Hoffman Talks Plays & Technique

Not sure how many watched this, but it was a fun listen regarding technique. Would love to hear French's thoughts on what Hoffman has to say here.

Brock Hoffman Film Breakdown

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I may give it a look, but frankly I am not feeling too Team Hoffman right now. When I was looking at Jordan Williams film, I rewatched them Clemson game. Hoffman easily could have been flagged for three more 15s. You just can't have that. When you add in his self-aggrandizing it is off-putting for a Fred Selfe school guy like me.

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Question open to anyone, but about Hoffman really being a undisciplined player, can a center get away with that more because it's hard for Refs to see the middle? Or are the refs missing some of his stuff because play is going other direction, etc.

It's a mix of those and luck. But, officials talk. Once you develop a reputation for such activities, you get watched more closely. Can confirm this; I was one. I was also a player who was watched for certain things in specific sports. I've been on both sides.

There is no doubt in my mind he will cost us in a big way, at some point next season.

He was costing us this season


He got away with a lot. But, I can guarantee you that opposing coaching staffs were sending film to officials, and he was being targeted by the end of the season, rightly so. I don't mind the holds, playing to the whistle. But, when you see him spearing at guys on the ground, smacking or looking like he is trying to throw little jabs. It got way out of hand, and in doing so, it hurt his team.

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In your educated opinion, is he "good" enough at his position to warrant the coaches not really reining that shit in? It baffles my mind that they let him get away with it since the memories of benching Teller for stuff like that are still fresh on my mind.

I know nothing of the rumors of locker room issues related to him, just some suggestions of that kind of stuff here on TKP, but those in addition to what you have pointed out make me conflicted.

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I will put it this way. If I watched the game film objectively versus Clemson and watched all that, he wouldn't have played against UVA. There is a difference between playing to the whistle, staying engaged with your block maybe a bit late.... that will usually go uncalled. But, he tried to spear guys on the ground twice (once he missed, the other got flagged.) He tried to throw a late jab at a player that was out of bounds. I didn't have a great angle, but he looked like he tried to hit Williams in the wobbly bits on a screen. I didn't keep notes, but there were three clear personal fouls and a multitude of borderlines.

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Devils advocate: how much of that is from shit talking in the trenches?

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Didn't realize the politics of posting this! Thought it was interesting look into play calling and o-line technique. Set the fact that it is Hoffman aside and there is still good insight here. It is easily the most detailed look at VT play calling and execution by a player or coach that I have seen in quite some time.

It is excellent to hear it straight from the horses mouth.

This is in no way a shot at French but I imagine we get better insight on film from the guy that's on the film. I enjoyed listening to him.

No shot taken. He should know the terminology and technique better that I can. I am glad he can articulate it. I will watch it and comment eventually. But, I am trying to get the Williams and Jordan reviews done this weekend.

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Awesome. I am excited to read them.

I really like Williams.