DaShawn Crawford returning for 2021 season

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Big news!!!

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I feel really good about VT's top three DTs (Pollard, Crawford if he can get healthy, and Fuga.) To me, Kendrick needs to have a great offseason. His play was very disappointing in 2020.

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Fuga is the one IMO. He's still a pup but man when he flashed this past season he looked special. If he can get more consistent, he's got NFL tools and measurables.

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this is great news to me. he didnt look quite right this year.

for a fanbase that has been conditioned to expect significant attrition and turnover, we either aren't seeing as much as i had expected, or the program is doing a good job of rolling these "returning" announcements out so it seems like there are a ton of players who could leave (either NFL, underclassman transfer, or grad transfer) but aren't.

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I agree. The spacing seems like some strategery is taking place. Which is ok. We screamed for better PR and I guess this would be lumped in. Seriously though, I think many talked themselves into a false degree if negativity in terms of the talent remaining for '21. We should be able to field a competitive team next year. But the staff still needs to work high schools and the portal if it wants any hokie future beyond '21.

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Huge with Hewitt opting not to return.

I still want to land Jordan Williams. He presents a profile (6-4 310, raised as an edge rusher) that we don't have on our DL no matter who returns.

How do all the returning players factor in with our scholarships available and recruiting?

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Seniors returning for 2021 do not count against the 85 for 2021 season, and that season only.

Do you know if this applies to transfer players as well? I could see a 1 year all time mega-team being put together through the portal for one or more programs out there.

Doesn't sound like it but no one can give 100 percent answers. Alot of uncertainty. should only count for players that were there the previous season.

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will be interesting to see how this impacts things in future years as current underclassmen also got more eligibility.... maybe will see smaller recruiting classes the next 4 years or more transfers out

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The ACC show at halftime is so hard to listen too. Very little gain to so much pain. They only get excited when Tobacco Road is doing well.