NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2020

Hockey is back! Bubble cities are Edmonton and Toronto. Use this to discuss anything hockey and playoffs.

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The Rangers didn't look good against the Isles and are looking pretty bad out of the gate against Carolina. This game is a bloodbath so far. As a Rangers fan, I'm terrified that we're not going to pull it together, since we can't string two passes together and skill guys are going out of their way to hit instead of play their game properly.

As a rangers fan myself - their defensive end is near impossible to watch. Looks like little kids soccer everyone puck watching and chasing. Quinn needs to figure that end out quickly.

First fight of the playoffs is 43 year old Justin Williams who gives Ryan Strome a bloody nose. I love hockey so much.

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I don't think I've ever seen so many penalties called in a postseason game. These refs are going to have the strongest arms in the world after this game and no saliva at all.

Dream finals for me would be Caps defeating the Avalanche (I took the Avs to win the West last time I was in Vegas at 4-1)

Go Canes. Nice win in the first game, hope we tighten the clamp on Monday. Our PK and PP look very very good right now. Trochek and Vatanen appear to be excellent deadline additions. Hope we get Dougie back, we'll be crazy deep on defense.

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Overtime alert! These 5 vs 12 seed matchups are looking pesky

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Winnipeg might be in trouble depending on how serious the injury to Schiefele is. I only caught the replays of it, but that didn't look good.

Can any Pens fans offer insight on Jack Johnson? It seems every goal that is scored while he's on the ice is hyperanalyzed to find a way it was his fault. He was on the ice for two of the Habs' three goals yesterday. The first one he checked a guy who had the puck basically attached to his body, and the puck fell into the net. Then on the OT winner, Johnson was left and went to the corner towards the puck only for Schultz to run down there as well from his right position, and Johnson is being ridiculed for it.

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Yeah, that was wild. That's about as heartbreaking as it gets if you're the Blues.