Notre Dame Stadium Experience

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I've seen some pretty negative reports from Saturday's game vs. Notre Dame on the /r/VirginiaTech subreddit but didn't see anything on here about it. It seems like it was primarily a student section issue as I had no problems getting in the stadium or to my seat in Section 11. The concession lines seemed to be really long but that was it. I did see some more bottles getting thrown, but it primarily looked like they were from the students as well as a few paper airplanes (again, students).

There was a pretty big scuffle right above us in 9L where I saw some guy diving onto someone else with fist cocked back. Cops came in and took him away, not sure what started that.

I think that students these days aren't used to a packed Lane like those of us from the 00s remember. I'm sure the student section GA doesn't help, but people who have panic/anxiety attacks when around large groups of people probably shouldn' know...go to events with large groups of people in close proximity to each other.

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Yeah all of the tunnels into the student section were jammed full like that. Like no movement for a long time. Some people ended up climbing the walls to try to get into those sections.

We gave up and moved to South and from there it looked like East was so full that there may just have been no space left.

Welcome to the world were everyone must be accommodated. Crazy someone had a panic attack due to crowds without thinking that it was a possibility before going to a sold out game. Hmm.

I saw the reddit post on that. The one who had the panic attack said that it was their first one, and it took them by surprise. I can relate to that. I've never had a panic attack in my life, until I had a mild one in Diagon Alley at Universal. I had to walk over to an empty corner for a bit and sit there until I calmed down. So I can understand how someone can never consider that before going to a crowded event, and having it happen to them for the first time.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Are you sure it was Diagon Alley and not Diagonelly?

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Student section has been electric this year. I can't vouch for the tunnels and stadium entrances since I have tickets on the west side. I do know this past weekend, coming through lot 1 towards the stadium about an hour before kickoff, I told my wife holy crap look at the student section. The east side student section looked jammed packed an hour before the game.

My son is a freshman this year and he learned from the UNC game and was waiting when they opened up the gates so he could get a better seat! He is LOVING a packed student section!!!

I haven't been to a game yet, but I have honestly been happy to hear the students are getting into it. I think that the complaints about the atmosphere are people that are struggling with crowds since COVID, Karens that have no business being in the terrordome, and students that have not been in lane ever and told how insane it is their entire college career. I hope the university does not overcorrect and kill the mood, I think that left alone or with minimal tweaks the issues will work themselves out. Students and covid anxiety will settle and Karens will go home.

Edit: I also wonder if we would be having this conversation if Tech pulled off the W. I bet some of these people are a little salty after the way we lost and are looking for anything to complain about.

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Another reasonable solution would be some sort of pregame/during the week GA assignment to NEZ, that would probably cause less of a rush into the stadium to try to get the NEZ spots before it reaches capacity. In general you're going to have issues with GA in a limited amount of space like the student section, everyone is going to cram into the best seats they can get in. It seems like the biggest issue now is flow, when you have everyone rushing in at once closing off sections at capacity becomes impossible, tunnels into the stadium get crammed as people get backed up and slower at finding a seat. A waved approach to entry might work but would add stress to stadium entry.

I think we're on the right track and handling it the right way. Student GA makes for a better environment and the university is taking steps each game to contain that environment to the student sections.

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In defense of the students it's not like they're struggling to deal with normal crowds. From the sounds of it this video wasn't a one-off at the game Saturday. I think part of the issue is they aren't scanning everyone's ticket at the gate, which is leading to overcrowding in the student section. It certainly looks better than the empty corners I've been used to for the last 5 years!

As much as I like a good crowd at Lane Stadium, there need to be entry controls in place to prevent any section from becoming THAT crowded from people just going into the game. Maybe allow/encourage people to get in earlier, and definitely make sure people have valid tickets.

Ehh I've seen subway systems worse off and exponentially more dangerous.

Maybe I'm strange, but I love the feeling of a bunch of people packing into a stadium. Chants going on and off. Anticipating awesomeness.

Agreed-several of the VT -Alabama games at the Georgia Dome had thousands of folks funneled into a one-person-wide escalator. And on MARTA fans have been so packed, I could pick up my feet and remain suspended upright.

