Bowick hitting the portal per Bitter

That 19 class - Fuentes best- is looking more brutal everyday

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Big drinks in your future

I believe Joe said he'd prefer we have a separate thread for each entrant. I don't think this is really a repost, since the other thread is a running tally and this is specifically about Bowick.

It's my personal preference. I think there's a divide on TKP between individual threads and MEGA-AGGREGATE-THREAD that rivals VIM vs Emacs.

There's no harm in both.

I'm Switzerland and just use a text editor...................

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I'm team Both fwiw

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VIM and it ain't close

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Wait, people argue for emacs? huh, who knew there were so many ill informed people in this world.

Given that this is now a "thing" (portal entrants, transfers, etc) it could be a worthwhile feature for the site to have a tracker that isn't itself a thread. Could be a simple enabling of html table features for forums or a specific article type only accessible to the mods(?)

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Yep, and I've seen it done in person. My nearly two years in Germany are fading fast in memory, but I do remember a few of those big beer-fests, especially in one of the smaller towns near our base. I clearly remember walking arm in arm with my girlfriend, her family and a good portion of the town after a fried fish fest. We were all singing and having fun as the folks who didn't attend were yelling (loudly, but not angrily) at us from their homes and apartments to quiet down so they could sleep. Small town life there was often more fun than any small town experiences I've had in the USofA. Sorry, old man nostalgia.

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My wife and I had a long 5-week honeymoon through most of Western Europe, and a stop in Munich during Oktoberfest was one of the major highlights from that trip. Never before, or since, had I seen quantities of alcohol like that and have everyone getting along with one another. For those that haven't experienced it I strongly encourage the pilgrimage if you have the means once this damn pandemic is over.

I can't say one way or another, but I've heard that Märtzenfest is even better; "Half the ppl and twice the alcohol."
I would love to do that some time.

It was really cool the way folks just seemed to be there for nothing but fun. I never saw a fight amongst prodigious drinking, and the comraderie was infectious.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

My unit ALWAYS scheduled their field problems during Oktoberfest. That meant, if you wanted to go, you had to burn your leave time. Coming home for as long as possible was too important to me for that. So, sadly I never made it. Heinerfest in Darmstadt was pretty damned fun though.

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