Jacoby Pinckney enters transfer portal

With the departure of Hazelton, many looked to Pinckney as somebody who would step up big next season. Instead, he will be leaving Virginia Tech.

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Hezekiah Grimsley will be another wide receiver in the transfer portal.

well so much for being 6 deep at receiver

Turner, Patterson, Smith, Simmons on the outside
Bowick, Robinson, Payoute, Saunders inside

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Ice cream paint job, ice cream paint job.

Phil Patterson?

I had posted this before seeing Patterson's transfer. Theoretically, you could move Mitchell outside.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Well fuck I was excited to see him this year

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Passed on the depth chart. VT doesn't have any more attrition than other P5 schools, the portal is a net positive for us

You should be a politician.


"Everything is horrible."

That's basically what you have to say about everyone else.

That's just politicians... when they are the minority. IE Everything is horrible get rid of them (current staff) pick us (new staff).

This is the kind of entertainment I come to TKP for. DCWilson pouncing at his argument opportunities is must see TV

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I'd like to see a t-table of transfers in and out scored on production to see if it truly has been a net positive.

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Best of luck to him. Since he was only one year into a 4-5 year process, too bad it didn't start the way he envisioned it would. Who knows how it would've ended...

From film he was the receiver I was most excited about in last years class. It sounded like people with sources thought Bowick was better last summer and Payoute had higher upside... that's why I'm not a talent evaluator. I do have to say that Our stacked WR room is looking less stacked, especially if the injury bug bites.

Edit: this isn't as bad as losing Hazelton but I dont like it, we either missed an evaluation or mismanaged his RS year.

Turner, smith, and Robinson - guys who have catches in varsity games returning = stacked WR room. Oh Kay

He's saying our room was stacked and now it's not. I know you're in the mood to float gloat, but maybe take a moment and try critical reading

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Simmons, Patterson and Blackshear too, could argue Mitchell but I wont...

Funny thing is I'm actually on your side here which is why I said it was stacked and looking less so. Hazelton is a big blow in my opinion and Pinckney hurts too.

Simmons has a catch in a game?

Exactly one, but that's the standard you set.

This one stings. We knew there'd be attrition this off-season, but you don't expect it from a redshirt freshman who has what should be a clear path to playing time

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Exactly. In the Fuente era, it appears that if you are not a clear cut starter, you bounce at first chance. We had 3 WRs leave the program the last couple weeks. 1 was a starter. WTF is going on?

Hazelton is best end zone receiver VT has ever had. He has been fantastic at getting int he end zone. But his stats from last year were much better with Willis at QB. With the new offensive look with Hooker at QB, his production will go down. Hazelton clearly wants to play in the NFL, so he is going to go somewhere that gives him a chance to catch 60+ balls in the season. Unfortunately, that is not VT. Huge loss.

Every one else entering the portal is not a big deal to me. This is the way it is. By all accounts, Fuente is a straight shooter with them. They know where they stand. Fuente is not going to lie to a player to just to convince them to stay. I'm sure he pleaded his case to Hazelton, and maybe others, but if they want to play a bigger role on a team somewhere else, Fuente is going to tell them, sure, go, I hope you find that team, we will help you any way that we can get there.

It's a loss, but not a huge loss. Even with these transfers.

Yeah, perhaps he comes back, but it's not great perception when a 4-star recruit leaves any program after a single season.

Many this has been anything but the quiet offseason expected.

When was he a 4 Star?

247 composite

Thanks, I legit remember him being a high 3 star..not trying to stir stuff just didn't remember that.

Yeah, I didn't recall him being a 4-star when he committed. Tough loss nonetheless. I am not a big fan of the portal, to say the least. Two years in, one redshirt year, and the dude is throwing in the towel that he can't compete for playing time. That wouldn't be me, especially seeing that Hazelton wants out. It's like if you're not starting, you're leaving. That's rediculous, unless there are underlying reasons, like the school, coaches, and/or culture on the team.

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You would have to think playing time wasn't the factor unless coach flat out told him he isn't playing which is highly unlikely.

I'd be interested to see the % of 4-5 star recruits who transfer as a freshman in 2019 vs. five years ago. In the "swipe right" culture the players are living in, there's less program loyalty (which I think is a good thing for the players) which would lead me to believe they're more transfers.

