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My most pro ready teammate was either of the edmunds brothers! Playing for buffalo and Pittsburg now. Most pro ready guy that is still on the team has to be offensive lineman Brock Hoffman. Dudes a beast!!! The best player I've ever gone against was either baker mayfield or Patrick mahomes. Obvious answer haha

Big 12 was a lot more difficult of a conference. Might vary depending on the year but that's what I think from my experience playing in both conferences

Still a lot of questions left unanswered.

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Big 12 was a lot more difficult of a conference. Might vary depending on the year but that's what I think from my experience playing in both conferences

Not surprising. I don't think anyone outside of ACC country would argue the ACC isn't a bottom of the barrel conference battling PAC12 for the bottom. The gap between Clemson and the rest is of the conference is simply enormous.

A conference probably seems a lot more difficult when you play at Kansas and don't get to play Kansas. Not totally disagreeing, but a lot seems a stretch.

Correct. If the Big 12 was so great, Oklahoma wouldn't win it every year. I would agree that the middle of the Big 12- Texas, Ok State, TCU (most of the time) might be stronger than VT, FSU, (pick of UNC, NC State, Wake, UVA) right now sure.

TCU has had a losing conference record and 7 or less total wins in 5 of the 8 years since joining the Big12 in 2012. And 3 of the last 4 years...

Right, I did not realize they had slipped so bad. You can substitute Iowa State or WVU for them, point stands. Oklahoma and Baylor is probably a better 1-2 punch than Clemson and VT or FSU or UVA or NC State right now - the rest? meh

Shocking you'd find a substitute...

Meanwhile the Big12 mostly gets it's reputation playing itself. Programs like WVU and Iowa St would be borderline middle third/bottom third in the ACC.

WVU has lost 5 of 6 bowl games since pounding Clemson in 2011 and has been beaten by Syracuse (twice) and Miami in 3 of those - while losing to VT in a neutral field game. They did however beat arguably the worst team in the ACC last year 44-27 at home.

Iowa State is 1 game over .500 in it's last four seasons and has lost its last 7 games vs non-conference P5 opponents - 4 of which are Iowa because Iowa State consistently plays one of the weakest non-conference schedules.

WVU also had a likely win against NC State canceled by a hurricane, and the last time they played Syracuse they had multiple guys sitting out the bowl game, including Will Grier.

Likely...is opinion.

Injuries happen. Syracuse probably had guys out too.

Dungey played, Grier didn't. That's not a game worth using for a conference vs. conference battle, but you are entitled to your opinion. I think the ACC is weak, has been weak for a long time (sans 2016, love that anecdotal golden year to say everything is fine when we had an absurd crop of QBs), and will continue to be weak unless drastic infrastructure upgrades happen across the conferences, more top down commitment to football from Athletic Departments, stadiums are even close to full at some of these schools, and money is pumped into these programs by donors willing to match the recruiting and facilities arms race.

If not, we will continue to rely on occasional good years from veteran teams with good QB play. Inconsistency at its finest by a conference where half the schools don't even have football as their primary focus. Clemson will walk this league for years to come unless 1-3 teams actually step up in the aforementioned areas. UNC is currently trending that way, FSU always has potential to return there. We have an opportunity to rejoin that relevant group, and we might have a recruiting class this year to start trending back in that direction.

2017 the ACC was closer to the SEC than the Big 10 was to the ACC. And 2015 the league was second in conference rankings as well. 2014 they came in 4th by .7 in average SP+ ranking. So from 2014-2017 the league played the second best level of football, thats a 4 season stretch. Is that long enough to agree that it's not far and away the worst conference in the power 5?

I will say, I agree 2016 was boosted by an absurd crop of QBs, but hasn't this run of trash qbs at the "name brand schools" also been atypical? Especially at a position the ACC as a whole tends to recruit at a very high level?