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

If anyone got stuck in the section 7 ramp at the UNC game like I did you understand where's student's concerns are coming from. Forcing so many people through one or two portals is creating a crush-like situation (see Hillsborough disaster) that can be a little scary, and I've been in many dense/intense crowds.

From what I've seen on reddit, the issue might be due to student tickets not being scanned, so the sections are getting way overfilled for big games. Students need to stay home if they don't have a valid ticket, and event staff need to scan everyone's ticket.

That would require more people and equipment to scan the tickets. Our paid scanners don't want to bother with more people to handle the crowds better as that would cut into their bottom line. So we end up with huge crowds outside trying to get in.

this is 100% an athletic department issue -- if they are direct employees of the athletic department, shame on them for not having enough employees to ensure easy entry to the game. if it's a contractor issue, the athletic department needs to pressure them into fixing it.

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It is a contractor hired to scan the tickets, etc. They have said they are used to people coming in starting 2 hours before the game time. They are vastly unprepared for our normal tailgate until a half hour before kickoff then enter crowd.

The contractor has said they are having issues finding and training people to work the games, especially when they are on a Saturday night. A lot of the older retired people who used to this for extra income have dropped out of participating due to Covid.

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Not knocking that. That also factors in to why there are only minimal staffing at the concession stands.

With the change to selling beer at the stadiums the local high school clubs can't run the concession stands anymore as the kids aren't old enough to sell beer. So you actually have to hire staff to run the booths. Hence only three people at a booth selling food, drinks, and beer. The lines are excessively long because of having to check id's for the beer purchasers as well.

They need to completely revamp the concession arrangements and separate the food from the beer. That way the schools can run the concession stands again and lines will get shorter. For the people who want beer they only have to stand in the line for that.

They've already pretty much done that. I thought that they'd separated all of the beer concessions from the food concessions.

Negative. While there are beverage only kiosks, almost every concession stand I saw on the lower level SEZ and lower east stands had beer and food combined. There could be some that don't have beer, but being at 2 games on the East and SEZ, I haven't seen one yet.

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This would be where designated ID check stations and wristbands would be the way to go. Haven't been this season, but, if they are checking IDs at the concession stand, that's insane.

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Excellent thoughts.

This should be a "best of breed" situation. Take the best ideas anyone out there is doing, and implement them.

This is an administration that has stated that it wants to enhance the experience. That video, above, and the notes on purchasing concessions don't seem like the experience we want folks to be having at games, so I'd like to think someone is working the problem.

They like all part time low pay jobs are struggling to hire people, for all levels of work at the stadium and the town in general.

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I am sympathetic to those who had panic attacks but unfortunately, I don't think it's reasonable to be able to prevent crowds at this type of event (sporting event, concert, etc). People need to use their own judgement before attending events and plan accordingly based on their comfort levels.

Unfortunately and it doesn't help the situation, I have seen, heard, and smelled more drunk people at the games this year than I have over the past 17 years.

Student section needs to get squared away. Two monster TV games and multiple incidents (I witnessed several at ND) of students throwing full beers at other fans. A ND fan actually caught it (right beside me) before it hit a girl (probably 12) in the face. Another VT fan went with a ND fan and basically told the kid to cut it out or else. The kids had what I viewed as a reckless mob mentality as multiple other kids threatened folks etc for no apparent reason other than being asked to just stop throwing things that could hurt folks.

This is similar to the UNC game with the incident caught on camera where the UNC guy lost it, but because the students were throwing full drinks and hit his daughter.

This was not isolated as we saw at least a dozen get thrown and some missed and others hit folks. Security was apathetic.

I am fearful if it escalates someone gets hurt and it will be bad for that person(s) obviously and Vt football.

I have considered writing a letter and asking VT to address as kids who throw full beers recklessly should get thrown out at a minimum and possibly charges in my view. Uncalled for and someone will get hurt if it continues

I was in section 29, and I was hit in the head with a beer can that was thrown from up above, and had beer splashed on me a couple of times when other cups/cans were thrown over my head. I realize it's basically a societal issue right now with people having almost no regard for others, so not sure how you fix it. But I'm already considering not getting season tickets any longer, and not because of the play on the field.