I'm trying to figure out of this is a "Virginia Tech" problem or a "Division 1 Football problem". Either way, you're right. When a top flight recruit leaves this early, it doesn't reflect well on anyone involved.

Unfortunately, this has essentially become the rule during the Fuente Era.

Offseason = Shitstorm.

It could be a Fuente problem, however the transfer portal has also had a major impact. For a dissatisfied player the path of least resistance used to be stick it out, put in work, try to show the coaches what you're capable of. Now, just click a link and go somewhere else.

Would be nice to get Obi right about now

Don't worry guys Fuente just told him where he's going next year so Jacoby got a head start.. /s

Go for it

Big opportunity/responsibility calling towards Kaleb Smith, Payoute, Bowick, Patterson, and Simmons. Will be interesting to see who are the top guys during/after spring.

Well that sucks.

Also my mind processed this as the guy who just set a record for the 300m.

Just setting up the excuses that we have a young offense next year

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Oh stop. Losing a r-Fr doesn't make the offense "more young"

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Is this good? No, but this is the reality of college footballl now...with Payoute, Bowick, the returning crew (with or without Hazelton) with more of an emphasis on the run game we should expect this. Hope nothing but the best for this young man.

It's not the reality everywhere

Is it not? I legitimately don't know whether or not schools of our caliber (15-40) are having the same problem.

Can't remember where I saw it, but if I recall correct correct, VT has more than the normal amount of transfers, but is hardly an outlier. I will update if I find the source.

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Ah, good stuff. So seems like we have more than average but not a ton more. Should be interesting to see how it all shakes out as the off season progresses.

Those numbers from a week ago. We had 5 portal entries today -- Pinckney, Phil Patterson, ladler, steward, and grimsley

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Presumably other schools had more entries as well though.

It's probably not worth presuming until somebody looks at it and puts the numbers together

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Fair enough - you caught me in the throes of my laziness.

Here's 757Hokie83's table for the ACC from a week ago (same string you listed the other conferences)

Clemson has 1 guy in the portal
Syracuse has 1 in, gained 1
UVA has 2 in
GT has 4 in, gained 2
Pitt has 4 in, gained 3
Louisville has 6 in
BC has 7 guys in, and has gained 1 guy
NC State has 7 in, gained 1
Wake Forest has 7 in
VT has 8 in, gained 2
Miami has 8 in
Duke has 9 in, has gained 1
UNC has 9 in
FSU has 10 in, gained 3

Clemson has 4 guys in the portal
Syracuse has 1 in, gained 1 (the gained is listed as 80% Syr, 20% Pitt)
UVA has 2 in (lists 3, one staying)
GT has 4 in, gained 2
Pitt has 6 in, gained 3
Louisville has 7 in
BC has 6 guys in, and has gained 1 guy (7th guy in, but he is staying)
NC State has 11 in (no players listed as gained any more)
Wake Forest has 7 in, gained 1
VT has 14 in, gained 2
Miami has 11 in, gained 3
Duke has 11 in, gained 1
UNC has 9 in, gained 1
FSU has 10 in, gained 4

So, for the guys who have chosen schools:
DeJuan Ellis - Maryland
John Harris - Mercer
Joe Kane - Elon
Robert Porcher - NC A&T

Not exactly powerhouse programs we're losing people to.

No it's not normal. Not all portal entries are equal either.

It's perfectly normal for a very young roster.

It's also a great way to keep the roster very young so it remains a crutch long enough for the head coach to find another job.

Wow, you are being very generous with that range of rankings. More like 50-25.

I don't get why people make out these transfers to be okay, everything is fine this is normal... Year after year in a mediocre program. When do we acknowledge it's a Fuente problem?

Thank god Fuente didn't take the Baylor job. Otherwise we'd have a bunch of talented players and contributors leaving the team.

Best of luck! Hopefully he isnt looking to transfer because something awful happened to him personally

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Optics, optics, optics. Without me suggesting anything, more bad optics for Fuente and Co.

Is coronavirus over yet?

Really surprised to see this one...thought he was the next man up

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Everybody wants to be the man, nobody wants to be the next man up. That's life with the Portal.

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This is getting old really quickly. Are we going to have an annual mass exodus of players now? Does anyone know if this is happening at similar level programs?

Some are based on depth chart and I get that. Some are based on personal reasons (Grimsley and Gaines), but hazelton and Pinckney hurts. We're gonna need those guys.

