Archive Footage: What to expect from Braxton Burmeister

With the announcement that Hendon Hooker will start with Braxton Burmeister getting playing time from Justin Fuente at today's press conference, I thought it would be worthwhile to bring back my review of Burmeister's limited starting stretch for Oregon in 2018. Burmeister replaced Justin Herbert. In that footage, Burmeister showed himself to be very solid in Oregon's read option game. Burmeister was not given many opportunities to push the football down the field and didn't show much when he did get the chance to stretch the field. However, if Burmeister pushed Hooker for the starting role, I expect that his mechanics and accuracy have improved. For those of you who are not TKPC members, this is a taste of what you are missing out on.

From 2019's season preview:
I watched Oregon transfer Braxton Burmeister (No. 3, R-SO, 6-1, 210) in preparation for my 2018 Florida State preview. Burmeister replaced NFL prospect Justin Herbert due to injury and started on the road against a ranked Washington defense that feature a good defensive line. Burmeister was proficient in the read option game. He regularly made good reads and showed the proper mesh point and footwork on challenging series such as the inverted veer.

However, he did not represent a down field passing threat, and his footwork was shaky even on quick throws to his backs and screens. This 1st-and-10 completion was his best and longest completion of the game, a quick stick route to the tight end (something that Tech's tight ends have not demonstrated as a strength) against a blitz.

Burmeister's footwork mechanics were shaky on short throws off play-action, which was most of Oregon's pass attack. He threw behind swing routes and screens a couple of times, taking away the receivers' forward momentum. Washington was so dismissive of the threat of screen passes that, when the Ducks started having success running from a trips formation, Washington adjusted by only putting two defenders against the triple receivers. That adjustment made the screens more effective, but Oregon's run productivity suffered with extra defenders in the box.

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I'm no QB mechanics expert but I imagine its incredibly hard to get any distance and accuracy when you can't plant your back foot. Unless he's had some significant improvements then I have to question why he's the #2 instead of QP since I would assume he's going to be limited to read-option plays, something QP did well enough last year in that role.

There can be tremendous growth in skill level between a player's 18-19 year old season and his 20-21 year old season. If Burmeister is the number 2, that would indicate to me that his passing has improved.

The worry with QP his that his reads and passing are so limited that VT can only run a small percentage of their offense. In his time last year, he was essentially a single wing tailback.

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With having two solid QB options I'm expecting to see QP get some quality reps running the ball. No doubt they have some packages for him. Can you imagine a tired defense in the 2nd half and we unleash a pissed off Quincy to bowl over some dudes.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Have Hendon and Braxton pass and gash a defense with their legs, then unleash the QP freight train on them in the second half and come right at them with the QB power.

But man when he dropped that dime on 4th down in OT against UNC I thought he may yet become a very good qb.

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. Unless he's had some significant improvements then I have to question why he's the #2 instead of QP since I would assume he's going to be limited to read-option plays, something QP did well enough last year in that role.

Um...because this was from a previous year and he's had a chance to grow since then? And presumably he's better than QP at it now.

Also he was ahead of QP last off-season lol

Thank you Sir for these great insights

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heh, I've been thinking that Burmeister had to sit out this year. I really have no sense of passage of time anymore. everything has happened and is happening and will happen all at once.