Austin Cannon ending his career

Appears he is literally hanging up his cleats.

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Such a great kid, so proud of him, and how well he represented the Hanover and the 804 in Blacksburg.

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Wasn't it him who said he would come back if Lecitus was?

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Tyrell Smith said he would come back if Cannon was

Give that man a hard hat, what an awesome guy, hard worker with some grit

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All the best to AC, and thanks for all the hard work and dedication at VT. Another in the great Hokie tradition of working hard and staying the course.

When called upon, he played really well. He was terrific in the 2019 UNC game, an unsung hero of that victory.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

This does not add much to what you said above, but I just watched the last few overtimes of that game (IMHO, one of the most exciting games I've ever attended) but Cannon was on the side of the line that opened the hole in the unc line allowing Quincy Patterson to make the winning score in that 6 OT game. He (and the rest of the o-line) will always have my respect.

Best to you Mr. Cannon!

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So he's done with football entirely? Is there more to know here? Graduation, injury, transfer, what?

Graduation. Don't over think it.

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