That time Deron dunked on me in McComas

Slow day at work, slow week Hokie-wise with no UVA game... so time for a trip down memory lane.

I was playing pick up ball in McComas the summer of '07. I basically lived in McComas for a few years and played nonstop. I'm 6'4" and could dunk pretty darn well at that point. I was definitely at the top of my game at that point in my life (playing some ball this morning sadly confirmed that for me...) If you ever played at McComas, it wasn't that uncommon to see some football or baseball players out there occasionally, but heads were definitely turning when Deron Washington, Coleman Collins, Hank Thorns and Lewis Witcher strolled out onto the court one afternoon.

I wind up being out there, Deron's on the other team, but I'm not matched up on him. Deron's got the ball at the top of the key and crosses his guy. I'm in the short corner and have to make a split second decision - do I try to block Deron. Best case, I do and forever live in glory. Worst case, I get dunked on like so many other poor souls throughout the ACC. I can't remember if the Paulus teabagging had happened yet, but if I had more time to think, I might have stayed put.

But I didn't. I left my guy and met Deron in the middle of the lane. Now like I said, I could dunk, I've seen others dunk, I've been dunked on. But I've NEVER seen anyone jump like Deron did. He was hitting the peak of his jump before it felt like my feet had left the floor. I went into full-on, lean-back-with-hands-protecting-face posterization pose. He was above, on top and beyond me.

And he missed the dunk.

It went off the back iron. I looked around thankful first to be alive, and that somehow, without fouling him, I had sort of stopped Deron? Lewis Witcher was yelling at him from the sidelines on the way back down the court "Hey Deron if you don't know how to dunk, don't try to dunk!"

Anyway, thank you for letting me regale you with tales from "Back in the Day". I'm off to go read books aloud at the library. Maybe this time they won't ask me to leave for "disrupting the learning environment".

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Great recount of a fantastic memory. Felt like I was there, thank you.

Ok Paulus. Believe events however you want.

I literally may have been on the court or waiting for next when this happened haha....1st court on the left. I used to live at McComas basketball courts. I think '07 was the year I finally managed to dunk....a volleyball. Never did quite get An actual basketball, but alas, I'm 5'8". And now I have constant pestering knee issues, yay me

First court on the left was always where the best players played. I usually hung around the other two, but occasionally wandered over and surprised some folks at 5'8" 135.

Yeah, I was 155 freshman and hit that freshman 15 to be about 168-170 by sophomore. That was not take-up-weight-lifting weight either haha.

I used to play with Eddie Royal there fairly often one year, we must've had class schedules line up, it was insane when chasing him around the court or anytime there was contact. That man was a small boulder of muscle.

I also played with/against Tyrod a few times, I actually guarded him for much of a game once. He was....he...he was better than me. Lol

Similar situation with a similar outcome. Nick Becton and Logan Thomas are on the other team. Becton gets that ball at the high post, takes one dribble and goes to two hand it. I come from the baseline to try block him (he only outweighed me by 170 pounds..what could go wrong). My friend said it looked like a cartoon character running into a pole where their arms and feet wrap around it. I didn't block him, land on my back, and hear the rim snap. I'm laying there in a state of denial of what I think just happened. LT comes up and says "hey man are you ok?" I respond with "did he just dunk that?". LT "No he missed". ME "then yeah, I'm ok."

In 2000 I walked into McComas ready to play and a guy asked if I wanted in on the game so I said sure and then I looked over at the other guys ....

There was Mike Vick. He had just announced he was going to the draft, he wasn't even a student at this point. So I looked back and stated I am not guarding him.

1) Because he would destroy me
2) I didn't want to injure him by rolling being i the wrong place and he'd roll and ankle or something.

Ronyell Whitaker was there and some guy I didn't know but his look screamed nose tackle.

I've never been on the court with anyone that moved as gracefully or as fast as Vick. It was something else.

P.S. Ronyell mostly just trashed talked.

P.S. Ronyell mostly just trashed talked.

