Women's Hoops Hokies hosts Norte Dame at 7PM tonight

I just spent three days driving from PA to FL with the wife and a dog and a cat. So I haven't had time to prepare a new topic for tonight's game. I thought I would revive this thread for tonight. As I have said for the last few games, I don't know what to expect from the ladies. I do know I am tired of losing games we should win. Maybe tonight is the night they get it all together.

This is a regional sports network game. So it may not be available on the ACC Network.


The Lady Hokies(6-0) play Notre Dame(2-3) at 6PM on Dec 17 at Notre Dame. The game is on ACCN. The Irish have beaten Miami, OH (88-68) and IUPUI (65-58) at home and lost at Ohio (85-86), vs Michigan (66-76) and vs Georgia Tech (67-82). They shoot 47.3% from the field and 35.4% from 3. They have been out rebounded by their opposition by 1.4 rpg. They have a 1.1 turnover to assist ratio. Their two big players have been frequent foulers: Westbeld 3+ fouls per game; Vaugn 4 fouls in the only game she has played. Ga Tech was her first game this season.

The Hokies will have a height advantage; but Westbeld at 6'3 is a big body underneath who is very active. Vaughn will probably get better as she gets back into the flow of the game. Those two will match up well against Kitley and Jones. The play under the basket should be very interesting; but I think Tech has an advantage.

An interesting note for this game is that Dara Mabrey who started for the Hokies last year is the starting point guard for the Irish this year.


Maddy Westbeld, 6;3: freshman forward has started every game(28 min/game) and is leading the team in scoring(18 ppg, 52.2% and 46.7% from 3) and rebounds(7.2 rpg). She also leads the team in personal fouls (3.4 per game) and fouled out of the first game against Ohio.

Anay Peoples, 5'10" sophomore guard has also started every game. 30 min/gam. Second leading scorer(12.6 ppg,48.2% no attempts from 3) and second in rebounds (5.85 rpg). Also leads the team in turnovers(3 per game). Fouled out of the first game.

Destinee Walker, 5'10"Graduate guard transfer from UNC. 27 min/game. Fourth in scoring(11.4 ppg, 51.5%, 30% from 3).

Dara Mabrey, 5.7" junior guard transfer from Virginia Tech. Playing 31 min/game. Third in scoring (11.58 ppg, 44.7%, 41.4% from 3). Leads the team in assists (3 per game); but is second in turnovers (2.6 per game)

Mikayla Vaughn 6'3" Senior Center. Probably a little rusty as Ga Tech was her first game this year. Missed the end of last season with a torn ACL. Started and played 25 minutes. Only shot 2 of 9 with no 3's; but looked like she has some moves. With another week of practice, expect her to score better against the Hokies. Last year she averaged 10.6 ppg and 7.0 rpg before her injury.


Abby Prohaska 5'10" Junior guard started the first 4 games of the season and is playing 22 min per game. Scoring 4 ppg on 37.5% with 0 for 3 from 3 point.

Sam Brunelle, 6'2" sophomore forward playing 19 min/game. Scoring 8 ppg shooting 50% and 40% from 3. Also pulls down 4.7 rpg.

Katlyn Gilbert, 5'10" junior guard playing 28 min/game. Scoring 6.7 ppg on 43.8% and has made her only 3 pt attempt this season.

Three freshman: Alli Campbell, 6'1" guard, Alasia Hayes, 5.7" guard and Amirah Abdur-Rahim 6'3" forward played in the first 4 games; but played few or no minutes against Ga Tech.

Below are early season stats:

Notre Dame has the size to match up against Kitley and Jones and Westbeld is a very good freshman, whose style is very similar to Kitley's. She does seem to be a little stronger than Kitley and has a bigger body.
Notre Dame plays primarily zone defense and is very susceptible to the kick out for an open three; the GA Tech score could have been much worse if Sarah Bates does not miss several open shots. Mabrey and Westbeld kept the Irish in the game shooting 75% from 3. The Irish do like to double the ball down low; Kitley and Jones should have several opportunities to find an open shooter. King, Sheppard or Amoore could have a big night against the Irish if they shoot well. Notre Dame does extend their zone to the three-quarter court. GA Tech was able to score some easy baskets by beating the press.

