issue being that David went from being a bigger 65 to an average 74. As a result he didn't have the same size/strength advantages and struggled to finish takedowns, including exerting significantly more energy in the process.

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Early in the season he definitely got caught up in a lot of hand fighting and collar ties and didn't get to his offense as much. He definitely had problems with running out of gas in the third period.

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