Truly shocking revelation right there, lol

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Agree. I would cringe every time he was involved in a defensive play. I believe that 02 Frozen tundra Pitt game in Blacksburg had one of those WTF moments.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

He did not fare well against Larry Fitzgerald that night, no siree

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To be fair, nobody at the NCAA or NFL level has faired well against Larry Fitzgerald.

Oh yeah he was in mid-season form. It was really amusing when Vick would dribble down the court, pull up, swish a 3 pointer, and then Ronyell would brag about it.

Circa 1974, I somehow got stuck matched up against Roscoe Coles in the basement at Cassell. Sadly, it wasn't a game of HORSE and all I could do defensively was determine which side of me he would blow by. I did bomb one in early...then he took that away, too.

Please tell me you somehow got a steal off him and said "Give it to me Roscoe!"


i took away his outside game and forced him to shoot layups

I volunteered to ref the rec league basketball games in 96. I got a game one time that had some guys that thought they'd be cute and sign up for the top flight. I guess they figured they'd play some athletes and be able to tell stories down the road. But these kids couldn't make their high school's JV squad, even as juniors in college. Bad is an understatement. One night they were playing the football team defensive guys...who added Travis Jackson to the squad. He played his 4 years, but was still enrolled in classes which made him eligible. I will give the team credit, they made a self-rule that he wasn't allowed inside the 3 point arc. Most of the time.

There was a 20 minute running clock. I think the football guys had over 50 at half time. Something like 56-6. Well, Torian Gray and Keion Carpenter would take turns pressing the ball down the court, and someone would either have a layup or they'd kick it out for a 3 try. Travis had 7 3's by halftime... Well, in the second half Travis got lose at one point, has a good lead down the court, decides he's going to throw one down HARD, and one of the dingii on the trash team undercuts him. Travis misses the dunk, comes down awkwardly, Torian is about to break someone in two, and I'm trying to keep everyone calm. Threw the kid out, had to get an escort for him to leave War Memorial, and clam the football boys down. But that twerp had a huge smile on his face because Travis missed... Not cool dude. Not cool. If he was in the lane and got jumped over, fine. But he raced down the court to swipe at the ball and slide under his legs.

(I am in NO way equating this situation to what others are posting in here. This kid has no business being on the court, yet alone against the team he was against. Just that he was happy he became a matter the reason.)

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Yeah, not long after my original story, a kid in McComas did the same thing to me and essentially ended sports for me for two years. Landed with all my weight un-braced onto my hip. Physical therapy and two rounds of PRP treatment and praise God I'm able to be active again, but still can't do some movements without pain.

That is the biggest danger in pickup basketball, especially at that age. You get someone who is in good shape, probably lifts, but has no basketball coordination and they run you over with fouls and do dangerous shit. I used to get very angry when I played with folks that just made it dangerous to be on a court.

I tore my ACL my junior year of high school in an AAU basketball tournament. About a year and a half later, I was a freshman playing pickup basketball at the rec every day. One day, a guy I played with just about every day tore his ACL. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've played pickup since then. Not worth it.

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I was there in '96 and vaguely remember hearing about those guys. I was too busy getting schooled on the courts in the quad in front of Lee, so I never saw it first hand.

I was kinda competitive in intramural billiards though, so my athletic achievements dwarf theirs obviously.

Those late '90s VT intramural basket ball tournaments were legendary

They were in the mid-late 70's as well. But, the intramural flag football tournaments were crazy. One year we had the heavy and lightweight heavy wrestler, plus the discus and hammer throw guys on our line. We got beat in the semi's by the team made up of all the 5th year football players still on campus. They were mean & nasty, lots of blood & fights on the field. How they were even allowed to play the rest of the student body in flag was beyond me.

Never had an issue with violence in flag football intramurals when I was there as theoretically at least no contact was allowed (and it was "Carolina Rules" where you could pass the ball any time anywhere on the field which made speed not size the most important talent). My team lost tot the team that won my freshman year(which was largely athletes from JV and non scholarship sports. We lost 70-7 (11 scores to 1) BUT we stopped seven extra point plays so there was THAT lol.

