Several Duke players out tonight

Just saw this article on 247 that three players- Henry Coleman, Patrick Tape, and Chris Carrawell are out vs VT tonight. If we can play like we did the second half vs Notre Dame, we will be in a good position for a win.

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Don't think Coleman is getting many minutes yet this year

Tape has been dealing with an ankle injury most of the season and has had little impact

Jalen Johnson is the only one of note as a game time decision

Title gave me a bit of a scare thinking we were going to be shorthanded not Duke.

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Yeah I thought it was referencing VT players being out for the Duke game.

Would probably be better as "Several Duke Players out for tonight's game"

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

And Chris Carrawell is an assistant coach. So two Duke players and a Duke assistant coach out, not several players

We all know what's going on here: they skurred

None of these guys are serious contributors, and as mentioned above Carrawell is a coach

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Not big names, but creates a depth issue that we could exploit

Assuming Zebra's call fouls on Duke. They haven't done that a lot this year.


Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

Actually Duke has the worst foul differential per game in the ACC at -1.7

Hokies are at a +2 this season.

Get out of here with your logic and reason that goes against the narrative! /s

The narrative still holds true, only reason it's not -5 is the Coach K effect

Yea, this is an irrational fan site. Get out of here with your level headed comments, well written match up posts and all this truth and facts 😀

Duke -4 on the night, see how Coach K saved them from that -5 there

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