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You fix this with more security personnel, if needed.

People in the stadium have to understand that there are consequences for this kind of behavior. Even then, it won't stop, but it shouldn't be common.

This should result in ejection and being banned. From games and attending the university.

Who the fuck is wasting all this beer???

"It's always great to beat UVA, that makes us all smarter and better looking for a couple days".

Seems like people here are taking this lightly, but i was there... Student section entrance is a shitshow. Only one gate. Students getting crushed against barriers and knocked to the ground (literally barriers toppling over and students falling on them). Being herded like cattle, except worse. It's a disaster, some people have just skipped games b/c the mob was so big that it would take an hour to get in.

But yet the stands are so packed b/c people without tickets are making their way in. It literally took my friend 15 minutes just to walk down the stairs from his seat to the section entrance to go to the bathroom pregame. Yes, not to actually get to the bathroom, just to walk down 20 stairs.

They have to fix student section entrance. It's unlike anything i've ever seen at a stadium

A shit show is putting it mildly IMO. The aisle between section 29 and 27 was completely packed with students well into the 1st quarter. It was complete gridlock, and there was a lone police officer there who couldn't do much to fix the issue. If there had been any sort of emergency in the stands, there would have been no way for first responders to get there. Also, my son is a Junior and told us that he and his friends were knocked over trying to get into the stadium along with about 30 others. They were being trampled on and couldn't get up, and they got there early to try and avoid the melee. He said he's done with it. The athletic department has either got to figure out a better solution, or go back to assigned seating. Someone is going to get seriously hurt in the current environment .

"Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!"

I have my last son there, junior year. He sees it ironic how authoritarian the school has been with covid masking and distancing, and kicking kids out of school for too many together in a group last year juxtaposed to the wild ass free for all at games this fall.

...with spirits true and faithful...

For one thing, vaccinations are a game-changer, and required for students.

I have long since moved away, but friends still living in Blacksburg have noted a marked decline in quality of student behavior in many areas. Word from someone involved with student conduct is that "the students have lost their damn minds". It appears from stories about Lane and other parts of Blacksburg that there is a wave of disregard for the consequences of actions and it has been really sad and frustrating to hear, even before the Lane issues began.

Danny is always open

I'm shocked. Well not that shocked.

I'm not thinking this trend is limited to Blacksburg.

I think it's more ubiquitous than that. It's just unfortunate because of the strong community some of us remember from our VT days.

(Extra credit: Related to the breakdown of the family structure/community/institutions?)

Maybe more so the social media, let's see who can go viral attitude among youngsters. Having data glued to your hands has clearly effected the way people act.

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I think that's somewhat a factor, but not the primary one.

But it is interesting that sometimse people are more concerned about their social media profile than their local physical one.

On my way to pick up my daughter from school earlier today. Some idiot staring at his phone walks right across the street right in front of me without even glancing up to see if any cars were coming. And no, not in a crosswalk.

Had no trouble stopping as I'm going maybe 25, but good lord, some of these people are totally oblivious to anything other than what is on their phone.

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Wildly OT but leaving the gym today guy did the same thing except he had plenty of time to cross before there would be any worry of my hitting him but he stopped in the middle of the road, turned around then just stood there staring at his phone had to honk at him to get him moving again. He has this wtf startled face on like it was rude for me to honk at him.

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Sounds like about 50% of the people in Haddon Twp, NJ. Know how a person with an IQ above 40 and with even modest amounts of common sense crosses the street walking mostly perpendicular to the street? No, these people will - no exaggeration - cross at about a 10-15 degree angle instead of 90 degree.

Or ... oh I had better stop because I could go on for hours and I still have work to do.

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I used to live in Oakbridge (RIP) and my window looked over Price's Fork at a major pedestrian crossing. If I remember correctly, they recently built a pedestrian bridge at that same location?

I saw very many near misses of bikers going across 4 lanes of traffic with never looking as well as many instances of low speed collisions.

