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So I was reading up on the Nike deal, and it seems we are entering the final 14 months of this horrible, no good, very bad deal. In past interviews, Whit alluded to potentially opening up discussions in the last 2-3 years of the deal. Does anyone know if there is an exclusive window Nike might want to rework a new deal within? I would imagine any new deal would need to be worked out by this summer to give whoever has the 2022-23 apparel business lead time to ramp up (even if it's Nike, I'd imagine a new deal would require new gear). Just wondering if anyone has heard anything recently.

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God please anyone but Nike. Politics aside we need to wash the taste of this deal out of our mouth. Hopefully we go with someone like UA and then we can get the 69 million uniform changes you yout's seem to like so much...

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69 million uniform changes


After UA walked back their contract with UCLA, I'd be hesitant to do business with them without some major reassurances. Selfishly, I'd prefer UA or Lululemon just because I find their clothes to be the most comfortable.

Anyways, I really don't think it's that complicated - We should take whoever gives the most money, unless it's pretty close, in which case we should go with Nike since they have the strongest brand presence.

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Lulu could outfit the Hi Techs as well :)

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Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

lululemon makes mens clothing?

I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
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Seriously? Yea, it's some of the best athletic-wear out there. Really expensive though.

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Yeah, I found out about this a few years back. Now I'm all about their ABC (anti-ball crushing) pants and shorts. Super comfortable, but definitely pricey.

I actually know one of their dude models. But yeah, pretty damn pricey.

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I vote for UA. I buy all my golf shirts and Hokie T's from UA. They fit better and hold up much nicer.

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Same here! I have 2 UA VT polos that are 5 years old, and I haven't found anything that fits quite the same way.

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I have an Orange Effect shirt from 2004 by Gilden. Maybe we should give them a call.


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I can't support UA as long as they (and their founder) are big UMD supporters.

Would just make me feel dirty.

I'm not trying to take shots at you or anything, everyone is entitled to their opinion/beliefs, but I never understood this thought process behind several lines of thinking.

I have a woman at work who told me: "I stopped eating Chick Fil A after I learned they're a religious-based organization and now I refuse to eat there because I don't believe in Jesus". OK, your loss, their chicken and CFA sauce is delicious, so more for me....but my follow up question to her is often: "If you don't believe in Jesus, why do you take a week off in December and celebrate Christmas?"

"Well, because it's Christmas"

My point is, it should be ok to like/enjoy something even if you don't agree with a specific aspect of that "something".

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I can't speak to this person specifically, but I think most people who boycotted Chick-fil-a did it due to alleged anti-LGBTQ stances, and not just due to it being religious. And the Christmas holiday at this point is pretty firmly established in general culture regardless of religious persuasion.

It's more of just a combination of how much you really need the specific thing and how important that aspect you disagree with is. So, how big of an effort is it to not eat Chick-fil-a vs other food compared to how much do LGBTQ issues matter to you, or wearing another brand besides UA and supporting UMD.

Correction... Chik FilA donated to a traditional marriage charity. They also contribute to various LGBT causes. But in modern America, 2 things can't be true, thus some people boycott.

I said alleged. I know their donations have changed during recent years. Not trying to turn this into a political thing.

yeah, let's not go down this road

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If this road leads me to a Chick Fil-A, I want to go down that road...

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All I know, is I am trying to get Chick Fil-A to put a store in the CRC.

Took it upon myself to get CFA for dinner tonight and reminded myself that Jesus makes good fried chicken.

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I thought it had more to do with the CEO's (or whatever his title was) comments on his personal opinion of gay marriage in response to an interview question, no?

The owner/founder, not sure what his current title is, was the one donating and had statements that people did not like. The corporation and executives of Chick-fil-a have pivoted away from where he was donating.

I can't support UA because their Jersey design department is hot garbage.

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our current Nike jersey's kind of suck...soo....

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Even if you don't like our current football uniforms it is still no contest when compared to the trash UA likes to put on their teams.

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yeah, IDK man. I just looked through several teams that have UA (Auburn, Cal, Cincy, Colorado State, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Texas Tech) and I'll admit that they're not great but they're also not any worse than the current uniform Nike trots out for VT.

