It's good to be back! Now, tell me what you want to know about Hokies football

Should any of you have missed the absolutely earth-shattering news that I'm back writing for TKP, consider this my notice that I've picked back up writing that this here website once more. I've missed you all!

But after taking some time to re-charge a bit, and with the benefit of everything moving online to make covering the team remotely possible, I'm pleased to say that I'll be writing about this football season as much as possible once more.

You can certainly expect the sort of stories I've already started posting from the team's media sessions, but we're also trying to think about what else we can do to stand out from the regular media outlets you all read. Joe and I have some ideas (I've particularly been inspired by the work of folks like Matt Brown at Extra Points, who I think is really pushing the boundaries of what is possible in college football coverage) but I want to hear from you all too.

What do you want to know about this (highly unusual) football season? What are we not asking that we should be, or focusing on? I'm talking everything from the nuts and bolts of what the depth chart looks like to what the athletic department is doing Covid-wise and everything in between. Don't hesitate to post here or reach out to me directly if you have ideas.

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why do we struggle so much with Waivers? Is it something VT is doing wrong or are we just getting jobbed by the four-letter all the time?

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We're getting jobbed by ESPN? FIFA? NGIA?


Careful how you say that one.

Geospatialintelligence as one word, apparently.

True story (I was there) - the National Geospatial-intelligence Agency (NGA) was originally known as The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) but had its name changed because you are only important in Washington if your agency acronym is only three letters long, like CIA, NSA, or FBI.

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As a contractor that's supported NGA for many years - One of my favorite quips is
NGA - National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency: The Intelligence is silent 😜

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Well, we weren't supposed to talk about the classified stuff, were we?

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NGA is the only one thats upfront about the lack of intelligence 😀

Will we be able to get game by game rosters and/or depth charts? That could tell a lot about covid (and other) impacts as the team progresses through the season.

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this is normally on the pregame game notes pdf on hokie sports.

Here is where all the 2019 notes are: Game Notes

EDIT: PS: Yes I know their last time something happened stats are wrong, I had a spreadsheet tracking that for a while but never got around to sending it in to the athletic department.

Given our depth at rb and lack thereof at wr - what scheme, playcalls , formations etc do you see us doing on offense?

How will you be covering the games if the 5th floor of lane is limited in capacity?

Fire guy

This is what I'm interested in is how this all effects the broadcasting and journalists side of things. Has this really changed the way information is spread a la press conferences and meetings or with everything going digital has it stayed largely the same? I feel like being on webchat has to be frustrating with the lag and delays versus in person but I imagine its also more convenient.

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Is there anything the team will be doing differently for gameday because of COVID? Specifically, will the team still be staying at the Hotel Roanoke before home games? Any additional travel accommodations for road games?

In general, I'm fascinated by the inside baseball of college athletics, so anything around that would be awesome to see. Some specific questions I'm interested in:

  • What type of relationship does the university (Sands, BoV, etc) have with the athletic department (specifically football)? What are some examples of actions by the university that demonstrate this relationship, and what were the results of those actions (or inaction)?
  • General impact of COVID... Where are cuts being made? How is it being decided? How much say do coaches have in where cuts occur, etc.
  • We talk a lot about how our football support staff compares to that of other teams, but I'm curious where our athletic department staff compares to that of other schools - how robust is our marketing department, IT, etc? How does it compare to UNC, Clemson, PSU, etc?

I tried to ask my questions in an open ended, unbiased manner.

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With a new coach of the defense for the first time in decades, how will any change of philosophy be worked out on the field?
How quickly will the defense be able to make the transition?
Do we have the players to play in the new scheme?
What communication challenges will be faced and how are the coaches in the booth, on the sideline and players preparing for them?

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Well we haven't had a good old fashioned corona discussion lately. (BIG \S)

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