Do you have the 2017 conference SP+ numbers, because I can't find them. I think 2017 was a very overrated year and the ACC was exposed down the stretch. Miami's luck that year was off the charts. Also the season Navy beat LOLUVA 49-7. (we beat them 10-0 that year). Louisville lost to a MSU team without a coaching staff and they had Lamar Jackson. Sad state of affairs. ACC had a 10-14 P5 OOC record that season as well. B1G was 14-6.

Here you are Connolly redid them last year before he left for ESPN. Looking at it again, my math was slightly off as the big 10 was closer to the ACC than ACC to SEC but still. I don't know where the initial one was, but I think the ACC was still second. Obviously cannot confirm.

Thanks, I really trust Bill C's work but I could not for the life of me find that via google. As explained above, my opinion of the 2017 season for the ACC was largely formulate by our lackluster finish. However, we did have a fairly strong start to that year.

Everything Chris said above- until ACC teams fill their stadiums and their fans demand great football like they do in the SEC , ACC will continue to be a basketball conference.

their fans demand great football like they do in the SEC

I never understand what this is supposed to mean. As if the best programs are the ones with the fans who bitch the most? Success is about status, money, and coaching. Those things are somewhat interconnected and fans certainly impact the amount of money available but it's long-term, sustained donations and attendance that matters- not donors threatening, "win a national title or I'll quit donating." That type of nonsense is detrimental to a program.

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as if the best programs are the ones with the fans who bitch the most

Imagine the Tennessee football program's raw unstoppable power if that was the case though.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

"For those who have passed, for those to come, reach for excellence."

Fans in the SEC fill 80,000 plus seat stadiums and follow their teams like rabid dogs. They drive their teams to get better- ACC- tech, clemson and FSU are the only teams that come close to filling their stadiums. If football was not their no. 1 priority, the teams would push so hard to be great.
Check to see if any teams with stadiums under 75,000 win the national championship. Demand makes these teams better than the rest. I don't have aything to say about donations - but I bet that the SEC alum are generous to their alma mater.
I am only saying that in life- if you demand or are passionate about something, it will become a priority. And football for most of the ACC is not a priority.

Do you mean demand as in "fans get vocal and angry if there isn't success" or "a lot of fans spend money on the product"? The latter ties into status and money and I absolutely agree that those things matter. Filling an 80k+ stadium means you're bringing in a lot of money not only on game day but with donations.

I still maintain that fans "demanding success" by throwing a fit or threatening donations does absolutely no good though.

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Clemson has a triple A plus rating. Their credit is infallible. ESPN basically considers them an SEC team. We just need a single ACC team to upset Clemson and not shit the bed for the rest of their schedule so it can't be written off as a fluke and bam we have parity.

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I don't think there's a good argument that the ACC was better than the B12 at any point in the last 2 years.

By SP+ (adjusted for per play, removing garbage time, and factoring in level of competition), B12 was significantly better than the ACC in 2019:

I can't find the same data from 2018, but using Here are Bill C's 2019 pre season projects, we can adjust for change to determine the year end 2018 rankings:

FBS conferences ranked by average projected SP+ rating

  1. SEC (18.0, down 0.6 from 2018)
  2. Big Ten (8.4, up 0.6)
  3. Big 12 (6.9, down 0.9)
  4. Pac-12 (6.7, up 0.6)
  5. ACC (6.5, up 1.2)
  6. AAC (-3.2, down 0.2)
  7. MWC (-3.2, down 2.4)
  8. Sun Belt (-7.7, down 0.1)
  9. MAC (-9.8, down 0.5)
  10. Conference USA (-10.8, down 0.5)

Big 12's 2018 year end average rank was 7.8 (6.9 + 0.9), which is significantly better the ACC's (6.5 - 1.2 = 5.3).

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To really do a total strength wouldn't a better measure be median? Agree though in general that the last 2 years the ACC has not been great, mostly cause of our downturn, FSU's downturn, and the inability of one of UNC, Miami, GT, NC State, or UVA to step up and be good.