Not to stereotype but about 90% seemed to be Asian students never looking before crossing, maybe it's a cultural thing where they just assume traffic should always stop?

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I used to work for Rhino (the contract company that handles ticket scanning, ushers etc.), and while I cannot speak for the exact problems now, I can say this:
1. The ticket scanners would often malfunction, and there were only a handful of them that were reliable.
2. They/we were understaffed pre-Covid, so I imagine that problem has only gotten worse.
3. For all games, there are MANY instances of tickets not working. Protocol says you're supposed to refer them to the ticket office. However, for big games especially, with the high volume of people coming in, sometimes the people scanning say "ah screw it, go on" and let someone else deal with it...
4. They didn't used to monitor how many students could enter NEZ. I'm not sure if this is still the case, but in the past if you worked the entrances or ushers to NEZ it was basically a free-for-all/survival mode.

To expand upon this, the biggest issue is that Rhino employees are, under no circumstances, to touch guests. So essentially, if someone wants to enter a section without authorization, we can't stop them and either A. Let it go, or B. Call the police (I'll let you guess which one happens).

Ultimately, more bodies are needed to staff games. Oddly enough, I haven't been contacted by Rhino to work games. Some logistics regarding the NEZ could be changed, but honestly I'm not sure what to change since it's a solid structure with a very narrow entryway. No way to expand the width since it's right on the edge of the practice field either.

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You now have to get a wrist band to enter NEZ.

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Yes, the north is super well regulated (strict 5000 wristbands, that's it). Presumably all ticket holders and no overcrowding. The East has become a complete mess now. One of the dumbest things about this whole student entry situation is that they have all students going to the same entrance, whether you want to be in North or not. So the wristbands slows everything down and then not having at least two entrances (at least have one for East students) slows everything down. Plus the under-staffing, the unnecessary arrangement of barriers, etc. For Notre Dame, once the mob had moved forward enough, they let some of us go to a separate entrance for East, but still it would have been way quicker if it was set up differently.

Agreed on the separate entrances for NEZ vs East students.

They didn't use to use wristbands when I was working games, so it's good to know they added that.

"It's a miracle in Blacksburg, TYROD DID IT MIKEY, TYROD DID IT!"

It's crazy how different it is depending on where you are in the stadium. I left our lot 18 tailgate an hour before the game for ND and was in the stadium with 40 minutes until kickoff, mind you that's at least a 15 minute walk. In stadium experience has improved since UNC on the West side. No overflow of students, bathrooms relatively quick and easy (for men), and the separate concession stands help. Separate single stands for alcohol and even a stand for the "cheap food", $2.50 hot dogs, pretzels and water. For ND my family was in the stadium, emptied the tank, purchased two beers, hot dog, and pretzel, and in our seats in 40 minutes. Not bad at all for coming from Lot 18.

Updated messaging, rules, and potential consequences from the university

VB born, class of '14


So, let's get it right this Saturday against Pitt and for the rest of the season. Starting this week, together we will be taking the following actions:

  • Student attendance will be restricted to season ticket holders and a more limited number of student lottery winners.
  • Students are expected to follow all new guidance for gate entry.
  • Students will be expected to move to seats above the portals immediately to allow for all fans to take their seats safely and quickly.
  • Virginia Tech Police Department will deploy law enforcement officers and security personnel in Lane Stadium to support a positive and safe fan experience.
  • Students entering the game illegally or who violate line protocols will be referred to Student Conduct. Students who violate our Student Code of Conduct risk significant consequences.
  • In addition, violators will be subject to ban from Virginia Tech athletic facilities by the police department.

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I said it above but this is the right approach, continue to make changes until that environment in contained. You don't want to kill the atmosphere but it obviously needs to be safe.

I'm still a firm believer that without some physical barrier (more than tarps) between ticketed and GA sections we'll continue to see issues

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Student attendance will be restricted to season ticket holders and a more limited number of student lottery winners.