Also in one of my games, an opposing player had gotten past his man and was running for a touchdown but I managed to chase him down from behind and with a diving leap grabbed his flag. The pretty female ref leaned over and said "nice play"- turns out that was Kristin Saacke who was the Homecoming Queen that year!

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

I played at McComas a lot as well. Was in a pickup game with Eddie Royal. I've always been fairly quick, so I started the game guarding him. First play he drove by me at the top of the key and dunked. I think he had made it to the basket before I even turned around. He's definitely the quickest person I've ever played.

I just remember trying to play volleyball in McComas when the other team had Jim Druckenmiller. He went to spike it and our entire team dove out of the court before the ball landed at mach 1.

I am horrible at basketball but me and my friends would play pickup games after lifting weights to stay in shape and loosen up back in '00-'01. We got done lifting one evening and went in to play. I was goofing off shooting or something and when I looked around all the people I knew had left for some reason. I started to trot off the court and was told we had even teams and I'd been picked up. I looked around and these guys were doing shit that looked like an NBA dunk contest. I was decent at d and could shoot ok, but I had no ball skills to speak of. I hung around the perimeter for a few series and someone finally passed me the ball at the top of the key. I let one rip and drained it. Backpedaled, high fives, no biggie. Got back down the court and snuck into the corner, someone kicked it out to me and I lobbed another one in. Boom. By this time everyone thought I was a three point specialist. Apparently so did I and I remember telling one of my teammates to "keep feeding me the rock". They did and I hit the side of the backboard and airballed my next two shots. I hid the best I could and passed from then on.

I still suck at basketball.

I saved Logan Thomas's life in 2012 when he jaywalked in front of me outside of Merryman and I stopped instead of hitting him. One thing led to another and now the Philadelphia Eagles are winless so far this year and I had a hand (foot? brake pedal after all) in it!

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My wife played on a municipal volleyball team back in the day, and one day they found out that the new team in the league was called "The Washingtons". Turned out to be Deron and his mom and some friends. Her claim to fame, as a 5-4 female, happened during their first game against Deron's team. She took a volley and sorta semi kinda spiked the ball just clearing the net and hitting Deron squarely in the knees. For at least two years she crowed about the time she spiked on Deron. God we loved those guys. We were, and will always be big Hokie basketball fans and I still bristle when people denigrate the teams of old. They were then, and will always be our team, and we had a lot of fun in the Cassell before many of you folks here were born.
So I'll tell my wife about Deron dunking on you, and then I'll get to hear all over again about that evening she...

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Wait, are you implying that Deron was at VT before most of the people here were born?

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Nope. Didn't say or imply such. Talking generically about VT basketball before Buzz. And before Seth. And on back to the 70s. And yeah, I think most of you guys weren't born then.

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I remember the Dale Solomon years with great fondness. The Cassel rocked when Louisville and Memphis St. came to town.

You bet. Saw some fine basketball players in the Cassell back in the day, ours and theirs.

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yep- i remember the glory days of Dale Solomon and Dell Curry and Bimbo Coles during my student years

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

I was a big Bobby Stevens fan also, and the '73 NIT team was worth the price of admission. Great times, soon to be forgotten.

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I don't even know where McComas is. Should I? But it's definitely fun reading all the stories here. A couple from my own time date back to the early 80's. My IM BB team made it past our first play-off game. The team we next faced sported a 6-11 guy who somebody said had played three years at WVU. He was skinny and agile, way too agile as I found out. Being the second tallest guy on our team at 6 feet and a fairly decent jumper I was to play center because our 6'1'' regular guy was out for some reason. Being cute I went up to the Mr. Tall and declared, "I'm going to block your shot." It didn't take long into the game and that is exactly what I did. As he went up for a ball bouncing around the rim and grabbed it, I smacked it out of his hands from behind. I don't know why he didn't just stuff it in and I can't recall if dunking was legal by then or not. Anyway, playing BB that was the biggest mistake I ever made. He made it a point to dog me nose to nose the entire rest of the game, blocking everything I tried to put up. It was more than pathetic. It was so bad he even blasted a few back into my face. I have never felt so helpless. After the game we both laughed about it and he remarked "you said you were going to block my shot." That lesson came in handy the next year.

