Potential Position Changes?

Been hearing that we have a couple of position changes on deck: Alec Bryant is moving from DE to DT and Derrell Bailey Jr. is switching from DL to OT. Can anyone confirm?

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Can't confirm, but believe the Bailey position change had been mentioned previously last fall as probably certain.

I would think that Alec would have to pack on quite a few pounds to make that switch.

He came in around 240, so yeah he would have quite a lot of weight to pack on for DT. Perhaps he was still growing though, that would make the transition much easier.

Does a smaller and faster DT fit in the scheme for the D-Line? I know under Wiles the tackle combination of a bigger run stuffer and a smaller fast twitch tackle seemed to work pretty well but I don't know if that still applies.

It's Time to go to Work

Teerlinck still plays a strongside 3 tech so I'm sure that's where he will go and I'm pretty excited about having his playmaking skill there.

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I have no information on these potential position changes, but I do have respect for guys who are willing to do the work to improve themselves and do what's best for the team. That takes GRIT.

Can I get a definition of this GRIT you are talking about?

A dish of coarsely ground corn kernels boiled with water or milk.


Synonymous with pain and sorrow, I'll accept it.

I commend anyone that stays the course and agrees to change positions, instead of jumping ship and changing schools. Loyalty, persistence and GRIT.

So we talking Kadum or Burmeister to TE?