Going to Raleigh on the 24th. Anybody got suggestions on what to do down there

Suggestions would be very appreciated πŸ˜ƒ

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Buy a beer for Wiles if you see him down there.

Will doπŸ˜‚

Open your eyes Nicholas

Moved down here a year ago. What do you like to do?

Nothing in particular. me and my brother and 3 of his friends are down there for the ufc fights on the 25th and we got 2 restaurants/bar we have on the list other than that we dont knowπŸ˜‚

Open your eyes Nicholas

The state farmer's market is pretty cool even in the offseason. Lots of food and snacks you cant get other places. I am a Hort grad so i love the gardens at Duke and NC state. Both are nice to walk through even if you arent a gardener. Relish is a great burbon bar with southern food.

I heard the farmers market is pretty cool i hope i can get them to check it outπŸ˜ƒ

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Down their what?

Let me fix thatπŸ˜‚

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Wear a Tech shirt, walk around the NC State campus, point at people and just laugh and laugh.

Will a tech sweatshirt work?

Open your eyes Nicholas

As long as it says VA Tech in BIG letters lol

All kidding aside, if you like Carolina style bbq, definitely get some while you're there (I love it, but don't know the name of the place my grandparents got it from).

The Pit is my go-to for good barbecue in Raleigh.

In the city itself it's kinda hard to get really good BBQ, best immediately around the city is (IMO) Ole Time BBQ which is on the way to Cary. Clyde Coopers is Downtown and they are pretty good. There are some good places in the surrounding areas though.

Soon Raleigh will be flush with good BBQ thought 4 places opening in the next year that should all be great

Stay away from The Pit it's bland and over priced

This is the correct answer. Ole Time is a hole in the wall, but easily the best BBQ in the City.

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Don't disrespect Clyde Cooper's

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I have no problem disrespecting Clyde Cooper's


I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Put me in a good BBQ restaurant and you won't hear me talking!

Where's Dave?

Not Clyde Coopers!

"It's always great to beat UVA, that makes us all smarter and better looking for a couple days".

Ole Time BBQ is the place my grandparents got it! Second that it's good!

Backyard BBQ in Durham is where you want to go for the best BBQ in the Triangle. The Pit is a nice place but more for tourists and overpriced.

I spent a week in Raleigh for work back in October.

Angus Barn was an interesting place to eat at. I've had better steaks for the $ but I don't regret going there (perhaps because work was paying for it). The homemade crackers were great. I didn't go to it but they also have their Wild Turkey Lounge.

My favorite meal of the week was at Flame Kabob. It was a simple chicken kabob and rice but it was really delicious.

You pay for the atmosphere at Angus Barn. Food is great but there are better steaks for a fraction of the price.

Fraction of the price is going a bit far, assuming you didn't mean 9/10ths or so. Atmosphere is worth it... if you want atmosphere.


If you are into bar hopping, Glenwood South is very popular.

Raleigh Beer Garden has the most beers on draft in the world with 350 taps.

If you like craft beer, I'd check out this link. I don't know these spots personally but Hop Culture doesn't recommend bad breweries.

You're a big music fan, are you into vinyl records?

If so, Schoolkids Records is one of my favorite record stores. They have beer on tap.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Oooo i do collect vinyl covers and put them on my walls

Open your eyes Nicholas

Is there more than one? I think I've been to the one in Chapel Hill but I was somewhat underwhelmed.

All depends on what type of vibe you're looking for. That'll dictate the suggestions.

Raleigh is a nice place to live but it isn't a touristy town, which means there's plenty of things you could do but nothing you should feel FOMO about if you miss. You know, as opposed to DC or NYC or whatever that has all the touristy crap that are easily googleable. Are you looking for food suggestions, bars, somewhere to hang out during the day? Outdoorsy, boosy, culture?

Regardless, some generic food/drink recommendations:
Bida Manda (Loation), Brewery Bhavana(Dim Sum + drinks + hipsters), Cowfish (sushi fushion), Trophy (w morgan location for the best pizza), Bad Daddy's (Burgers), Dame's (chicken n waffles [technically cary]), Clyde Coopers (BBQ)

Bars: Raleigh Beer Garden (https://www.newsobserver.com/living/food-drink/article235559862.html), Raleigh Brewing Company, Plus Dueling Piano bar, Foundation (cocktail bar), Hibernian (Irish pub)

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I got to pick one bar and one restaurants and i picked the Flying saucer for the bar and the pit for the restaurant πŸ˜‚

Open your eyes Nicholas

Ha! A lot of locals dislike the Pit for taking "normal" BBQ and packaging it as upscale (basically saying it's overrated). IMO it's totally fine, it just seems funny how good they apparently are at advertising. If you're going to be in that area you might want to stop by the Boxcar (barcade). Flying Saucer is a cool spot.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jet Sweep

I love BBQ, and The Pit has the worst BBQ around while charging the most for it... Pick literally anywhere else...

