Michigan QB D McCaffrey into portal

Saw this news and piqued my interest. This would be an interesting pairing and I think we'd be crazy not to reach out to him. We are just up the road from CLT so he'd be a short drive from watching big bro play on Sundays. Seems like McCaffrey is a parallel to P Lynch from Memphis. Even though we did get the kid from aTm, we'd have to at least make a call, right?


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How I imagine Fuente to every QB in the portal...

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Interesting information in the article you linked. Sounds like someone we know. But, on the flip side, it does show that not just everyone can develop either and we are not alone. Hopefully BB can really take a step up next year. Really want to see someone develop.

"McCaffrey is the latest quarterback recruited out of high school by Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh to leave the school after failing to meet lofty expectations, following in the footsteps of Brandon Peters. Harbaugh has struggled to develop players at the most important position on the team. Only Jake Rudock, who spent one season at Michigan after transferring from Iowa, has been drafted since Harbaugh returned to Ann Arbor to lead his alma mater's football program."

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I am pretty sure that we weren't complaining about KH as he ran away from defenders last year. And he came from Kansas.

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This dude definitely piqued

Thanks, went ahead and smooooooooothed that over into the OP.

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Honestly, I just want to have an established QB1 take all of the spring and fall reps and keep him healthy.

If McCaffrey wants to back up BB, that's fine but I actually want to see one guy just be the man for the entire offseason.

I would love that as well, but I also want a guy that is going to push the main QB to work harder, smarter, etc to stay on top. I want me some competition, so in the event of concussion, turned ankle we have a backup ready to go, and not just a body that can only run up the middle or hand off.

I'm with you. Can BB just be named the guy and we give him the reigns, no looking over the shoulder and see how it goes. By all means get a 2nd guy ready but this whole QBs are always battling for their spot is not good for their mental IMO. Other positions sure let them battle it out but QB is the toughest position to play, name a guy and take 1 worry off his plate.

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I would agree and would indeed prefer that as well. I think having that is a product of recruiting (HS, not the portal).

I think we're all fatigued from the uncertainty at the position over the last, hell, 4 years now? Hopefully Bullock can break the current streak of uncertainty. But until one QB breaks through and takes firm possession of the position, this is the cycle we're stuck in.

Having a conversation with you is like a Martian talking to a Fungo.


To me the flip side is that we haven't a guy develop enough to be able to do that. I think all FB coaches would like to have the clear stud at QB, with a backup being a developing understudy ready to be the next stud when the time comes. We just haven't had a guy come in, stay healthy, develop, and be the stud since about the 3rd and Logan days.

I think it's a combo of the coach the player. I'm sure all these guys have talent, but they gotta match up with the right coaching match for them too. The sun and moon have to align right for it all to come together.

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