You don't have to look far back to see the ACC playing much better football though. In the updated 2017 S&P+ Rankings you have teams 5, 9, 14, 18, 21, 24, 31, and 39. So 8 of the top 40 and 10 of the top 47. The Big 12 had 5 teams in the top 40 assuming I can count right and 6 of the top 47 if you want to go to that admittedly arbitrary number. 13 of the 14 ACC teams finished in the top 56, thats really impressive depth. Some of the counting numbers are thrown off by the BIG 12 having 10 teams, but the ACC's full season ranking is still 11.3 to the BIG 12's 8.7.

I guess my ultimate point is that moving forward, and with the seemingly positive steps ACC teams like us, FSU, UNC, GT are taking, I'd expect it to be closer to 2014-2017 in the ACC than 2018-2019.

Ok dude, what the F ever... I WAS WRONG ABOUT TCU... sorry, you got me, I thought they were the 3rd best program- give or take in the Big12... I suck. OK you were right. YOU substitute whomever the F you want. I don't care... MY POINT is that the top of the Big 12 is better. You run with that however you want.

DC gonna DC

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

If your point is the top of the conference is better, why are you even mentioning TCU or Iowa St or WVU?

Maybe because your real point is always the VT/ACC glass is empty?

I mentioned Texas Ok State and TCU as the level after Oklahoma and Baylor in my original post. You attacked that like a rabid dog trying to "gotcha" me.. cool. What the fuck answer are you looking for? Kansas State? are you an alum? I listed 40% of the fucking big 12... Jesus.

points made and acknowledged on both sides

both of you please stop though

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My point is there is no amount of goal post moving you won't do to take a shot at VT and/or the ACC.

If your point (albeit irrelevant to the actual topic at hand) was actually the top of the Big12 was better than the top of the ACC last year, then you would have simply stopped at Clemson, Oklahoma & Baylor. After that, it's an interchangeable alphabet soup of programs in both conferences - and you know it. But noooo...you just had to spew some additional nonsense to try fit your tired narrative - and now you're pissed because somebody called you on it.

both of you please stop though

Methinks you didn't read GGC's post.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Am I the only one baffled by this statement considering the Big 12 doesn't play defense and Willis is a QB?

If you play it, they will win.

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ACC defenses aren't exactly impressive. Have you seen Travis Etienne's splits against ACC teams vs non-ACC P5? The difference is substantial.

The only argument I'd make is that half of Clemson's non-conference games are national championship playoff games, so yeah, his out of conference numbers probably wouldn't be as good.

And they play USCe every year. The team may be average but their D is really good....

may be average but their D is really good....

What are things I keep explaining to my wife?

South Carolina hasn't ranked in the top 40 in total defense the whole time Etienne has been at Clemson, and their rush defense was never higher than 39th during that same time.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

I think his original comment was essentially half a sentence. The Big 12 is a difficult conference (here's the second half) - when you're Kansas. Didn't the Kansas O-line let him get sacked like 63 times a game or something? Which is bad, because they DON'T play defense. Which is why you see games with scores like 52-64 there and not usually in other conferences (maybe occasionally in the PAC-12).

I don't know. It sure seems the big12 generally plays the weakest out of conference schedule of the P5 conferences, generally does the worst of the P5 in non-conference P5 games, and generally does the worst of the P5 in bowl games.

But frankly, the ACC also has been down since Willis arrived.

A couple years ago, I did a comparison of OOC schedules over a six year span: http://cfarena.blogspot.com/2018/07/case-study-power-5-schedules.html

Texas and Oklahoma did really well in their scheduling. There was only one FCS opponent between the two. Texas was actually scheduling good home-and-homes, like the series with USC.

The rest of the Big 12 was average to meh. Iowa State's only P5 non-con games were against Iowa. Baylor's only P5 OOC game was against Duke.

Baylor's plan is to get wins, so they never play anyone of note. It was part of their plan to become the Baptist Notre Dame.

What's your edge over the other QBs this year? How do you promote your strengths when you cannot meet with teams before the draft?

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I think I have the strongest and most accurate arm in the upcoming draft class besides Herbert. I think he's got the best arm out of anyone. And Burrow might be the most accurate. Other than that, I can go against anyone and hold my own!


