Hokies land DE Mattheus Carroll

Breaking news- Hokies received a commitment from defensive end Mattheus Carroll Sunday afternoon. Carroll is a 6'5 225 edge defender with room to grow. I reviewed his film and, if the Hokies adopt the techniques that the Teerlinck family has revolutionized, he is a perfect fit. I like Carroll's film much more than some of the other Hokies recruiting targets. Expect Carroll to ultimately play around 250-260 pounds with his frame.

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Exciting recruit to land due to the referenced upside. This is exactly the type of player the Hokies need to focus on landing that can eventually punch well above his recruit ranking (not saying it's bad, just a reference to his ultimate upside)

Said it in a previous thread but was my favorite DE prospect on the board. TNT starting to pull their weight is great to see

But how many New Years six bowls have they coached in? /s

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I say this at huge risk, but I'd take him over Brown 100 x 100. And I believe Sam is going to have some more interesting insight coming about his versatility and why he moves around so much at Gilman (although I want him with his hand down, getting up the field.)

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Completely agree. I think Brown can certainly have succeed in a pass rushing role, but his lack of size seriously concerns me when it comes to stopping the run

I like this thread better than the other one because he grew two inches taller here.

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French, can you explain to me (like I'm a five-year-old) why Carroll is a good fit within a "Teerlinck System"?

Carroll film review for TKPC members will post Tuesday. Then the big DL breakdown for TKPC hopefully gets dropped the following week. I don't want to spoil any of that, but it will explain it.

I could, but that would spoil two film reviews.

I will leave it at this- if Teerlinck does the same things he did in Buffalo and at Nevada (and that his dad did at Minnesota, Denver, and Indianapolis), Carroll and Beadles are my guys to watch.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

then i will wait 'til tuesday (great 80's band) to comment

Beadles was my favorite DE of the 2020 trio. Similar prospect to Carroll imo

This guy has a ton of potential - on and off the field. Stoked that he picked the Hokies!