Feeling a little better based on...

- looked at the portal website and some other ACC teams like Duke FSU Louisville have a lot of players in the portal

- seen a post from a pretty good source saying Pinckney was getting passed for playing time

...still not happy about hazelton though. The others I get the reasons for, be it playing time or personal

seen a post from a pretty good source saying Pinckney was getting passed for playing time

Don't let dcwilson40 see you saying that!

Nub nu, bud! ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Just ridiculous.

The portal is chaos unleashed at this point, and especially so for non blue bloods.

I totally think athletes should be able to leave if their coach leaves.

But this thing is so unrestricted, programs have to be recruiting their own players every year as well as next year's.

It is seriously dampening my enthusiasm for supporting a team with players who I as a fan have historically developed some sort of familiarity and affinity with.

There are several reasons I stopped watching pro sports, and rampant free agency is one of them.

I don't watch a team because they wear a specific uniform.

I watch a team whose players and coach I like and respect.

I'm still not sure how to feel about the portal thing, but your dampened enthusiasm and your point about the pros is also something I have been experiencing. I quit watching the pros soon after free agency made friends of your enemies and enemies of your friends. Just got to be no fun for us, so now, we watch some of the Super Bowl, maybe a BBall championship game, but that's it. Sundays are different for us, but other than that, I don't miss the pro games one bit.

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Social media, the CFP, and the "me first" attitude that permeates all level of sports are making it difficult to acquire and keep any depth on a non-elite college football team. Sorry folks Tech is not elite and if not for Frank Beamer and Mike Vick would not have been as close as it got.
That being said all the portal entrants the Hokies are experiencing is very worrisome. Fuente better find a way to win in 2020 and improve recruiting or his and Tech's fortunes will be bleak.

Chill out. He had some personal circumstances that made him move. Same thing with Hezekiah tonight, which was kind of known already. Not everything is Fuente's fault, or locker room cancers.

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I have no clue what's going on, but that definitely read like this was beyond football walls kind of things.

If you're mad at Fuente, everything looks like Fuente's fault. Like the old saying "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail".

You know about these personal circumstances?

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multiple threads!

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Virginia Tech has now had 23 players transfer away from the program since the 2018 season

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

Correction after Caleb Steward:

Virginia Tech has now had 24 players transfer away from the program since the 2018 season

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

So I get people not liking turnover. Once upon a time, it seemed to be more of a reflection of the program, but it seems like times have changed and the players want playing time. As people have mentioned, players across the board appear ready to abandon ship for their own reasons. If the won't see playing time, it seems like it's good both for the player (go get playing time someplace else) and the school (frees up scholarships to bring in more talented players).

For us, this past year, it didn't seem like we lost too much (link). McClease and Hazelton hurts, but if either of them felt like they weren't going to get playing time next year for some reason, hopefully it means there are guys ready to step up or have been stepping up in practices.

The other transfers made sense. This one doesn't. I thought Pinckney was the best WR on film in this class. I have no insight as to what drove this decision, where you can come up with plausible theories for the other candidates.

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In an earlier post I mentioned he had my favorite film of the 2019 wrs... glad to see you agree, makes me more confident in my eye.

I've seen from a normally reliable source on another message board that Pinckney just wasn't working out at WR. Not that I have any inside knowledge myself or anything, just regurgitating.

Still concerning though because I think it leaves us very thin on the outside. I think Robinson, payoutte, bowick, and blackshear are all slot guys right? Don't know if we have anyone to play opposite Tre right now other than Simmons and Smith.

Payoute is 6'1 205 and lightning fast - he is an outside WR
Bowick is 6'1 215 - he's an outside WR
Simmons - 6'2 215 - outside WR
Smith - 6'2 207 - outside WR
Turner - 6'2" 190 - outside WR, quick enough to play slot

Robinson is 5'10 185 - slot
Saunders is 6'0 175 - probably slot
Blackshear is 5'9 180 - RB/slot

Of that group, Turner is already starting. Smith had a big opportunity this year and didn't grab the brass ring (but he is young, and will have more chances.) I really liked Bowick, but liked Pinckney a little bit more. Payoute is probably the best athlete but has a big learning curve. Simmons looked like a reliable 4th option kind of guy, but I don't know if, in this offense, he has the twitch to get the volume of looks he needs.