I think the Hokies have too many weapons for the Irish. Their strength inside and the outside shooting of King, Sheppard and Amoore will be more than the Irish can handle. Kitley may be able to get back on the double-double list again.

By the way, I changed the way I presented the tables this week. Let me know if this is an improvement.

Go Hokies!

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I expect a 20 point game from Sheppard and King needs to have another big game from outside.

Biggest concern is Amoore and foul trouble. Especially if she is covering Mabry who will be a bit more amped up for this game.

I think Kitley will struggle in this one. She just isn't physical enough and Notre Dame will crash the zone into a double team on her most of the game.

I thought Kitley might have a chance at a decent game because the Notre Dame bigs are prone to foul trouble. If they can't stay on the floor, she should do well.

I'd like to see the Hokies try to run the offense through Jones a little. She is stronger and might be better at finding the open player than Kitley has been. Kitley might get a lot of easy baskets if they double Jones like they have been doubling her.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Just feels wrong seeing Mabrey on the wrong roster.

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Just shows you how much Free Agency isn't limited to the men's side

Baptiste is averaging 9.8 ppg for the Arizona Wildcats this year as well.

Men's side Nolley is Memphis leading scorer, helped rescue them last night against Tulane. Wilkins had 10 points and 5 steals in his debut for WF. They only have played 2 games so far. Horne is averaging 10, 4 and 1 for Georgia through 5 games.

I don't remember, why did she transfer? I know she has deep connections to Notre Dame, but those connections where there when she committed to VT out of HS.

Did she decide to transfer before or after the ND coach retired?

I am not sure that played much of a role since her sister is still an assistant coach there

Also, they seem to be letting her shoot more and play the point. I noted last year that she seemed hesitant to take open threes. And we played others at the point position. In Coach Brooks' defense, she does tend to turn the ball over too oftern.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

The tables, especially the headings, are much easier to read. Good write up in general. Thanks for the insight. I'd feel better about this if Kitley had looked better against the double last game, but my biggest concern is if Mabrey has one of those insane shooting nights where everything falls from everywhere. I can see playing VT as a catalyst for that, or for her to try too hard and bust.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Anyone else have a problem with these games starting late on the ACCN? I frequently miss the first minute or two because the game does not go live on ESPN on time.


Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Yes it's pretty consistent that way

Mabrey strong off the dribble early. Don't want to let her get in that rhythm

Hokies getting whistled at every turn

Good defense the last 5 minutes

Who was that foul on? Looked like a clean block by Kitley

Wow Amoore Hibachi

very nice step back move

How does Kiyley not get a foul call with four players hacking at her arms?

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

How many times was Kitley " not fouled" on that triple team

Sloppy all over in this second quarter so far

Really terrible 2nd quarter

Five straight turnovers on possessions giving Notre Dame a 10-0 run

Kitley is terrible getting that first step

Goes over the back and lands on a Hokie, foul on the Hokies

That is the fifth off ball foul called on the Hokies, Notre Dame on a 15-0 run

Wow, 10 point lead after first quarter ends in a five point deficit at the half

Notre Dame can't miss. 53.6% and 50% from 3. Season average is 47.3% and 35.4%. Sheppard has to play better in the second half if we are going to win.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Do we have anyone who can guard Westbeld?

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

No way to stop the 3 shot six feet behind the arc

Kayla King having a really bad game on both ends

How do count the basket and the foul.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

How in the hell was that a basket and side out? One or the other ok, but no way both happen but ACC officials

And now another off ball foul...that 8 total....complete garbage, since the Irish have been whistled for 2

Turnover Central

Should of been And 1 for Kitley

Really really late whistle there, after Hokies possessed the turnover

Wow, Hokies wasting all kinds of chances and then essentially get buzzer beat for the 3

This announcer is terrible, talking about a game through three quarters with 32 combined turnovers and 30 fouls as being a clean game

Hokies getting crushed rebounding

We are actually out rebounding them 22-18. But we are getting pounded on with no calls.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Or getting called for being in their way when they come over the back.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Another 30 footer three

"Hard double team" = two ND fouls followed by a clock review because shot clock wasn't reset

So Amoore hits shot should have been And 1 but instead side out no points

Every time Notre Dame drives its a whistle,

This last three minutes should be Kitley, Kitley, Kitley

Should have been another And 1

Kitley getting mugged like a New York Saturday night all game

Kitley from the right side of the floor has terrible ball control, wish they would get it in to her on the other side

Brooks needed to go to a post zone after Notre Dame started driving but too late now

How can he call that when both players are between him and the ball?