Ain't this the truth. I worked during the week at one of VT's conference rivals for a year and a half - and any time I stayed for the weekend for, say, a football game - I really struggled to find something "can't miss" to do on the other day. Not a bad area to live, but not much of a place to visit. Nothing really historic or naturally beautiful to put on a bucket list.

Been to the Angus Barn 2 or 3 times. It's kinda old school NC fancy. But honestly there are a ton of better restaurants in the Raleigh area. Just go downtown (or to Chapel Hill or Durham) and wander around. But be a little careful in Durham though. Or walk the Duke or UNC campuses.

They do a Food Truck Rodeo downtown in Raleigh monthly on Sundays where they cordon off 10 blocks and have like 50 food trucks to choose from. Kinda fun. But I think they may shut it down in the winter.

There is a world class pleasure garden in Sarah P. Duke Gardens and 2 world class research Gardens in Raulston Arboretum and Juniper Level Botanic Gardens. I also live 5 minutes from Ulmstead State Park. It may not be a huge destination but there is something for everyone once you start looking around.

Yeah, there's a planetarium at UNC too.

But none of that is exactly the Smithsonian or the Museum of Modern Art or a National Park.

Anybody got any good places in Winston Salem to eat dinner? heading down tomorrow for hoops game

Original Krispy Kreme, because doughnuts.

Downtown has great walkable area, with a lot of fun restaurants. Focus on Liberty and Trade street is you have time to walk around. Sweet Potatoes has good southern food. Crafted The art of the Taco is a fun place with nice americanized tacos. There is a barcade across the street if you have to wait to be seated. There is a good brick oven pizza place and a very nice tapas style mexican restaurant surrounding Incendiary Brewing that are good hang out places. Fourth and Vine is a nice casual place for slightly higher end food. The breweries up near 8th street, Radar (Belgian Beers), Wiseman (top notch creative), and Fiddlin' Fish are a few blocks from each other, and just up the road from Sweet Potatoes and Finnegan's Irish Pub, which is also a popular WF hangout.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

How was the trip down?

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

We won! Haha couldn't complain.
Ended up eating at Smitty's grille a seafood place and it was pretty good.

In Kernersville? That's about a mile from my house and about 5 from Jalen Cones's. I was really pulling for he and Wilkinson to ball out in front of the "home" crowd. At least Cone did. I was sitting on third row in front of the former GT coach, and they were talking about how good he is. Its nice to pay for upper deck seats and sit up front. Great win, though I did get a little nervous when they kept calling all the fouls on our bigs.

I thought you wanted Winston recommendations ....

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Yea, well someone posted the crowdsource post and we looked through the map and someone chose that place so we ended up going.
Yea i was glad one of the two were able to have a good game

cant go wrong with hot sign donuts

Raleigh Beer Garden is sweet. Idk how old you are but if you're looking for a good ass night out I'd hit up Coglins. It's my favorite bar on the face of the planet. The entire thing is 90's themed including the music they play. Gets wild on the weekends

I personally hate that bar lol. Generic bar with dancing, Backstreet Boys, and creepy middle aged dudes hanging out in the corner. Goes to show how hard it is to make recommendations sometimes, because it all depends on your preferences.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jet Sweep

Since you're a music guy... check to see if Cool John Ferguson is playing anywhere. Taj Mahal called him one of the five best guitarists of all time. Plays guitar strung upside down like Hendrix.

"It's always great to beat UVA, that makes us all smarter and better looking for a couple days".


Open your eyes Nicholas

FWIW, hendrix didn't have his guitar strung upside down.. he just had a right handed guitar restrung so he could play it left handed. The guitar was 'upside down' but the strings were as they should be.

Poole's Diner. Brewery Bhavana. Bida Manda.

3 best in downtown but tough to get a table.

Brewery Bhavana is incredible

If you're looking for pizza, the wife and I ate at DeMo's a few months ago. I recommend it highly.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Not unlike Maryland; shower thoroughly after leaving the state.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

Well this is asinine. North Carolina is quite possibly the nicest state on the east coast.

Actually I agree but could not resist. In fact if all this gun crap goes down here in VA I'm thinking of moving there.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

I'm not going to downvote you, but you might wanna go check out this cool link:


Specifically this line:
Don't discuss politics or religion.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

The Angus Barn (mentioned above) is good.

