Hokies Offer Kicker TREY SMACK (5* Name)

Seriously, if this guy can hit consistently from 30, he's worth the scholly for the name alone. Trey Smack? Trey Smack. Come on, dude. That's ******* awesome.

Trey is out of Severna Park, Maryland and also holds a scholarship offer from Florida.

**New offers do not deserve their own post. I got excited like a child at the name, got wires crossed with other stuff, and thought he'd committed (due also to the fact you don't often see kicker schollys given out of HS). Apologies.

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he also says he received a scholly to UF

I'm shocked he's NOT Australian...welcome aboard, Trey!

So, point of order here. I think he's just announcing he got an offer from us not that he is committing to us

commit to VT and I'll call it now

graphic design is my passion etc etc

Beamer smacked Wilford , not Vick.

Juju Clayton Cory Holt smacked Frank

It was Cory Holt I believe

Good correction. I got my #12s confused.

#3 kicker and #5 punter in the country. How often do people kick and punt?

Could save a scholly so we can add another RB!

Love to see him team up with Laser on Mondays for "Smack Talk Live"

Awesome! Maybe he has the Bradburn mentality about laying returners out.

Although, the only thing to make his awesome football player name even better was if he played defense.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.