Hokie Basketball Practice Started Today....

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Just FYI, practice started a little while ago. Thanks for sharing though, the basketball media guys have been putting out good content lately!

Ummm, oops,... Thanks

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Something to be excited about.

What are we looking for in year two? I'm not sure what this season is going to look like, but in a normal year, I'd be aiming for the NIT. Last year's team exceeded my expectations. They blew out bad teams and even won a couple big ones against Michigan State and UNC.

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Team much deeper, probably much better.

ACC much better.

Mostly playing ACC games (maybe 20 out of 26 games?)

Record might not improve much.

NIT would be a solid season.

COVID will screw things up big time at some point.

Last March/April got screwed up pretty good.

Maybe tourney teams this year get put into a 3-week bubble prior to the tournaments.

Might be a challenge considering these are student athletes

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IMO, the NCAA needs to just stop the charade and call them what they are - revenue machines/investments of the schools, conferences, and NCAA at-large. At least then they can protect these athletes like they deserve to be and we can skip all of the messiness in the court systems.

You're not wrong, but unless all of their classes are virtual, wouldnt it be impossible to remain academically eligible if they put themselves in a bubble for 3 weeks prior to the tourney, then up to another 3 weeks during the tournament?

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

They've managed the players being away from campus for 3 weeks during the tourneys prior to this year so that will be business as usual.

For the quarantine period leading up to the tourney, if they announce the plans early enough with clear, appropriate guidelines, schools and players can prepare measures to be compliant and academically viable.

oughta be pretty good

I agree, we oughta. Thing is, with all the insies and outsies, I have absolutely no idea what this team will actually BE like. I look forward to the season, and to getting to know the team, but I think I'll miss some of the recently departed, for a while at least.

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finding or settling on an identity might be Young's biggest challenge. whatever they do I hope Diarra teaches all of the ball handlers to do that instantaneous backup move thing...just about impossible to defend

I expect us to be in the middle of the ACC. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't hesitate to say we are a easily bubble team. However, who knows how the season will unfold. Bold prediction: Joe Bamisile is a monster and could be gone after two years...

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I love the sound of basketball practice.

Basketball even with the much smaller roster then football likely poses a much larger challenge to manage Covid wise due to the travel schedule. As others mentioned, a heavy dose of ACC basketball, which will be good for experience but much tougher to finish strongly. Tournaments will be difficult, but will happen or the NCAA might implode, which wouldnt necessarily be a bad thing. Tournaments though will very likely be much more regional, like many of the other sports, so expect to see brackets more location based. Not sure how they will manage bubble like restrictions at the college level but it will be necessary. Just look at the challenges the Mohegan Sun event have presented. It was supposed to be up to 6 games but between cost and schools decisions regarding Covid, the team pool was reduced from as many as 32 down to four, with no championship game.

They should take a page out of the NBA and NHL.

Online learning and a bubble for conference play. And you could essentially go wall to wall ACC basketball scheduling, and if the ACC plays it right, put as many of those games as possible on the ACCNetwork. That would absolutely raise the profile of the channel, explode the amount of revenue they generate, and drum up a season long March Madness feeling for conference play.

But this is Swofford we're talking about. We'll manage to screw it up.

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I completely agree that the teams should be in a bubble for the entire season but schools will push back regarding "student-athlete" cant be put in those kind of restrictions. I also do agree that the ACC will manage to screw things up. One positive case could essentially have a ten to twelve game trickle down effect in the schedule. I would like to see the ACC use four team bubbles, put 4 teams together each Friday through Monday and round robin three games each. 4 hubs each weekend, work through the league as a whole over 8 weeks. Would give you 24 conference games, get players used to tournament like play, and be great for fans that cant catch those Tuesday-Wednesday late night games.

I don't know, with remote learning the norm these days it feels like a bubble could be possible with the "student-athletes" still attending classes online while in the bubble. Just a thought.

In the middle of a slow draft for ACC fantasy basketball. It is Roto "scoring"

Looking to get people's opinions here. Who do you think will be Tech's leader for


Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Scoring: Cartier Diarra
Assists: Wabissa Bede
Rebounds: Keve Aluma
Blocks: Tyrece Radford?

Thanks! Radford and Diarra just went (4th & 5th round). Might try and get at least one of the other two soon.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Bamsile and Mutts are probably being slept on for points imo

What platform are you using for that?

A random forum for Louisville fans. My dad found it 3-4 years ago, and this will be my second year playing. I'd say half the league is Louisville fans.

The commish tallies all the stats on an excel spreadsheet. It's straight out of the fantasy baseball 30 for 30.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Yes please inject VT Hoops into my veins.

Although as a season ticket holder I'm getting pretty bummed out to realize that I wont be in Cassell in about a month. But I get it. Basketball games for me are usually standing and yelling all game packed in with other people right beside me and coming out of the stadium covered in about 4 other peoples' sweat.....so it's definitely not possible in the time of COVID.

But goddamn I'll miss it.

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