Women's Basketball vs Wake Forest

The Hokies have a unique double header tomorrow. The men play at Wake Forest at 6 PM and the women play Wake at Cassell at 4 PM. The game is an ACC Network game. The Lady Deacons(Deaconesses?) are 6-4, 3-3 in the ACC with wins at home against UNC, Miami and BC and losses on the road at NC State, UNC, and Notre Dame. The Hokies are 7-4, 2-4 in ACC play, with wins at home against PItt and at UNC and losses at home to FSU and Louisville, and at Notre Dame and at Ga Tech.

Jen Hoover, in her tenth season as head coach, played at William Byrd High School in Roanoke. She played for Wake Forest and until recently held the school record for career points and rebounds. She had the interesting experience of coaching the girl who broke her records, Dearica Hamby.

The starting five are tall enough to play well against the Hokies; but they don't have anyone to match Kitley. However, they don't have anyone short enough to be guarded effectively by Amoore. They have 8 players who play 12 to 35 minutes; the five starters play 25 to 35 minutes. Almost all of their scoring comes from the starters, (60.3 of their 71.2 ppg). Gina Conti and Jewel Spear are the primary threats from long distance with both shooting over 40% from three. Ivana Raca averages 16.6 ppg and 9 rpg. They have three players who have not seen the court this year, including 6'4 Sr Forward Maya Banks, who played in 27 games last year.


#11 Ivana Raca(6'2", Sr, Forward)
34.3 min, 16.6 pts(42.1%, 25.7% from 3), 9 rebounds, 18 assist, 28 TO, 7 blk

#5 Gina Conti (5'10", Sr, Guard)
35.5 min, 15.5 pts(47.3%, 40.9% from 3), 3.4 rebounds, 38 assists, 25 TO

#23 Christina Morra (6'2", Jr, Forward)
25.7 min, 10.3 pts(58.5%. no attempts from 3), 3.9 rebounds, 6 assists, 23 TO

#24 Jewel Spear (5'10", Fr, Guard)
30 min, 9.3 pts(39.5%, 40.7% from 3, 3 rebounds

#32 Alexandria Scruggs (5'10", So, Guard)
28.1 min, 8.6 pts(43.3%, 34.5% from 3), 4.8 rebounds, 55.6% FT


#15 Nevaeh Brown (5'8", Fr, Guard)
12.3 min, 4 pts(33.3%, 1-7 from 3)

#2 Kaia Harrison (5'7" So, Guard)
14.6 min, 3.1 pts(28.6%, 0-6 from 3), started 1 game

#20 Olivia Summiel (6'2", So Forward)
18.5 min, 3 pts(34.6%, 0-3 from 3), 80% FT

#1 Anaia Hoard (5'10". Sp. Guard)
4.9 min, 1.9 pts(1-9, 2-2 from3), has played in 9 games

I don't whom the home court advantage goes to. Wake can't win on the road and the Hokies are 1-2 at home. If Kitley and/or Jones or Baines can control Raca, the Hokies should be able to control this game. Conti is the other scoring threat and she seems to score about equally well from inside and outside the arc; she also shoots a lot of FTs. The Ladies will have to guard her without fouling or we may have some issues keeping her defender on the court.

Wake should not have anyone who can defend Kitley. She should be able to have her way underneath. If she is effective and can draw fouls from the Wake forwards, this may be an easy game. Amoore may have trouble getting her shot off against the starting five; they all have a significant height advantage when guarding her. If Sheppard and Kitley have their average game, the Hokies come away with a good win.


Go Hokies!

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Please, no 4th quarter drama.

US Navy Vet

Kitley looking good to start the game. 8 points and 2 blocks in the first 5 1/2 minutes

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Not good to have her pick up that foul with 15 seconds left, still good to be leading.

King just has a pretty shot, if the ladies would stop travelling the spread would be a lot larger

Block Party - Lady Hokies with 9 blocks with 4 minutes left until halftime.

Kitley already with the double double in the first half

Kitley with a double-double in the first half. If Sheppard brings her game to the second half, the Hokies could run away and hide.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Did they bring in new refs for the second half. Suddenly every touch is a foul.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Ladies just had nothing to offer in the second half. Too mamy point blank misses.

This team cannot finish a game. It's so discouraging.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Failure to execute, even basic set plays. Still had so many opportunities, even in the final 30 seconds and only converted one. Officials didnt help but this was more about offensive deficiencies than anything else.

And we lose another game we should have won. Nobody could shoot from outside to take the pressure off Kitley.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

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