Given what we've got now and what UA is putting out, I'd gladly go to UA if they offer a better deal than Nike. I think our uniforms look pretty 'meh' and I'd be fine with going to another 'meh' look for more $$$$

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Up from the current 68 million?

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I despise adidas - it's second rate gear. Please no!

Beat GT

Really? I love my ultraboosts and think the clothing generally looks pretty good. I'm old so I'm not trying out cleats or pads, but generally I'm a fan.

Adidas shoes are superior to Nike performance wise in my experience. Especially the basketball shoe.

The Ultra Boost is the best shoe on the market IMO.

Can't speak to Adidas or basketball, but when I used to run a lot, I tried Nike once. They were horrible. They fell apart really fast, which is just as well as they were nowhere near as comfortable as Asics. Maybe I just got a bad one, but would never try Nike again after that. Asics > New Balance >>>>> Nike for running on the road or sidewalk.

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I worked at a sporting goods store for some time and the general consensus was that Nike didn't make good running shoes. Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Adidas, even Sauconys are way, way better than Nike shoes for long distance running. That had been the case for a decade or more 10 years ago. I wouldn't be shocked if that's still the case today. Personally, I like running in Brooks. Nikes, at the time, fell apart really quickly, had pretty poor cushioning systems and were actually bordering on dangerous (their "Shocks" line was notorious for being related to ankle injuries). When it comes to running shoes, I would steer everyone away from Nike. I don't know much about any of their other gear. I'm sure it's great.

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Alright, I'm a big Nike fan and while I understand that they haven't made all VT fans happy (contract and branding wise), there is a lot of unwarranted bashing/misconceptions going on here.

First off, Nike is a HUGE company that has a TON of product lines, especially for shoes. A lot of the "running" shoes that people buy from Nike ARE NOT actual running shoes, hence why they aren't "good" and "fall apart quickly".

If you want to buy a "real" Nike running shoe, then you should really be buying the Pegasus or Vomero lines of shoes. Those are actually designed for running.

Lines like Air Max, Vapor Max, Shox are more "lifestyle" shoes and aren't made for performance.

True story. I put over a thousand miles on pegasus every year and they're a great all around running shoe. Peg 36 > Peg 37 though. It's also tough to argue that Nike makes bad running shoes when they've led the industry by so much in recent years with the vaporfly/next%/alphafly line that records appear to be falling because of the shoe tech and governing bodies updated rules as a result. Rant over...I run too much...

I'm inclined to think that the Nike shoes you bought weren't actually running shoes. Nike started out as a running shoe company but now has expanded into many different footwear segments so it is easy to buy something that looks like a running shoe, but actually isn't.

If you're going to compare a Nike shoe against Asics or Brooks, then you need to compare actual running shoes (e.g. Pegasus, Vomero) from Nike. Asics and Brooks specialize in running shoes and don't really cater to other segments.

I've always found it to be on par or better than Nike for apparel and far superior for shoes. Personal bias, I also prefer the more tailored fit of adidas gear. Nike's stuff is baggy on me and their small fits like a medium from most other brands.

Can we become an Umbro team? Would be unique.

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Are we looking for an 8 figure deal or a 4 figure deal?

my post was mostly TIC

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So was my response 😜

Depends on your scoring system.

We put the K in Kwality

diadora pls

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Kappa FTW

you just like the logo

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

who doesn't?

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Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

It changes almost every year, but Aston Villa are currently a Kappa team. Honestly, a few years ago when they were in the Championship, they had a local Birmingham clothing designer (Luke 1977) do their kit and it was niiiiiice.

I will be honest; a long time ago my sister honeymooned in Italy and bought me an AS Roma hat because they had Hokie colors. My first exposure to the Roma logo (two boys suckling at a wolf's teet) and the Kappa logo (are they...naked? How does that advertise for a *clothing* line?).

Let's bring back the Big East days and go with Starter

There is a very real attitude - Whit has even stated publicly- that Nike has some intrinsic value to VT beyond money. It's as if we can't even sign 3 star football players or any decent hoops players at all without the "value" of the swoosh and what it represents. Soooo Nike will use this leverage of course, and claim we are past the "huge apparel deal bubble" from a few years back, and we will sign another long deal with them that is in the bottom 3rd of the ACC. We will get a deal that is less than UVA's and WVU's and 10's of millions less than Louisville's deal with Adidas and ND's deal with UA for starters.