After Hazelton spent the end of 2018 in Chateau Bow Wow, I think (total conjecture on my part) that the coaching staff would have been thrilled if Patterson or Smith had grabbed that spot with their play and turned Hazelton into Wally Pipp. Patterson never got much of a look, and Smith struggled to get separation with Willis in the game and rarely got a look with Hooker. Here is another chance by all the young guys to own that job.

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I did have a friend that all throughout the fall kept telling me that Pinckney just simply wasn't good at WR during practice. That the coaches were much much higher on Payoute and Bowick(before his injury)

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I will say, Bowick looked like an adult at the spring game. You could tell the coaching staff liked him by the way they were engaging him. I believe I said this in my review, but he looked every bit the size of Mitchell, which didn't match up with his bio stats at all.

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Something stinks in Blacksburg...

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As a former resident of Foxridge, I can confirm this to be true.

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We had a roster full of underclassmen and no available schollies for Feb/transfer portal and/or 2021. attrition was needed/inevitable. I'm pretty neutral on Fu, but none of this feels shocking to me. now it's on the newly assembled staff to plug holes via portal and 2021 class.

I don't have to take this abuse from you, I've got hundreds of people dying to abuse me.

now it's on the newly assembled staff to plug holes via portal and 2021 class.

Does this mean we can now refer to it as the "port hole?"

uva - the taint of the ACC

Exactly. All of the handwringing is much ado over little.

Obi Obialo would be an ideal pickup out of the portal. I hope the coaches are pursuing this.

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My favorite Obi Obialo comment ever:

hokiejoe02 | 1 year 1 month #
If dude gets behind our secondary on Sat - I'm definitely breaking out "Help me, Obi Obialo, you're our only hope".

"It's always great to beat UVA, that makes us all smarter and better looking for a couple days".
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Can you imagine Obi Obialo, Hendon Hooker, and Divine Deablo all on the same roster? Even if we never win a national championship in anything, we'll forever hold the distinction of the team with the coolest trio of names.

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Since Hazelton's and Pinckney's departures seemed surprising, I feel like I gotta ask - any indications of the players not liking Williams as that position coach?

I also noticed Hez thanked Fuente, as well as Higgins and Scott in his departure tweet. He said "for the opportunity" to play, which sounds like the guys who I assume recruited him, but struck me as odd Williams wasn't mentioned. Am I reading too much into things?

Patterson also didn't thank Williams, and thanked Mike Goforth and not Hilgart

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But Burdens the guy we get rid of ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

I was really surprised by that one. I thought for sure that he was going to be announced a coach somewhere else after the bowl games. I want to say that Fuente had said he thought Burden had a lot of coaching potential and moved him to RB to give him a breadth of experience to eventually be a coordinator. And he also did several of those developmental programs with the Redskins and Chargers. I know RB play has been wanting, but thought that had been a combination of line play and the talent available.
Unless it was more about recruiting?

We should definitely make staffing decisions based on who potential transfers thank or don't thank on their transfer portal entry messages.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

If we continue losing talented receivers, we should base it on that. I'm just wondering if the thanking thing (or lack thereof) is an indicator that they don't like him and more (talented) guys will transfer out in the future.

It's an indication of message board posters spending way too much effort trying to read between the lines on every single damn thing in every aspect of the football program.

I will say that Wiggins seemed very well-liked by the players and he didn't get hired at Alabama for nothing. That said, our fans need to learn to have some modicum of patience with coaches and staff. I can guarantee that a revolving door at every coaching and staff position is not the solution for those bitching and moaning about transfers.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

People don't like being told about themselves by someone they don't really know. Or watching someone start who drops passes and can't hold blocks, but coach loves his IT factor.

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also worth noting that Pinckney signed his NLI about a month before Holmon Wiggins moved to Bama and we hired Jafar Williams as his replacement

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You were surprised at Hazelton?

So my brother is a athletic director for a high school in SC and Pinckney came up in conversation. He said he knew of him in high school and is friends with his HS coach. Said he had all the talent in the world but was super lazy. Didn't ever want to work out. I had said he transferred and he said it wasn't surprising.

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When did this formal long drawn-out twitter post become the common delivery mechanism for "I'm leaving"?

What's wrong with just saying "Hey fans - something came up and [insert school name] just isn't the best fit right now. Thanks for everything!"

Because it's their platform for sat what they want.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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