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Malcolm Delaney @foe23 and Zach "All Day" Leday @zachleday32 are combining to score 25.5 points a game playing for AX Armani Exchange Milano in Euroleague. Still only have managed to find highlights of them together but want to watch a full game. Two of my favorite Hokies ever.

JRob @5alive_ today was part of the Delaware Blue Coats roster announcement, where he averaged 14.9 ppg last season

Erick Green is tearing up the Turkish League, averaging 20.62 points per game for Bahcesehir Koleji.

Jarrell Eddie @J_ed31 is scoring 8.38 ppg for Turkish League side Fenerbahce, he is teamed up with Johnny Hamilton, who is averaging 4 per game.

Adam Smith is averaging 15.64 ppg for Greek Ionikos Nikaias BC

Cadarian Raines putting up 11.14 in the Bulgarian for BC Beroe Stara Zagora

Trevor Thompson is averaging 11.67 ppg for Belgium Kangoeroes Basket Willebroek.

Kerry Blackshear is playing for Israeli squad Hapoel Galil Gilboa, averaging 11.75 ppg.

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Thanks for doing this research, very much appreciated. It appears Blackshear's transfer to UF to improve his game or draft stock didn't work out as he had hoped. He would have been great for us if he had stayed.

I really think he was the missing piece last year. Not having a reliable big was our most glaring weakness on what was already a young team.

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He finished Second Team All SEC. Between COVID and concerns about his foot issues, barring a blowout Senior year there wasn't much hope of him getting drafted. He was a solid rebounder and someone who could finish well around the rim but he doesn't have the lateral quickness or leaping ability that the NBA is looking for. Going to Israel likely paid significantly better than the G League unfortunately.

Tough to read this statement on his UF Bio:

The first Gator in four years (Dorian Finney-Smith) to post three consecutive double-doubles, doing so in his first three games of the season

Pretty sure Justin Bibbs is on the Maine Red Claws roster

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Unfortunately for Bibbs, the Maine Red Claws are not playing this season, due to the Celtics not supporting the G League decision to play in an Orlando #Bubbleville ...funny the NBA gets the G League in a bubble but is having to jump around for the NBA rather then have them in a bubble again


It's pretty well-known that NBA players would not go back to the bubble for an extended period of time. Playoffs are possible but there was never a chance for the regular season to be in the bubble.

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Well, at this rate they may just not be playing much at all. Wizards have now had at a minimum 4 games postponed after facing six teams in a row with someone going into Covid protocols on their opponent the very next day after facing the Wizards. It broke today that the Wizards have at least three players that have tested positive. Happening all over The League.

Apparently, three is now up to six, with three more quarantined as likely.

Really appreciate the effort to find this info. Almost forgot about Adam Smith - guy was a scoring machine when he was on. Hope J-Rob makes it back to the league.

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Ahmed Hill I believe is still on the Suns G-League squad

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Apparently is the Northern Arizona Sun's Ironman

But apparently the Phoenix Sun's are opting out of the G League and the Northern Arizona Suns have been sold to the Detroit Pistons and will move to Detroit next season.

Reading the second article and taking into account the decision by the Celtics, I am surprised the Suns are sending the Suns to the bubble, unless the costs associated were accounted for in the sale to Detroit.

When this showed up in the tracker I couldn't fathom it making any sense.

I was wrong. It does.

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Sorry was in a hurry to finish as I needed to go help my kid with a Zoom "emergency" ...didn't have time to throw the Phoenix and Northern Arizona in there

What's Chris Clarke up to? Always thought he was going to play in the NBA due to all of the things he did well other than scoring.

I think he may have decided to sit out this season as Italian Serie 2 is about ten games in. Last team he was on was Trieste, but he is no longer listed on their roster and does not appear to be on another roster at this point

Jarell Eddie was on the Suns at one point, right? I figured he'd be averaging more than 8 points in a Turkish League.

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