I hate this comment so much.

I hate it because it's so cynical and negative.

I hate it because I agree with it.

I hate it because if/when it becomes truth VT will be in a bad position (again) for years to come.

I don't have much faith that Whit will manage to restructure a deal that gets VT back into a competitive position and I just think, long term, that is going to really hurt us more than we're already hurting. My concern is that the VT admin will look at the positive response the fanbase had to the $400 million campaign as a reason "not to rock the boat" with Nike instead of doing what we should do and shop around for the best deal. Because the deal we have now is trash.

It's always darkest before the dawn ~ Thomas Fuller

Because the deal we have now is trash.

I am totally ignorant on this issue. What makes our current deal trash?

Edit: Thanks for the info.

Compare it to other deals from other programs. Both with Nike or other brands. There was a post here a while back comparing our deal and how bad it was.

As of 2 years ago it was the 2nd lowest in the power 5 - just ahead of Purdue

As of 2 years ago it was the 2nd lowest in the power 5 - just ahead of Purdue

The one dude on this site more cynical than me and he is more than likely correct. While it is nice to dream I have no faith in Whit's ability to negotiate his way out of a brown paper bag let alone complete a quality major endorsement deal. The bigger issue is that we are not a branded or quality team anymore so I am not even sure Jordan Belford could negotiate a good deal for us at this point

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DC, I don't always love your take (in this case I agree), but I always love your candor.

Is coronavirus over yet?

thank you, my issue with it is that Whit is on record that VT values Nike beyond money. That is the absolute worse thing to say publicly.

Or it's smart because he knows they would be dicks if he publicly shit-talked them.

That comment won't impact the deal we get.

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There is a big valley between acknowledging that we overvalue their brand and shit talking them in public

What I was trying to say (but failed) - My guess is that both parties already know exactly where they stand in the other's eyes, and I'd wager that early conversations have already started and are ongoing. Whit's comment isn't news to Nike. He's just making a comment in good faith.

This is a classic case of reading too far into a single comment.

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You are probably right, I agree with that

Ok...VT has been partners with Nike for decades now. VT (under both Weaver and Babcock) more than likely have said the same thing to Nike in private.

I don't think Whit saying that publicly makes a difference because what he said is true and Nike knows it.

But -- Nike should also know that everyone has a price (e.g. Miami). So I agree that we should at least shop around and really think about how much Nike is worth to VT and the impact of separating from them.

thank you, my issue with it is that Whit is on record that VT values Nike beyond money. That is the absolute worse thing to say publicly.

Or he's saying this so that the other apparel companies have to come in at over expected value to make a competitive offer and Whit can use those offers to leverage Nike into a better deal.

Maybe we are going to get Nike Sports Apparel building?

This just sounds like Whit rationalizing to me.

And you too, as always. The difference is he's trying to make what he knows is a negative seem less negative.

I would love to see Virginia Tech stay with Nike but it's past time for Nike to pony up. If not I look forward to the new era of gear in Virginia Tech Athletics.

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the new era of gear in Virginia Tech Athletics

We're gonna get some sweet hats, aren't we

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The New Era Flex Fit hats are the best. I have a larger than normal head so the snap backs are usually too small, the L/XL flex fit hats are where it is at. I have several of them.

This right here!!

* puff puff pass*

Ok. Ok. Hear me out. A first of its kind deal.


Think of the track suits! Think of the recruits!

We could just score a deal with On Cloud. They already make stuff in our colors.

I bought a pair of their shoes for my daily wears for work and they are phenomenal. So much so that I got a pair of their running shoes. I'm all for this

Can someone ELI5 how these apparel deals work?

I know we have a Nike "deal", but why are there still VT products sold by UA, Russell, etc.?

Is the deal only for the athletes/coaches and not for general fan merchandise?

The company with the apparel deal supplies stuff to the teams and has their logos everywhere a camera can possibly see it. They get to sell some stuff exclusively (like jerseys, official apparel, etc.)

The other companies pay a licensing fee to the NCAA (and by extension to VT) and get to sell some other stuff (like t-shirts)

The value of the deal is a combination of gear for the teams and cash. Virginia Tech's previous deal was almost exclusively gear.

