Ask TKP:Did Brock Hoffman declare for the draft? This was an article on Brock Hoffman's Twitter feed. I looked and couldn't find anything to see where he had declared for the draft.

With that being said, welcome former Virginia Tech Hokie Brock Hoffman to the conversation.
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I think this is just one of those speculative adfarm blogs that's just the author's poorly informed opinions mixed in with some basic / obvious observations about [insert subject here]

Wouldn't make too much sense if he did.

Also, if he did, I wonder if we could take Nester and Hudson back

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Hoffman's status is up in the air - Vice and Co. have an anonymous "soft commit" (either JUCO or transfer portal) if Hoffman leaves and have reached out to Class of '21 guys if Hoffman stays (choosing to use that scholarship for a developmental prospect with higher upside v. a guy who can step in and play right away).

To Vice's credit, he is very upfront with everyone regarding if they have a commitable offer.