Oct 23 game v Syracuse at 12:30 on RSN

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I'm glad I'll be in Lane for this one. I won't have to mess around with trying to figure out the RSN situation.

I wish I would've gotten tickets to this game instead of Duke just so I would've have to deal with RSN. Enjoy the game!

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Watched the replay of syr/WFU yesterday.

Syr's QB Shrader rushed for 178 yards! 110 in the 1st half.

so what you're saying is...Shrader Shredded?

Onward and upward

Yes, repeat after me: Schrader Shredded the Syracuse Secondary, Schrader Shredded the Syracuse Secondary, Schrader Shredded the Syracuse Secondary, Schrader Shredded the Syracuse Secondary, Schrader Shredded the Syracuse Secondary!!

Not to rain on your parade, but I believe he shredded the Wake Forest secondary...

We won't get a full list of RSN affiliates for another couple of days. (Usually ten days before the game.)

But to get an idea, here's the list for the Duke/uva game on RSN next weekend:

This page will have the link once the list becomes available.

But, the short version -- same as it's mostly been the last few seasons. If you get a regional sports channel that was previously owned by Fox but now owned by Bally, it's probably there. DC/MD/VA area -- it's on one of the MASN channels.

Even if it says it'll be on the ESPN app, don't believe it.

Man, fuck RSNs. I don't understand why the contract wasn't designed to eliminate this shit? I'd rather have a Thursday night game on ESPN+ or ACCN the Ocho than spend an hour trying to figure out where to stream the game.

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Deal was already in place for RSN through the 2026-27 season.

If we still have RSN games in fall 2027, then there's some major issues.

Is RSN on Hulu live?

Sinclair has successfully boned most of the streaming services in regards to RSN's. I'm not sure if this will be on Hulu live, but I would not assume that it is.

Looks like it's cued up to record.

Strangely, the UVa Duke game is unavailable on Hulu Live where I am (Florida Panhandle).

same in Virginia as well. No UVA and Duke game....they're missing out on all of those 8 fans watching.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

From the score, it looks like Duke didn't even go to the game.

I don't see any Ohio Sports Networks on here. If I cant watch the game on my Birthday I will pitch a fit.

Last time I was in Ohio, I watched a Columbus Crew game on Bally Sports, which is listed.

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Probably a lot of confusion since all the regional fox sports channels were renamed to Bally sports.

Looks like they changed the naming convention a little. I knew they switched to Bally Sports, that is the reason i switched from Youtube TV to Spectrum so I could watch Crew and Blue Jackets. It used to be Fox Sports Ohio, Fox Sports Ohio Plus, and Sports Time Ohio. I thought it still kind of followed those names. It looks now like it is Bally Sports Ohio (Not Listed), Bally Sports Great Lakes (listed), Bally Sports Ohio Alternative (Not Listed).

happy birthday tho

(add if applicable) /s

I'm feeling lucky now that this game will probably be blacked out in my area so that I can have a personal bye week instead...

If a 12:30 game is broadcast on RSN and nobody is around to watch, does it even get played?

What's the O/U for attendance???

Well, I will be there. I have the tickets and will hope for a win. Hopefully, JH has the answer for Bud's Kryptonite, the running QB.

GT game on the 30th is RSN at noon.

Yeaaaaa won't be watching this shit show

I may even change the settings on my phone to not get the score alerts for this one


I vividly remember being a freshman in 01, on a nasty, cold Bleaksburg day, watching Grant Noel's jobber ass take a knee in the end zone rather than a sack from Freeney (who ate us alive).

I been here since day 0.

Had a chance to line up across from Freeney in a high school scrimmage. His speed off the ball was incredible. I felt bad for our QB.

I'm in Roanoke with Dish. Looks like no TV for me. Is there any streaming service at all to watch this game? Help a bruther out....

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I'm Raleigh... same problem with YouTube tv. Any thoughts people?

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Thanks Joe, just signed up. No free trial but if you cancel in first 14 days, full refund. Also comes with DVR so I can record the game too!! Can't believe I'm going through this kind of effort to watch this team. But ya know what, how many Saturday's do we really have to watch Hokie football? #stillworthit

"Don't go to, go through"

Blacked out on the ESPN app here in Midlothian.

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Me this morning mentally preparing for the game

Looks like he is sitting inside a flushed toilet bowl. I hope that is not what we look like at the end of the game.

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This did not age well.

Let's Go!


Ut Prosim Ad Dei Gloriam

Florida people where are you finding the game? Baileys Florida is not showing it.

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You might be in one of the lucky areas that gets it on the ESPN app (ESPN3).

Yea that in my book is more work than just turning the channel on the TV. I hate having to stream games.

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