The NFL was on strike and Robert Brown, a rookie for the Packers, was back in town trying to stay in shape. A buddy and I were at War Memorial looking for a game and Robert was part of it. After we divided into teams the game got going and it was fairly close. My friend was 6'3" and some years before had beaten the state's high-jump champion in high school but for weird reasons didn't go to the meet that year. Anyway, Brown made a move and I stepped in front of him and he yelled, "pick" - yeah, like if he hadn't wanted it to be a pick he'd have squashed me, all 6'3", 250 pounds of that solid man, crushing me like a bug. The play turned to the other end of the court. Someone takes a shot, it bounces high above the rim, let's say a good foot higher. My buddy is up there to snare the ball. Nope, wasn't going to happen. Rocket ship Brown launched himself up behind my friend and with the finesse of a ballerina slammed that ball down for two. He never touched my friend. It was so smooth, but yet so hard. It was then it dawned on me just how gifted guys who make it into the NFL are. He played eight or nine more years after that. I about retired from basketball.

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This was great, thanks for sharing.

I played a touch of college ball before the baseball gods decided my sophomore year was the time for my elbow to explode. Shit happens. Anyways, at 200lbs, I could leap for a white boy (me, but no one there knew that.

So, freshman year, 5am workouts typically split pitchers/outfielders and infielders into separate groups. Being with the pitchers/outfielders, we were in the gym first for sprints, suicides, that kinda stuff. At the end, HC gave us two options: if one of us could dunk, it was over...if we miss twice, keep on going...orrr he sit at half court and does a sit-up and slings it with the same things on the line (spoiler alert, he was somehow spot on from that odd ass position). I said "I can" and got shut up quickly by everyone there and out steps our 6'4 pitcher (ended up in the Rangers org down the line). Got rejected by the rim both times. I'm still standing there saying "I can dunk." Coach throws me the ball, "double or nothing." At this point, I'm receiving ire from the whole gym. I go to the free throw line, two dribbles and two hand slamma ramma jamma our way out of more sprints. Perhaps the coolest and most inconsequential athletic moment in my life.

An hour later, the infielders selected the half court shot...idiots.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

Summer of 94, i believe.

a team made up of bball players Jay Purcell, Mike Davis, Shawn Good, Jimmy Carruth and one of the walk ons vs a team of 4 football players and me. I was fine and in that environment, play D, rebound and if i got an open look in a comfort zone, i would take a shot. I don't remember much, not sure if i scored and don't think i embarrassed myself ... until the end.

Bernard Basham was our big guy who checked Carruth. For the most part the basketball players were half ass, just doing enough to stay even. Once it got to 11-11 they rattled off 4 straight points in about 30 seconds to win. Mike Davis was killing it, killing us, Purcell seemed to careless and Basham for the most part was physical enough to keep Carrutth away from the basket. Well, game point, Davis crosses his guy at the 3 point arch and heads for the foul line to pull up. This makes everyone rotate, so what had happen was, my rotation was to Carruth. I am 6'3 200 (then) and he was 6'10 260, lonnnnnng ass arms. So when Basham moves to the open guy, Carruth reverse pivots and jumps, instinct I jump with him as I watch Davis simply throw it a lot higher than I can go and Jimmy grabs it with 2 hands and flushes it. To my credit, I did get a hand on the ball, but I am no Bam Adebayo, he powers thru talking shit on his way down. "Get your ASS outta here." wtf was I supposed to do?

It was good help side defense that against any rec or Y player is a straight block or at least a foul and ball out, but ummm not that day.

