Maui classic Ticket rant

So, I know a trip to Maui is no biggie for most VT fans/alums, right? Just hop on a flight, stay at a resort.. boom. No issues. Silly me thought that it was actually pretty cool that I am going to happen to be in Maui this year for a long planned trip at a time share and low and behold - the hokies are playing on the island. Cool!! Well GA seats are $469.00 plus 14 dollars service fee plus 20 dollars shipping fee when buying from VT or the Maui site. This is for 3 games, - or $167.00 per game- one could be against Chamminade- an NAIA team or whatever division they are in... Naive me thought that this tournament -in Maui- would not demand such prices (NBA Playoff ticket pricing) since Maui is uber expensive, a 10 hour flight, a long vacation spot for most, etc.. and not something someone would plan around hoops games, etc. Of course you can not buy one game, you must buy all three. Well now I know. I also know why they continue to have this tourney- they make a shit load of money. I seriously had no idea tix would be that expensive. wow. Do the locals pay that much? or do michigan state and kansas hoop fans actually plan $10,00.00 vacations around when there team will be in Maui? I know VT hoops fans do not do this.

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To be fair, it is the premier Thanksgiving Week tournament with marquee teams and is held in a high school gym. I hate uber expensive tickets as much as the next guy but $167 a game seems dictated by demand. Requiring 3 game package is dumb though.

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Yeah, that tourney is held in a tiny venue. I think lack of seats vs demand is the biggest factor in the price.

That and everything in Hawaii is expensive.

Lahaina Civic Center has only 2,400 seats. That has to be the main reason tickets are so pricey.

Can buy all VT games for $644 on Vivid Seats.

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That is more than from the VT TO...

isn't that the point? the retail is much lower than resale and so the demand is obviously there to justify the prices

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To answer one of your questions, it's not a destination event for many basketball fans. maybe the top 0.1%, but many just would rather sit at home and watch on tv. And it's as much about that: coverage, than getting people there. It's a kitschy event that has somehow survived all the "modernization" of pre-season basketball events.

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IF those are really the prices you should have an chance at secondhand tickets via stubhub or something. Can't imagine the NAIA team game being more than $30.

Second hand for Chaminade. But not for the Big boys. On Stub Hub now, 1st game is $179. If we win, it's $295. If we win, it's $555. If we lose first game to Michigan State, second game is starting at $65.

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Chaminade will never ever ever again deserve any disrespect. At all, never ever. What they did to loluva that year is still the greatest upset in college basketball history and I'd pay to see them out of gratitude alone.

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If TKP had existed in 1982 I'm sure we would have insisted Chaminade change their name to Freudenschade University after that win.

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ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

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This is the most dcwilson way to humble brag about a timeshare in and trip to Hawaii.


By complaining about ticket prices

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That D2 basketball team beat UVA a long time ago. Imagine being the only team to lose to the D2 school at the Maui Invitational and the only 1 seed to lose to a 16 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

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Technically, they didn't lose in the Maui Invitational, but your point is still wonderful. 2 historic losses!

Yes, I realized after commenting this and looking at a read-up on the game. The Maui was somewhat a result of that win. I still feel as if UVA is the only ranked team all time to lost to a D2 team (they were NAIA at the time as DC said).

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It's spendy, but so is Maui for Thanksgiving.

Since they have it every year, I guess they know how to price the tickets.

You should live on Oahu if you're worried about the flight length. It's only a 15 minute flight for me to Maui.


Let me buy you a beer when I'm out there!

Have you thought about befriending richer people? /s

What's $500 when you're going to put up $15 million for Fuente's buyout?

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You'll be in Maui for Thanksgiving... Aren't you missing the whole point of the holiday?

I mean, I would be pretty thankful if I were in Maui on Thanksgiving.

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If you're going to complain about it, at least get the name right.

Honestly, I'm kidding, but it's just an excuse to post that this tournament is called the Maui Jim Maui Invitational. Of all the ridiculous sponsor named crap in college sports now, that one is so on the nose it's hard not to like.