Conversations with Coaches feat. Justin Fuente

Jon Laaser sits down with the Head Coach to discuss Braxton Burmeister's development, bringing Jaden Payoute back into the mix, and the new batch of players brought in from the transfer portal.

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Payoute should be fun to watch develop this season

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I want so badly for this team to be really good. I really hope more things break in our favor rather than against us this year. VT, the fans and the coaches could all use some good juju

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Appreciating the intermittent release of videos. Hoping they keep this up throughout the offseason while they have time to record and edit this type of content and hoping we get some good fan/media interaction during the season

TKP - "Why can't they make coaches more available to media?"

Also TKP - 3 comments on head coach interview.

Gobble Till You Wobble

Pretty sure it is because everyone has checked out on Fuente, we are a shooty hoops school now. Looks at box score from last night, *sigh*....

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This is a good first step but we are in February. Spring ball doesn't start for another month. This is typically the slowest part of the off-season. It will mean more if he keeps this up closer to the season and maybe even during the season. This can't be a once a year thing in order to change people's opinions.

Agreed. This is low hanging fruit and kudos to the VT program for putting out some content but I think a lot of folks are waiting to see what happens when we get closer to, and into, the season.

It's always darkest before the dawn ~ Thomas Fuller

Don't look at the number of comments on the Ryan Smith interview....

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Tell me about it...

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First, I enjoyed the interview. 2nd, I watched it after it had been posted a while and thought the same as you, where are the comments. 3rd, I couldn't think of anything to say either. I guess if I had to comment on something, Fuente described BB the same way I would. He does a lot of things really well, but just doesn't have a real strong arm.

In general, I think the content people are really craving won't come from a coach. When press was allowed to view practices, they could tell us their observations based on play. We won't ever get that from coaches. Access starts with letting the press see behind the curtain.

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It's not just Fuente, it's all of the coaches. How have we heard from JHam once since he was promoted? Tapp - an electrifying former player - was here for 13 months and never spoke to the press. Ryan Smith was made a playcaller in his first(?) game at the FBS level - how do you not let anyone interview him after that? Jack Tyler is supposedly pretty engaging, but we haven't heard from him once. Lecty is rising pretty fast, but he hasn't been interviewed once.

There's so many interesting stories and angles to this staff, and no one is talking about it, because no one is allowed to talk to these people.

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Hoping that the spring beings momentum to the fall season and that we can all be satisfied with a job well done.

My Take: Fuente got a haircut

And I don't like those boots.

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regardless of whether you like the boots or not I thought that part of the segment was weird. It felt forced and unnatural. And strange. Like, were they trying to make Fuente somehow relatable? I didn't really get it

It's always darkest before the dawn ~ Thomas Fuller

Yeah I dont really relate to a man wearing cowboy boots.... maybe have him tell a story about his wife mad at him for a week because she dreamed that he cheated on her, then I can relate.

First, please note that I'm no Fuente apologist. I think he's a nice enough guy, just not a great coach. For many reasons that I've said on here previously.

But, on this video and the cowboy boots, I think it was just weird because he is still awkward on camera. Nothing more, nothing less. He's from Oklahoma. It would probably be strange if he didn't like to wear boots.

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Yeah I agree completely. It was just a strange interaction altogether. I'm not trying to insult Fuente here. I just thought it was really odd that Laaser even brought it up and then when he did it got kind of weird for a minute there. But once they got back to talking football everything was fine.

It's always darkest before the dawn ~ Thomas Fuller

I think we all saw Tenuta moving to the left side, but it is good to hear that the young guys on the line seem ready to push the older guys. Always need a good OL. I also cannot wait to see Payoute in action. I think him and Mitchell on the field at the same time is going to give defenses fits.

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