Classic VT Football Game Film Reviews (Poll)

Hey TKP,

I have been considering doing film reviews of one or two classic games which have a unique appeal to me for TKP. Mulling it over for the last few days, I have picked the following games as ones that I would like to go back and take another look, with the reason why:

1) 2002- Virginia Tech versus Marshall- perhaps the best performance by a Virginia Tech running game I can remember.

2) 1999- Virginia Tech versus Clemson- how did VT scheme to get Corey Moore into space to levy so much pain and havoc?

3) 2009- ChickFilA Bowl- Virginia Tech versus Tennessee- Hokies dominate the Vols to send Lane Kiffin off to more failure at USC

4) 1998- Virginia Tech versus East Carolina- My first game in Lane Stadium

5) 2006- Virginia Tech versus UNC- Perhaps the best showcase of Bud Foster using robber coverages to force interceptions

Respond with your choice below.

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My choice would be the 1999 game. That team is legendary in VT history and would love to see those clips and breakdown

John Engelberger was a beast, I bet he had a lot to do with Corey Moore running wild in the Clemson backfield.

Hmmm....all are tasty treats. I'd have to go the Clemson game, but seeing the pain in Lane Kiffin's eyes has some appeal too. Clemson #1 choice, Vols #2.

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I hate UT so I go with 2009 Chic-fil-a bowl.

On a side note, how could we have beaten Florida State in 1999? If we played that game 10 times, how many do we win? Could scheme and execution changes have made a big difference in the outcome? Interesting to ponder.

My lasting memory was Vick going the wrong way on the 4th down on the opening drive down near the FSU goal line. FSU also had one more NFL WR than VT had defensive backs. I don't remember FSU running the ball well in that game, but the numbers may not reinforce my memory.

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ughhh the opening was beautiful until it wasn't!!!!

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My lasting memory was Peter Warrick was really good at football.

Certainly better at football than getting DEEP discounts on sneakers at Dillards

VT rushed for 395 yards in that Marshall game...

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Funny story. A couple weeks ago I had a very lengthy conversation about that game with a bar owner in Huntington who is a Marshall diehard. He said that to this day, he has never seen two better athletes in college football on the same team as Suggs and Jones.

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and he ha Randy Moss and Chad Pennington

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That he did. Byron Leftwich was MU's QB that game, and he was no slouch either.

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2009 vs. Tennessee

and now I'm craving Chik-Fil-A....thanks French...

The 1999 Clemson game would be intriguing, and/or the 1998 game if defense is the emphasis. I personally would like to see a breakdown of the Foster scheme pre-2004 when he modified to more of what we've seen in recent memory.

2002 Marshall would be my second choice for a look into how we used to have a physically punishing running game.

Is there a film review for the 2011 UVA game?

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That 2002 Marshall game is an old school hokies wet dream. That was a Suggs+Jones+Humes backfield right?

Not so much Humes as we was only a freshman. But yes, a lot of Jones and Suggs.

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French I'm a HUGE proponent of this. I wanted to recommend it to you a while back for the off season because I think we would all love it but I already know you are over worked and underpaid. I will donate a 2nd key play membership to the person of your choice if do this. the biggest reason I am a tkp member is your reviews. the off season always sucks and I think this is a great filler.

ive been rewatching old hokie games since ive been forced to work from home and wishing eddie royal ran jet sweeps with corn and marcus davis and josh morgan had more fade balls has been eating me alive,

also a great game to re watch as a hokie is the NCST Russell Wilson game. down 17-0 and russ throws 4 pics and we win. thank me later. :)

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Eddie Royal, as great as he was at VT, was still completely underutilized as an offensive player. He could have been a Percy Harvin-type hybrid WR/RB player and lined up all over the field.

I will donate a 2nd key play membership to the person of your choice if do this.

Interestingly enough, another TKPer had a great idea on this front. Expect some news soon.

2009 Chick-Fil-A Bowl. We had a month to prepare and took it to an SEC team.

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2009 CFA Bowl

Additional picks for future consideration:

2007 FSU

2006 Wake Forest

2005 UVA

If there's future ones, I would want a review of the 06 and 07 Clemson games as one review. That was the last time we beat them.

