Brenden Hill - We all want the same thing

I had some time to burn last night so I watched Brenden Hill's recent twitter post. I can't say I've agreed with all of his VT takes or all of his football takes but this video nails the concept of my thoughts this week. As a fan base we have a lot of different opinions, some don't like who steering the ship, some don't like the OC play calls, etc. In the grand scheme of being a fan we all want the same thing and I think we get caught up arguing over small stuff and being toxic for having a varying opinion.

It's nearly 20 minutes long but its worth every minute.

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I like following Brenden. Like you said, I don't always agree with his takes but he at least puts things in a different perspective a lot of the time being a former player. Probably the most vocal former player on social media that I know about except for maybe Dwight Vick but he doesn't really delve into the controversial things too often.

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In the grand scheme of being a fan we all want the same thing and I think we get caught up arguing over small stuff and being toxic for having a varying opinion.

This isn't exclusive to VT or even sports. It's a natural human thing that we've been doing since the beginning of time. We feel better about ourselves when "they" are wrong.

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You dont have to thread jack there is an entire thread about this ☝️☝️☝️☝️


Thank you for that thread. Made my week.

I like Brenden but he does say that Joe Burrow is trash lol

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I hate Brent, but the one thing he always said was that the progress he made at VT couldn't have been done without everyone pulling in the same direction. He said this at each of the three bracket parties/reveals. Maybe that is why he cut so many coaches and players loose, I am not sure. However, I think that thought really resonates when you envision having an entire university all pulling together, and how really powerful that can be.

I will also add that I work with college aged kids, and I use this analogy all the time. We all want to get to the same place, so let's try our best to do it together and help each other. Seems to work.

This fired me up, man I love my school. Need more of this!

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Brendan has his fair share of bad takes, but this was a good one. The standard of VT football is playing tough, hard nosed football that wears out teams over 4 quarters. We haven't seen that recently as we have been the ones to wear out or being "soft" on both sides of the ball. It takes everyone on the team living in the weight room and on the practice field this offseason (grind when no one is watching) to get back to the VT standard of ACC Championships and Playoff conversation.

P.S. I agree with him on the Bill Roth stuff. That was a bad take even if intended to light a fire under administration and the fan base. Regardless of money and facilities, VT football has a standard way higher than Baylor football has ever had. Even though we have struggled from '12-'15 and '18-19, we put ourselves firmly in that 2nd tier behind the 15 or so "blue bloods" and that doesn't change after a faw mediocre season just the same way Notre Dame going 4-8 or Tennessee/Miami/FSU aren't considered non-blue bloods despite their struggles over the past 7-10 years.