I have played vs DIII, DII and D1 guys over the yrs. When a DII or D1 guy wants to go, not a lot most of us can do about it.


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As a student in the mid 80s,-remember watching Bruce Smith play pickup ball in War Memorial -nothing like a 6'3 285 pound lineman slamming the ball! Also remember another large football player playng defense when another student tried to drive to the basket on him. He stood there as the guy jumped into him -CAUGHT the guy in the air, set him down gently and said "I'll take the charge" lol.

My own best play- as a short 5 ft 8 150 lb student was guarding Al Young, the starting point guard a year earlier on the Hokies' varsity team and somehow managing to get in his way enough to make him dribble the ball off his foot and out of bounds!

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"


i played with jc price and some of his dl and ol boys too. jc was a point fwd. he was fun to play with. one of the ol, forgot his name not so much. getting by him meant he was swinging arms at you. his excuse was this is all he'd ever been taught. lol.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

Not so much a basketball at McComas story, but a intramural softball story. I was on one of those intramural teams with the athletes, one of whom was Coleman Collins. I swear if I were in my batting stance, my height would be his strike zone. Dude seemed taller than listed.

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Coleman seemed huge. I'm 6'-3". He and I always seemed to be in line together at D2; I felt very short around him.
He always seemed to be there by himself. I'm not sure why; I probably should have invited him to eat with us. It just never hit me at the time.

Coleman's father passed away while he was at VT I believe. IIRC, he found out his dad was sick before the Duke game in 2004-05 season where we upset them and he had the game of his life. He was never really the same player later in his career. By all accounts, he was a great kid with a lot of natural ability, and I hope he is doing well right now.

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My roommate played 3rd base on a team with Bobby Beecher at second base(6 ft 9) and Bimbo Coles playing shortstop and the rest of the players mainly athletes too. Their pitch would;d throw the first pitch with about a six foot minimum arc for a strike. If the batter didn't get a hit. The next pitch would either be a dead on strike with a 20 foot arc or a knuckleball(if you've never seen a slow pitch knuckleball in softball, it's amazing).

Bimbo was so fast that every hit he had was at minimum a double because he would round first at full speed before the outfielder could get to the ball. Back then the teams often played their games up on the hills off Southgate (where Lee Corsos car got hit by lightning). The closest field had the big hill at the edge of left center field and every guy on the team could clear the edge of that hill so eventually teams would put their outfielders right at the edge of the hill. At which point my buddy's team would just start dropping singles in front of them.

on a side note for those around before the three dorms were built WITHIN the prairie quad between Lee and War Memorial- in practice they would put home base on the corner near War Memorial and when they hit long balls to the outfield they would sail well over the path across prairie quad and bounce on the basketball courts in front of Lee- next time you walk through there- check out how far that was -had to be 400 feet plus!

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

My buddy/roommate almost got his head taken off by a Logan Thomas line drive while pitching in intramural softball. He got his glove up just in time to keep from having his face smashed but wasn't able to hold onto the ball. Dude was visibly shook up but stepped right back into the circle and went to tossing balls again. I was super impressed he even got glove on it.

This one goes back a ways, to when it was the "War Memorial Gym". Summer school early-mid 1980s pickup game. It's a little hazy now after all these years but I was on Reggie Steppe's team and a few other male and female VT BB team members were there. As a scraggly 6'-1"/170 I was basically rounding out the 10 people needed for a full court game. Not a long story but I will always remember cutting through on baseline through a LOT of traffic while Steppe had the ball up top. Wasn't looking for it at ALL due to the crowd, but somehow Reggie totally threaded the needle and made the ball magically appear in my hands! Through all of the bodies. The pass was so perfectly placed that I could not help but catch it in stride and put up the layup. That pass still amazes me.

