Hokies at #20 in AP Poll

I personally thought they would fall farther than this after the loss to Syracuse. Hopefully they can overcome Notre Dame and not slip into last year's trend. Let's leave 2020 behind.

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Interesting to handicap the ACC race the rest of the way. I assume we will drop a bit sans Radford, but our schedule is fairly manageable the rest of the way. I assume it'll be UVA-FSU in some order at 1-2. Syracuse is 3-3 but only plays UVA once and had their FSU game cancelled so maybe them in one of the double byes? Louisville is probably the next best team but plays at Duke, plays UVA twice, and at us. UNC can't shoot but also have a cake schedule, so I'd throw them in the race for the 4 seed. Depending on how you feel about GT, I'd probably peg us for somewhere between the 4-7 seed. Not bad after last year.

February is tough: FSU (twice), UVA, @Pitt, @MIa, @UNC, UL; and I don't feel real comfortable with GT and Wake. 4-5 or 5-4 is probably expected. Could easily be worse if the team continues current funk.

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The rankings were fun while they lasted. Team seems to be going off the rails. Gonna take some toughness to get a top 4 super bye in the ACC tourney.

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It's a beautiful double-bye, baby

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I am not sure what to do with my hands now


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