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If we look at all possible offers and it's relatively close, you stay with Nike for the swoosh power or whatever perceived benefit it brings. If Nike lowballs us again, you try to leverage better offers and get more from them, and if not, I would gladly switch to UA or Adidas. I don't really get the sense that the swoosh is really helping us on any recruiting front, and I think UA and Adidas would put out a good looking product and honestly be more innovative than Nike has been with us for the last decade. We have become an afterthought for Nike and it's showing.

Whit was scared to veto the last deal once it was on his desk, maybe he'll be too frightened this time too. After last December's presser, who knows with him.

You mean the deal that was done before he even started his job? I'm not sure how many people would veto something like this on their first day (or first week). Here's a quote from his Teel interview about it...Link...

"...The Nike deal was put together right before I got here and was almost literally on my desk the day I got here. ... Nike's wonderful to be with, and with Buzz, Nike was very important."

If you compare that to the corporate world, I don't think that holds up. It sounds lazy to me.

Example, we got a new CEO in Jan 2020. I had been working on a contract with a new LMS vendor for months. The old CEO was supposed to sign it before he left but was notoriously bad about stuff like that. The deal was a good one and we were getting the software for much cheaper than normal and did not have to sign up for a long term contract. In other words, there was no reason in the deal that the new CEO should have delayed signing it, but she did her due diligence and delayed by 2-3 weeks to review and cover her ass. Why did Whit not do something similar? He couldn't even review it long enough to make sure we got a better deal than loluva? I might be being a bit too harsh, but the logic does not add up for me. This is still a business and sometimes it's okay to play a bit of hardball.

Also, I know it's not quite apples to apples in terms of deal size, but IMO the same principles still apply

I just don't think we know near enough about the details to judge whether hardball would have been the right move. I would rather assume that Whit was no newbie to being an AD and made the decision he thought was most appropriate at the time.

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He couldn't even google loluva's deal? I'm not buying it. Maybe hardball wasn't needed but at least do a thorough review and defend the crappy deal with more than "the last guy did it".

This will no doubt get more downvotes (and I don't care), but if you compare my comments to others in this thread, the downvotes are petty. I provided very real comparisons and others are sharing opinions. I decided to edit my post because overall it seems like people are increasingly not using downvotes as they are intended (I'm guilty too). This trend has cropped up in a variety of forums, posters, etc. My edit is not personal, but rather an observation about how TKP has changed a lot since I joined in 2015. Still love the community, but it has changed and that makes me sad.

If you'd like to comment, please do, but I'm not looking to get into a debate about these specific downvotes. I welcome conversation about the overall downvotes trend. Happy Saturday. Cheers!

I see your point, but as I've said in the past, Whit did the right thing in signing a deal that was already agreed to.

Weaver and the rest of the AD had already spent a lot of time and effort in negotiating the deal that was on Whit's desk to sign AND Nike is a partner of VT's.

If Whit had torn up the deal, not only does that signal the rest of the AD is incompetent, but it will also leave a bad taste in Nike's mouth. You don't go back on your word with after an agreement -- that is just a bad way of doing business, especially with a partner.

I've had customers do that after I've bent over backwards to make sure every need was met, only for them to yank our chain at the last second on rate, which we had previously agreed to. The only reason I continue to work with these customers is because my company tells me I have to.

And how do you know Whit didn't review the deal? He very likely did in the case that there were T&C's that were unexpected.

To contrast this idea, who just accepts and signs things dumped on their desk when they take over? That seems irresponsible and honestly like lack of experience

Removing features to get people to sign up for your service is something EA would would do.

Some times its all you can do due to timing. Fuente had to accept Beamer's recruiting class because it was too late in the cycle.

two very different things. But, that was probably Fuente's best recruiting class since being also very different

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Leave Nike and go with under armour!!!!

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Regardless of who we pick, sign a 3 year deal and bet on the future (either football improvement, b-ball's continual rise, or the fund raising program). Signing any kind of long term deal is going to be a bad deal given VTs current athletic standing.

I agree with this. Where we are now will hopefully be a dark place in the rearview mirror by 2025-2026.

Maybe we let someone else be on our shoulders for the ride and maybe Nike throws down "I believe in you, too" money.


Removing features to get people to sign up for your service is something EA would would do.