But while in NC, you have to visit The Pit. Very good!

Is it basketball season yet?

Don't go to the Pit.

Why nah😒

Open your eyes Nicholas

It's over priced and not very good meat. Parking is turrible. If you like sides though, by all means go to The Pit.

1. Picnic
2. Redneck BBQ Lab
3. Brew N Que

Im gonna look at the restaurants on google

Open your eyes Nicholas

I think we are going to change the pit too dame chicken and waffles

Open your eyes Nicholas

Get to Dame's about 10 mins before they open.


Open your eyes Nicholas

They get busy busy

Open your eyes Nicholas

Dave. Dame chicken and waffle was so awesome! Thanks for the recommendation πŸ˜ƒ

Open your eyes Nicholas

Good to hear man, a fat man will never steer you wrong

Come see me at the State business school.

Also for brews hit up Lynnwood Brewing Concern.

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I second Lynnwood Brewing Concern. And while you're there, hit up Wilson's. Their pork nachos are top notch.

Another place I like to frequent is The Station on Person St, parking can be a pain though. Anything on Glenwood South is going to be good, but pricy. Stay away from The Pit, they're over-priced and the bbq isn't that great. Flying Saucer is always a good time. Where are you staying, I could possibly make more localized recommendations?

We rented a air bnb house in Durham

Open your eyes Nicholas

Gotta go to the Tobacco Campus then. Full Steam, Geer Street Garden and Motorco are cool spots right near there as well.

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Salt Box
Kings Sandwich Shop
Bull City Burger and Brewery
Dame's Chicken and Waffles
Durty Bull Brewing
Lucky's Deli
M Sushi
Pizzeria Torro
The Durham Hotel Roof Bar

Oooo chicken and waffles πŸ˜ƒ

Open your eyes Nicholas

Explain Picnic to me. I drive by all the time. Ate there once and it was good but the portion was just so small I was shocked. Thought for what I was paying I would get at least twice as much. I need to try it again, but what should I order next time?

I feel like they have legit bbq. I'm usually a sandwich and slaw guy. Their Brunswick stew is damn good as well.

Great call on Q shack, I forget about that place all the time.

Oh, if you're in Durham, eat here: Q Shack

Order ribs or pulled pork. Turkey and sausage are also good. Just don't get their brisket. And definitely get creamed spinach as one of your sides. You're welcome.

If your looking for some outdoor activities (weather dependent of course) There are some great walking/biking trails around the city.
- Capital Greenway System
- Umstead State Park
- Lake Johnson Park
- North Carolina Museum of Art has beautiful walking trails that connect to the green way system

Raleigh has a bike share program that is pretty reasonably priced and could be a cool way to see the city

If your into food we have 2 food halls in the city, Morgan Street Food Hall is bigger and tends to be busier, I prefer Transfer Co which tends to be a little bit easier to move around it.

Videri Chocolate and Escazu Chocolate are both really good.

Basically any brewery in the area will be at least decent. Big Boss, Lone Rider, and Raleigh Brewing are the classics. Bond Brothers in Cary and Lynnwood are both really good but tend to be swamped

Wye Hill (formerly Boylan Brewing) has possibly one of the best views of the city and good beer and food

Just saw you mention that you are staying in Durham so adding the following.

Duke Gardens, may not be quite the same in the winter but it's a beautiful place to walk around. Duke campus in general is pretty nice.

Ponysaurus brewing, bull city cider and full steam for beer and alcohol

Durham distilling makes my favorite Gin and gives cool tours.

Tobacco Campus/Bulls park are both really nice

So, after reading the comments on this thread regarding BBQ, I decided to try Ole Time. My work takes me to the Carolinas frequently. Their ribs were not fresh. Were complete garbage. Costco has better ribs. The food overall was C-. I've eaten BBQ in many places. By far, the best ribs I've ever had are from Poppa's BBQ in Clearwater, FL. Memphis style, zero fat, succulent and falls off the bone just by staring at them. Ribs are always served fresh. They are so good, I cannot offer a close second. I have consumed a full rack in one sitting a number of times. I leave nothing behind, even the cartilage on the bone. Strip me clean. No sauce necessary, but If you must, their sauce is also outstanding. Their pulled pork and BBQ chicken are also show stoppers. If you are ever near Clearwater do yourself a favor.

My regional manager who resides in the Raleigh area and has been to several BBQ joints swears by Redneck BBQ Lab. I will be paying them a visit this Thursday.