Two of my favorite football games ever. I'm sure that's very surprising to everyone.

Back when we had Clemson's number. I remember the 06 game very well. My first ever Thursday night game. I was in the third grade. My dad pulled me out of school early so he could tailgate with his buddies. Branden Ore put the offense on his back when the coaches figured out Sean Glennon was going to get murdered behind that offensive line.

That 07 game was nuts. The defense and special teams were on fire. I can't imagine what it was like being a Clemson fan for that one, watching three non-offensive touchdowns in just the first half of that one. Brandon Flowers and Macho Harris had two monster hits that game as well.

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I was at that game. We were watching Macho dance in the endzone to Clemson's music. I turned to my friends and said "he's going to return it". And they all looked at me like I was dumb, of course he's going to return it, he's the return man. And then he houses it.

Also Stanford beat USC that night, so that was fun.

EDIT: I remember the 06 game very well too, Adibi and Hall made it a long night for Davis and Spiller, I was in the North endzone some saw every hole disappear.

I can't imagine what it was like being a Clemson fan for that one

Probably...something like this:

I remember there was this couple who painted their stomachs to honor the 4/16 victims but were also clear, diehard Clemson fans. Every time we made another big play, the camera panned to them.

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#2 as that was when I was there and may or may not have been extremely intoxicated for most of those games so my memories are a bit fuzzy...

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As most of my 2002 was spent in a sophomore-year-at-VT induced blackout, I will vote for Marshall game to "remember" that game I definitely attended.

The Cup is going nowhere Mikey!

Pol is open until I get the wifi coverage to get started

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As excited as we all are to see your review, I hope this doesn't take you away from anything with your Dad. I know you've been dealing with some tough times, and I hope you know we're all praying for you and yours. If doing the reviews are a catharsis, good for you. Just wanted you to know that TKP appreciates you.

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Thank you. He is is a rehab hospital in Bristol and because of the quarantine, we have been video chatting with him in between his PT and OT almost constantly. I am going to be staying down here for awhile when he gets out. We are working on upgrading my parents WiFi to help my brother and I work from down here, and I will need the WiFi upgrade to stream the video to do this review. That is one reason I am leaning towards a post-2000 game, the likelihood of the video being bad to start with is a little lower.

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Tennessee or UNC. Always found your breakdowns of Bud's defense fascinating

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1999 Clemson

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All of em

Open your eyes Nicholas

1999 JMU game.

Enter Vick

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Tennessee if you're only doing one.

The game that made me fall in love with VT football, 2006 Clemson.

My vote is for the 2002 Marshall game. Crazy, I just googled Byron Leftwich to learn he's the OC for the Bucs. Goes to show you how gifted and intelligent of a QB he was. I sold Coke-a-Cola in the East stands that season and I remember that game fondly. As I recall, it was either the week immediately before or after the infamous Saban coached LSU game with ensuing "riots" downtown following the game. What a time to be a Hokie fan!

That team rattled off three straight wins against ranked opponents, got to 8-0, and rose to 3rd in the polls. Then they lost three straight games and finished the season in the Diamond Walnut Bowl against Air Force. Very frustrating.

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1999 Clemson - that was a top 10 Lane Stadium atmosphere and experience.

Tennessee. Because Tennessee.

If that's the list, Marshall. That's the marquee match-up IMHO from the list.

If I could add another one to the list - 2004 WVU

2004 games. Unc, Miami, Georgia tech, Maryland.

Why not do them all?

We have time, and mostly nothing better to do in the offseason.

That said, I'd vote for any or all of the first three.

Poll is closed. I am going to do 2002 Marshall and 2006 Clemson and then we will see how they do and go from there. Thanks to everyone who participated. If they get good traction, I will look at the 2009 ChickFilA Bowl next.

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Marshall 2002 is in the can. Teasers:

1) The First Fuller rides to the rescue
2) Stinespring runs wishbone?
3) The Untouchables and zone blocking

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