Tre Turner putting in work this week.

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Let's get it

This man wants it. This should be every player at Tech. If you want to go next level, it's on you. Look at Keene. That dude worked his ass off and got rewarded. I have no doubt Turner is on a similar trajectory.

Looks like Hooker is working with him. That's good to see. I'm assuming he had surgery on that shoulder.

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That cut at the end was so good the ball couldn't even keep up!

Unfortunately some of the other cuts/routes looked a little rusty. If, and a BIG IF, we have football this fall (I think we do), one of the most interesting things is going to be seeing which teams are able to shake off the rust. I'm hoping the fact that we are finally an "older" team will benefit us in that regard.

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Yeah the hands look great but the passing.... that's a different story... I hope that wasn't Hooker... being from the same city and only 1 class apart the chemistry should be next level.

The QB they show throwing is 100% Hendon Hooker. I agree some of those balls left a lot to be desired but, that said, they don't show who else is there or really anything else going on.

On another note, are our guys back in Blacksburg and practicing? With the news of a quarter of Clemson's team testing positive for coronavirus, I'm assuming our team would be back by now as well.

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They are coming back in small groups.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Keeping fingers crossed on health of players.

So were the push-ups to show off the guns on instasnap or for drops a la Major League?

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