Kyshoen Jarrett joins staff as Assistant Director of Player Personnel

"We are pleased to welcome Kyshoen and his family back to Blacksburg," Fuente said. "Kyshoen possesses a great appreciation for what it takes for a young person to excel in all facets of their collegiate experience at Virginia Tech. Kyshoen's NFL background, combined with his football acumen and passion for our program make him a great fit for this position. Just as importantly, his history as a mentor and his ability to understand and connect with young people will be a great resource for us."

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Absolutely love Kyshoen Jarrett. This is very exciting news!

I knew this one existed but couldn't find it (I also didn't look for too long..)

That's what you call a decleating , a damn fine hit

Question: Should this have been ruled a fumble? Pitt player made steps, looks to have pulled the ball in to one arm and even looked like he was in/starting the act of bracing for a hit.

100% a fumble, he took like 3 steps.

Edit: That was 100% a catch! He was hit in bounds and the ball came out, I have no clue if he was able to get a knee down based on the gif above.

I believe it was ruled incomplete in the game. That ruling infuriated me

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If I remember right, momentum carried the hokie jumping on the ball out of bounds. It would have been their ball.

scroll ahead to about 1:00ish mark for the play. There are a couple views. The Hokie defender very clearly stays in bounds with possession of the ball.

It's always darkest before the dawn ~ Thomas Fuller

It was ruled a catch. The replay also shows that the receiver's knee was down before the ball came out.

I guess they said that the ground caused the fumble so he was down by contact before the ball came loose. I suppose that's a fair call. I was in the stands for that one so I thought for sure it was a fumble recovered by VT...I guess I can't be mad about it anymore Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

It's always darkest before the dawn ~ Thomas Fuller

I don't think I've ever seen the full replay. I think I was in the crowd for this and after I only saw replays of the hit from the far angle. That actually does look like a catch was the correct call.

Let's go!

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I love this hire. I seem to remember the skins gushing over his potential as a coach as well. We could see him transition into some other areas on staff as well.

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Woo! Love me some Jarrett

Remember that time Kyshoen made that guy from Pitt forget third grade math?

If not - refer to the first two posts in this thread.

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Narduzzi never made it past third grade math.


You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Obligatory- F#$$ Pat Narduzzi!

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

Great hire, glad to see him back

Trading one Hokie for another? I'll allow it

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and just like that we never fumbled another punt

Danny is always open

Good to see Corey Fuller making it to the pro level in coaching

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One of my favorite Hokies. That pick he had against Marshall was epic


I hope this is helping with the football alums who were concerned the last few years that the Fuente regime was ignoring them. The recent hires make it clear Fuente is at least aware of the issues, and is using the personnel path as a bridge. I like it, and I hope it is smoothing things over with the Beamer alums.

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The alumni issue is one more of the athletic department as a whole. In fact Fuente has had more alums on football staff at any one time than Beamer ever did. But the athletic department overall hasn't done a good job of outreach. Even when they tried it didn't last, hiring Kevin Jones for example.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I'm going to assume it's gotta be a lack of staff support in general. I wonder how other sports are dealing with this as well, or if it's contained to football.

Gotta be more difficult for football since you'll have 85 scholarship players per year, over the last 50 years, that's 4,250 student athletes for one sport.

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It is more like a thousand players. 4250 would be in units of scholarship-years.

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Of course, divide that by 4, and you're around 1000

Math is hard

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Did Kysheon hit you, too?

(I kid, just riffing on VTHokie07's comment above.)

I think the other issue from the former player perspective is how available the program as a whole is to them (similar to what many fans feel, but it's a bit more personal for them having built the program). So there's former players on staff, which is awesome, but doesn't necessarily make the other guys feel more involved.

Hearing Dwight Vick on a few different interviews, he's mentioned that the program feels closed off to them and has mentioned a few ideas to improve that relationship. I think they did a former players Zoom meeting a few weeks ago with the current staff, and he was actually the MC so it seems like maybe they're making some progress there.

It has to be a hard thing to manage. There are generational gaps that would make it hard. This staff doesn't know players from Beamer's tenure. There needs to be more organization to make it work because an open or closed door policy isn't the solution.

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Yeah I agree. There needs to be some organization in place to facilitate all of this. One of Vick's idea was a Player's tailgate during home games where guys could go and hang out and meet players from different teams.

All of which, to Fireman's point above is really on the athletic department, not Fuente

Well, opening up the program, in general, has not been a priority for this regime. Hopefully, they start doing more to make it more open to everyone, fans and former players alike.

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