2021 Effect Games announced

Took them a few days to announce them all, but we now know they're all back

Orange Effect - September 3 against UNC

White Effect - September 11 against Middle Tennessee St (also Military Appreciation day on 20 year anniversary of 9/11)

Hokie Effect - October 9 against Notre Dame

Maroon Effect - October 16 against Pitt (Homecoming)

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Pitt...homecoming. Seems like a bad idea.

We put the K in Kwality

Yes, they are "big and physical up front" like BC.

It's just not fair the Hokies have to play the twin juggernauts of Pitt and BC with their "big and physical" up-front-ness every year. How can we ever be expected to win the Coastal with a schedule like ours? It's not like we're a sleeping giant football powerhouse like UNC or a desirable urban campus like GT... We don't have Liberty money...

Probably Pitt better than Liberty. Just sayin'.

Orange Effect🤢

Even when you get skunked; fishing never lets you down. 🎣

Put on a show in 2017 in the orange jerseys. I still wish we had just kept that template for the maroon too. Here's the condensed game for everyone's viewing pleasure.

I loved that template too. I wish we had kept it. I would not be upset if we re-created that game on Sept. 3

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Is this the game that Tubberville was convinced touchdowns didn't count because we weren't running the ball?

(add if applicable) /s

this is the one time we actually showed up when wearing orange... as fun as that particular game was it was not enough to sway my opinion on the orange.

Team Maroon

Ruhland ran the numbers a couple years ago and found that our record in orange is actually better than our record in maroon, especially AME

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I refuse to believe it. Even with facts, I still won't believe it.

this is the one time we actually showed up when wearing orange

not only did we show up, we played a pretty complete game. 2 Defensive scores, 1 Special Teams score, and 4 Offensive TDs and a FG. I haven't seen us play a game quite like that in a long time. Seems like something is always missing. Either our offense is great and our defense sucks or our defense is great but our offense sucks. Special Teams has been a mixed bag in recent years. I think if we could just get to a point where all 3 units have a decent game on the same day more often than not we'll be a pretty good team.

It's always darkest before the dawn ~ Thomas Fuller

I miss the days when we played like that every. single. game.

Military Appreciation day on 20 year anniversary of 9/11

Is this a thing? I always thought 9/11 was about first responders. Never heard it associated with the military specifically.

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Yeah I would think the Duke game would make more sense because it is a couple days after veterans day.

It doesn't say anything specifically about it being Military Appreciation because it's Sept. 11, so it might just be a coincidence.

I love the effect games and like most I have every shirt going back to 2003, but is 4 effect games too many? Orange and Maroon are obvious choices, the White Effect is cool (but in my experience not widly participated in) and the Stripe effect is cool but everyone bitched about it a few years ago and that took some of the excitement out of it. I might be in the minority, but I think the effect games are only successful when everyone participates. Otherwise they just look lame to me.

My personal feeling on the Effect games is that they're kinda meh unless both teams are fighting for something (Coastal crown, both highly ranked, anOSU game to start the season after they lost to us and won it all the previous year, etc.).

My 2020 Season/Covid19 Challenge: only comment with Marvel memes.

My 2019 Season Challenge: only comment with Star Wars memes. (completed as of Nov. 29)

I hate the white effect games. White isn't one of our main colors.

The stripe game was really cool. I'm here for it

Twitter me

White effect games are horrendous... Never turns out like they want them to. Too many people still wearing maroon or orange... Just leave it to Penn State.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Actually, it's more because it frequently rains during the White Out (yeah, I'm going old school there because "White Effect" sounds stupid) and it turns into "Rainbow Effect" due to the ponchos.

Or " *elbow your buddy* look over there Effect."

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So I'm going to sound like a grumpy old man here, but the effect shirts are now not cheap. One of the main reasons why I loved the effect games is that you could get the short sleeve shirt for about $6 and the long sleeve shirt for about $10 and if you bought them both in a combo there was a discount. I don't know if we changed our distribution agreement or what, but I'm seeing short sleeve affect shirt at $20 and long sleeve shirts at $23.

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It has been bugging me for several years too. Everything changed for the worse when the on campus bookstore was outsourced. I rarely shop there anymore except for the overpriced effect shirts. I used to be able to get myself and several family members two shirts each for about $100, but not anymore.