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Amoore knocks the ball cleanly away and it's still a foul

Welp that's the triple nut punch today, Lundquist, Hooker and Ladies Basketball...

Well, I did not expect them to go undefeated; but this is disappointing. They had the game under control and started giving the ball away.

Come back Saturday for LOLUVA at noon in Cassell. UVA has not been very good this year. Let's start a new streak.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

It not lot of good there. Poor officiating (Leading with the forearm is not legal in BB), hot shooting by ND, and Brooks need to have a plan they can execute for when Kitley is doubled. It's early. Hopefully Brooks can earn the new contract. He has recruited the talent. Looks like a tourney team. Let's get better while we earn the bid.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Thank you, the forearm shimmy is just not legal on screens or drives

I watched last night and decided to cool off till this morning before posting. That was a game that the Hokies should have won. But it looks like it was decided before the game that the Domers couldn't fall to 0-2 in the conference that they used to dominate.

It is difficult to play Division 1 basketball 5-5, it is impossible to win 5-8. The girls were getting mugged, hacked, and abused all night long and it got worse after the dominating first quarter. When things were getting close again, we traveled, double dribbled, etc according to the officials.

Our players who hardly ever get in foul trouble where in foul trouble early and their players who live in foul trouble apparently played clean.

Every bit the truth, it was a clinic on how to get away with murder. The announcer kept calling them "hard double teams" I would love to count the bruises on Kitley's forearms today.

The other specific one I felt was a targeted effort was calling fouls on Kayla King and Sheppard. Sheppard fouls out and King ends up with 4 fouls and sits most of the game. King had 29 points last game and yesterday had 0. Not a coincidence it corresponded to a Hokies loss decided in the final two minutes. Hokies were whistled for 9 off-ball fouls. Domers called for 2.

And ours where generally when we had the ball on offense and trying to put together some momentum.

Sorry. Too busy to create a new post. Some of the info is still relevant.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Aisha Sheppard picking up where she left off last game. 2 for 7 in the first quarter. Kitley has 5 rebounds and 4 points.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Surprised they are winning after shooting 2-10 from the perimeter. Baines and Kitley pulling in 9 rebounds though helps.

And the Lady Hokies not playing a complete game again. Up 16-9 after 1Q, now down 26-21...just really frustrating

Kitley just sloppy on both ends tonight.

Didn't realize Asiah Jones was not even in the arena.

Hokies are outscored by 17 points in the 2Q.

Shooting 26.7% and 21.1% from three will get you outscored by a bunch in most games.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

This is a soft team no way around it. They have lots of talent but stretches of lack luster play and lack of intensity/competitiveness is costing them games. NCST back to back is an opportunity to show some toughness.

I was very excited for this team based on their first 7 games or so. But they have been Meh for the last month.

Unfortunately, I expect the NC State games to be over by halftime. They are one of the top 3 teams in Ladies Hoops.

Kitley hasn't shown she has the ability to catch pivot and go up with the ball fast enough to get a good shot before teams double her, and then she routinely turns the ball over in the double. Notre Dame kept her five feet from the rim most of the evening.

This teams dies by the three though. Shot 23% last night on 9 of 39 shooting. That's an insane amount of empty possessions even with their 17 offensive rebounds. Tie that in with 18 turnovers, you have 40 empty possessions just between the perimeter and turnovers and you lost by 5 points. 39 three's out of 66 total shots. Just shows they struggle to create inside.

Agreed. I have been disappointed with the lack of adjustments made on the offensive end by the coaches to teach Kitley to handle the double team better. We should be taking advantage of that by now and penalizing teams for committing to doubling her. She has to be stronger with the ball.