49ers pay to replace Miami U practice field.

One year after Miami resurfaces their practice field NFL bad 49ers and Chiefs decide field isn't safe and 49ers pay to replace surface.

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I guess they never practiced on a dirt pit like I did in high school.

Our practice field used to be a parking lot years prior and they basically threw a bunch of dirt on top and grew grass on it. The shit that would come up when the grass was worn out was insane.


Jeez Miami musta fucked that up last year.

If it was fsu id say they forgot to water it

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They would have had to practice on it first

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So we just need Roanoke to host a Super Bowl so we can get those desperately needed facility upgrades. /s

The practice field is bak.

Good to see the NFL /an NFL team actually spend money that isn't taxpayer or fan money. I'm legit surprised. They don't like to spend. It would cost less than 1 million dollars to replace the field in canton but the NFL refused to do so until they literally could not play on it. Even then they kicked and screamed.

Good to see the NFL /an NFL team actually spend money that isn't taxpayer or fan money.

...where do you think they got the funds to pay for this then? Fan money.

or they could use the billions they get from television?

The 49ers did this themselves. They don't have billions in revenue lmfao.

indirectly fan money!

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Lol that was the whole point. +1

I'm surprised they had to - i would think the U was managing their facilities better, especially for a money generator. I'm not surprised that any team would pay to have this placed in this type of scenario - too much money on the line for winning for them not to make the short-term investment.

Right... they like every college team...has better "facilities" than VT.

I wasn't trying to say or imply that at all - Just saying that any athletic program that bid to host a pro team would be expected to have facilities at an acceptable level for this 2-week window. I guess my real question is what happened to the field since this was awarded, and why didn't UM keep things up to the standards (if that was part of the contract).

Well they did not make this Top 25 Facilities List

But we were #24 in 2013.

Surprises on here, Illinois and Kentucky. Also where is my data and stats TKPers who can put the 2020 facility rankings on the X axis and the 2020 recruiting class rankings, that I know have been pulled together on here before, on the Y axis and we can see how that R^2 value looks.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

I second that graph request!

if someone can put the two datasets in to a clean and readable format (ie, .xlsx, csv, xml, json) i can tackle the visualization.

EDIT: Bonus points for any ancillary data that can be included (e.g., date/cost of last renovation, total 5*, 4* per class, etc)

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Nice graph! The outlier is Illinois, who jumped up to #11 in facilities but is #69 in recruiting. Coincidentally, VT is currently just behind them at #70 in recruiting.

Ooooooh 0.25, not gonna get it done for the facilities=better recruiting crowd. This points to there being other more weighty contributing factors. Not that there is absolutely no correlation here, there is a clear relationship, I just think that a factor like, perhaps, money means better recruiting AND better facilities.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

Interesting, I wonder what other rankings 247 lists? I've often wondered if facilities were truly a predictive factor in recruiting, or if they're just an indicator of something arguably more important: an organization willing to drop some hard $ for athletic success.

I don't think better facilities will always equal better recruiting all by itself. More that it's an important piece of the puzzle, especially if you're trying to get the blue chip recruits, an area where we'd love VT to be more competitive. I don't think it's a primary driver for recruiting success, that ultimately lies with the coaches/recruiters and overall team performance over time (generally speaking). Facilities are more of a differentiation factor, that is if 5 star recruit is choosing between two schools he likes very much and could see himself playing for, but one has vastly better facilities than the other, it will often impact his decision.

What makes facilities such an important thing for us to talk about, in my opinion, is that it's one of the few areas in which fans can make a direct impact. We can't recruit the players, we can't coach the team, but we can buy tickets, be crazy at games, and donate money.

Nice... a thread where we can all rip on Miami for sucking and DCwilson won't ruin it with misplaced ang... nvm

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Why are the 49ers practicing in Ohio?/s

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I'm kind of surprised this is allowed to happen...

I didn't even think about that, but you make a good point. Is it ok because they're basically giving money to the school, not to the players themselves? I mean, Miami plays their games in a pro stadium anyway.

Not like the NCAA would do anything about it anyway.

I'm not. This is equivalent to a $1m donation, to a private school. SF just earmarked the donation for a specific purpose, just like we can do with donations to VT.

So another tidbit of Miami news was released today. According to ESPN, Ed Reed is ... the chief of staff for Miami football?

Reed will be tasked with helping Miami coach Manny Diaz "in all aspects of the football program, including strategic planning, quality control, operations, player evaluation and player development," the university said in a statement.

The hell? Has he ever done this before?