Totally agree with you on this one. If I remember correctly, when I was a student there was a deal where you could buy all three shirts for under $20. Even just a couple years ago they weren't THIS expensive.

Gotta make up for lost revenue from last year I guess?

Low quality at a high price is the quintessential Fanatics experience.

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I am skipping the Orange Effect shirt for this reason and it sucks. LancerHokie and I are probably only going to get the Maroon Effect shirt because it is actually good. Going back and forth on the Hokie Effect shirt. I like the design but that ain't cheap either. A little hard to stomach spending over $100 for a few Effect shirts.

Had this convo the other night with my two sons. They asked why they haven't received the recent "effect" shirts. Told them they used to be $15 or so for both...and now they are $20+ for the long sleeve alone. Toss in shipping and $50 for a couple of shirts is getting steep for myself yet alone them.

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Since the effect shirts are a Student Government Association project, I would assume they are getting some of the proceeds?

I think so too, but also believe they were previously as well...

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Exactly. They've always gotten proceeds, so the price hike is not because of that. I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the price gouging corresponds to the outsourcing of the VT Bookstore. Everything has gone to shit since then.

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Why not exchange the white out game with the black out "Exit Light Enter The Hokies" game.


UH BS 20, VT MS 23.

Go Coogs, Go Hokies.

BOOOOO!! .... white effect sucks.

Long live, Enter Night with black uniforms!

Seems like too many effect games when you only have a limited number of home games. I would have just kept it at Maroon and Orange, but it probably doesn't make any material impact either way.

Orange and Maroon only. White isn't one of our colors. The stripe was interesting to do once, It doesn't need to happen every year.

If it were up to me, I'd do a maroon effect and an orange effect every year and then bring out the Enter Night black shirts for the primetime night matchup. So they might not be a yearly thing, but they'd mean something when we wore them.

I like the Maroon Effect Shirt. I think that if they wanted to make the 1st game an Effect Game, they should have used that design considering it says "Back Where We Belong."

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I believe "Back Where We Belong" is in reference to people going back to Blacksburg for Homecoming weekend.

White out, because the away team needs you support.

Orange Effect, for when you want that large portion of Syracuse fans to blend in.

Marroon effect, for when you need to remind the fans that this is a football game.

Striped effect, because we can look awesome too, if every one gets the memo! You better be wearing the correct color Stacy!

P.S. why does no team stripe the field when planning an opponent with the same colors? If we just made the visitor section orange when we Syracuse it would just look better.

I hate the white effect so much. Like with a passion.

2008: snooker against Furman.
2010: loss to JMU in the pissing rain
2011 : snoozer against Arkansas State
2012: snoozer against Austin Peay
2013: triple OT against Marshall in the pissing rain.
2014: loss to ECU
2015: snoozer against Furman
2019: 45-10 loss to Duke

Would these results be any different had it not been a white effect game? No. But just the association of so many boring or embarrassing games have made me grow to hate the white effect. Not sure a game against Middle Tennessee is going to change that either.

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WTF! W T F ! how can you call yourself a sports fan with out an irrational reliance on clothing worn by fans sitting games! Of course the outcome would have changed if we would have worn team colors.

Jumping in for my 'speak the damn truth' moment. White effect made sense when it was Frank's fundraiser for Herma's Readers and folks wanted to support that event. Since they dropped that and have tried to smash it together with other taglines - Military Appreciation, etc. it just becomes muddled. That's the one that should be dropped. I really think that we should get down to 2 - Striped Effect and a Blackout/Enter Night.

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It also doesn't help that they also do Corps Homecoming as part of all that, so you have all of the Corps alumni in the stands wearing . . .

. . . maroon polos and khakis.

For the record, I also hate doing any effect along with Homecoming, because if I'm going, I'm probably wearing my maroon HT sweater anyway.

I don't have a strong opinion on the effect games. They don't help us win or cause us to lose. I care more about avoiding the silver effect of empty bleachers. I also wish we could have a student section again that loves football enough to camp out all week to get a ticket.

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a student section...that loves football enough to camp out all week to get a ticket

Student sections (and ticket office lines) need something worthy of that kind of love first. If we get a team that shows it's going to be on the correct side of the final scores every week (without lowering the regional life expectancy while doing so), the fanaticism will re-emerge.