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You do want your QB to be confident, and confidence was never an issue with him as far as I can remember

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

His biggest issue to me, and this is my untrained eye talking, he always wanted the home run ball on every play, even if it wasn't there, or Damon Hazelton, even if he wasn't open.

Buffalo fans' biggest gripe about Tyrod? Was too safe.

So, who knows.

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Well the good news out of this is Hendon Hooker is going to be a first rounder!

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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For some reason i thought Willis was a junior

Danny is always open
23 can't read

Bigger news to me that he was even a draft prospect

Vroom Vroom

I mean he has no eligibility left and is clearly still interested in playing, so that technically makes him a prospect. But I haven't heard him mentioned as someone who will be drafted.

Found the Wahoo...

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What was it like in the locker room after Virginia snapped the streak against y'all after losing on the road?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

That was painful to read. I am, however, envious of his complete lack of self awareness. It reminds me of the Morgan Wooten story where he told a parent that he was cutting her son from the JV team at Dematha. She was cool with it, but then asked him if it would negatively impact his NBA draft chances.

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I can't agree more. Confidence is one thing, but he takes it to another level! If he's cocky like this in real life, I can see why he clashed with the locker room at first (if rumors are true).

I stopped reading after his comment about Montreal steak seasoning... a steak done properly doesn't need sauce.

Hold up since when is a spice blend considered "sauce"???????????

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

sorry... was well in to a tasty IPA when i wrote that... for some reason i was interpreting that as some heinz 57 garbage...

Still... a streak done right doesn't even need salt and pepper... use the right wood at the right temp and you shouldn't need seasoning.

I'm gonna go ahead and vehemently disagree with the assertion that steak is better without seasoning.

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i didn't say it wasn't better, i just said it didn't need it. I love a NY strip loaded with a bluecheese crust... but that just makes me think about Ray's the Steaks in Arlington and now i'm just getting mad that it doesn't exist anymore.

I agree with your vehement disagreement.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

If you want level-headed opinions, don't go on a message board or sports forums

Wayne supports the use of S&P:

I go S&P, put it in a screaming hot cast iron fat side first to render the fat. Then get a nice sear on both sides and cook it rare or medium rare depending on preference. After the first flip, start basting the steak in its out fat/juices. *Possibly* hit it with Kerrygold butter after flipping and baste with that as well.

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If Ryan doesn't succeed, it won't be for lack of confidence. Sheesh. Maybe he has the strongest arm in the draft. But accurate? That's debatable. I haven't been Ryan's biggest fan since he got to VT. Reminded me a lot of Kyle Wright at Miami back in the mid-2000s. At the very least, though, he had some good moments. The 18-play drive against UNC was memorable, and the "scared money don't make money" quote was good. We'll see what happens for him.

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Let's not forget that TD saving tackle Willis made against LOLUVA at the end of that first half after throwing that int. Good stuff right there.

Forgot about that. That sucked the life out of UVA going into halftime. If Willis could have gotten better at the read option, he could have been a real asset with that speed.

Marshall University graduate.
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No matter how bad of a QB we think he might be, there two things he has going for him (1) NFL Size and (2) the 2018 season where he threw for 2700 yards. Also, the only way he can back his confidence is with hard work, if he is working on his issues then he might have a chance, I mean a shot. Some team might look at his size and say "hey I could use this guy on my practice squad".
If anyone remembers Dave Meyer who was backup to Michael Vick, despite knowing he most likely wasn't going to play, stayed competitive and actually got into some games even started against UAB; he was one of my classmates at VT, I could say he was a genuine person who wanted to play and compete. After VT, Meyer got onto the practice squad of Green Bay packers for about 2 years.

Going back to Willis, I can see a potential role like that just because of his size. The most important thing for him to do is to continue to work hard and hope that some team will take a chance on him as an undrafted free agent.

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The most relevant, useful comment is the one about Brock Hoffman.

The most relevant, useful comment is the one about Brock Hoffman.

FTFY: The most relevant only useful comment is the one about Brock Hoffman. /s