Played against Chris Clarke and Tyrece in McComas like 2 years ago. CC drove baseline and rose up on me. Luckily i was smart enough to get out of the way. TJ Jackson was also kinda working him in the post, considering he's 300lbs and can dunk. That shit is scary

I reffed Intramurals of all kinds from 2005-2008 and many of the athletes would form different teams. By far the most fun to work was basketball. Best games I reffed were the faculty stud team vs a team with (I think) Corey Holt, a D lineman, and a WR (names are slipping). The faculty team had been playing together for years and was a bunch of scrappy dudes in their 40s and 50s who could all shoot it and played solid zone D. They always went deep in the top tier.

Second was when a team of Tyrod, Justin Harper, Josh Morgan, Duane Brown, a DB and another player (you were only allowed a max of 3 scholarship athletes) met up in the playoffs. I saw Justin Harper throw down an alley oop from the top of the backboard and swallowed my whistle on some trash talk that would normally earn a technical. The talk about how fast and agile those dudes are is real, seeing it up close is humbling.

I reffed Duane Brown's team earlier that year and watch a guy who was maybe 5'7" and a chubby 160 lbs set up to take a charge on DB running half court breakaway and called the guy for a blocking foul before contact so I wouldn't have to call an ambulance.

Other high points was T-ing up Chris Tucker after slamming the ball off the wall after I whistled him for a blatant foul. He started puffing up to get in my face before I offered him another and his team, who would get killed without him, jumped all over him. Tucker was a huge baby. He thought he should be dominating and if everything wasn't going his way it must have been missed calls.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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Not basketball related but I've drunk wrestled Wyatt Teller in the front yard of the AGR house. That experience went exactly how you'd expect that one to go

Been really drunk, but never been that drunk. Leg for your drunken optimism.

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Oomph God bless you. I'm glad you're able to post about it!

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I have a wrestling story:

I lived in Thomas freshman year and before it was torn down it stood next Monteith and the upper quad full of cadets. We always had a little rivalry with the Corps being mixed in with them and separated from the rest of campus. I don't know how it started but one afternoon the civilians and some cadets decided to start a little impromptu wrestling tournament on the grass in front of Monteith.

The cadets typically won as they were usually in better shape and there was one tough kid who pinned 2 or 3 civilians in quick fashion. The cadets were adopting him as their champion and chanting his name when a kid who lived across the hall from me stepped up.

Richard was an odd guy. He told us all one night while dancing on a chair in the middle of the hall and eating tuna from a can that he wanted us to call him, "The Wizard," after the old Fred Savage video game movie from the 80s. He was always entertaining and high on something so we didn't have much hope for Richard's chances against the current cadet champion.

That's when we learned Richard was a state champ in his weight class. He embarrassed the burly cadet guy in 15 seconds and then took on all comers until the cadets realized it was pointless taking him on. Eventually the crowd dispersed but Richard's dominance over the cadets was all we could talk about at Shultz for the next week.

Where you in Thomas the year they did baby oil on the 4th floor? I was there my freshman year (03-04) and heard stories.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

It wouldn't surprise me and I kind of remember something like that happening. I was there in 00-01 and lived on the 3rd floor. The RA on the 4th was known for being pretty lax with the rules and pulling quite a few pranks. They put a garbage can on a skateboard, filled it in the shower, then wheeled it to the stairwell and dumped it. It soaked a bunch of people's stuff on that end of the hall on my floor who lived next to the stairwell.

yeah it was rowdy for sure. Bored, mostly freshmen, and in a dorm prohibitively far from anyone not under curfew made for some interesting times. My RA was a sophomore who got fired because he was caught using a fake id to buy a keg for a party he was hosting on the first floor for all his residents (again, mostly freshmen).

Then they let slip that everything was going to be gutted and renovated over the following summer so then every weekend's party included trashing something that maintenance wasn't going to waste time fixing: ceiling tiles, doors, vanities, etc. It was pretty wrecked by the time I moved out in May.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I paid Vince Hall 20 bucks to tackle my friend. And when I say he earned it... haha. My buddy was sore for days.

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Hell, I'd have paid 20 just to watch that.

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