This part baffles me. If overcrowding is due to students getting in without tickets then how is limiting student tickets even further going to help here? Restricting tickets to fix the issue of people without tickets entering is an odd solution.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

Students entering the game illegally or who violate line protocols will be referred to Student Conduct. Students who violate our Student Code of Conduct risk significant consequences.

There was at least one reddit thread where the OP boasted about not buying tickets and seeing every game so far from North. And gave guidance and instructions for anyone else interested how to go about doing so 🤦‍♂️

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Someone should send that link to stadium security.

Back in my day we had a thing called Hokies Respect! Get off my lawn!

I got into Lane without issue.

Things that sucked for me:

  • It took me halftime plus almost all of the third quarter to get a beer and hot dog. My buddy behind me got the last hot dog. They ran out of all food save M&Ms at that point. They also ran out of all beer except for the IPA cans.
  • The beer only vendors also ran out of beer. And to make matters worse, the folks working that stand weren't doing anything, legit standing around. (They should have reallocated some of that staff to the longer lines.)
  • Cell service was non-existent (in 2021). I've heard about issues with that, but seriously figure it out.

I have never been at a sporting venue that ran out of food and alcohol (how much money was left on the table...). I talked to French about this on the way home, but Lane has basically always sucked at food and beverage compared to every other arena I've been to and they need to get it right.

That seems fixable.

And it would seem in the vendor's interest to fix it. Or not be invited back.

The cell coverage is a very common complaint, and also seems like it would be fixable, and important to season ticket holders. I'd be willing to bet that every season ticket holder would pay $5 more per ticket to get dependable cell service at games.

That seems fixable.

Then fix it... Haven't been to a game this year, but it sounds like the same issues were around for the UNC game as well.

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Cell service was non-existent (in 2021). I've heard about issues with that, but seriously figure it out.

On the paid episode of SZD this week, Godfrey talked about Iowa & Kentucky, and mentioned how antiquated it is that UK doesn't have Wifi in their stadium.... we need to get on with this - most big time cfb programs offer it.

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Maybe programs in bigger metro areas or with bigger enrollment numbers, but cell providers aren't going to jump on this cheaply

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I'm talking about wifi, not cell service.

While I understand that this won't come cheap, it's clear that this is no longer a 'nice to have' and becoming 'table stakes' - something that is expected by the general public at sporting events.

I know Whit has a finite budget, and a million things to pay for. I'm not sure where wifi lived on this list a few years ago, but its definitely rising in priority each season.

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There's been a few WiFi discussions on TKP. Ohio State spent $10.5m on this. Not sure that would be in our athletic budget right now.

With 5G becoming the default, expanding that side probably makes more sense. Some providers in past seasons were bringing in portable cell towers for the games but I'm not sure if they're doing that this season.

Improved 5G service or temporary 5G service is probably going to be cheaper and easier to implement though.

Wifi at a football game, it would seem that one would enjoy the game, the beautiful scenery, the members of the opposite sex, or whatever floats one's boat, and maybe not have the phone stuck in front of our face for 3-4 hrs. I see no need for wifi, and the cost it imposes onour program. take the money and get us a real coach.

I want to be able to see stats, see who's injured / who's been benched, and follow what the beat writers are saying on twitter. I currently can't do that in the stadium during the game and the 4+ hours before the game while tailgating. Also good luck to anyone who loses track of their friends and family or wants to meet up somewhere.

Anyone else notice the items being thrown at the tubas during the Hokie Pokie? I saw at least two things thrown in their direction in the NEZ and I'm pretty sure one tuba player was hit. That disappointed me a lot.

"Tyrod did it, Mikey!"

That should be a bannable offense (I'm sure it is), and there should be security posted in the area if it's an issue.

I'm all for Lane having a loud and raucous environment that makes it a tough place to play for opponents, but a lot of the videos and comments I've seen show that things are clearly out of control. VT and the stadium security have a lot to improve upon, but the students have gone overboard too. Throwing beer bottles absolutely has to stop. And I don't understand what VT's thought is on forcing students to go through one gate apparently. You used to be able to get in through any gate and walk to your section. That's just unsafe to have that many people crowding into one area.

Also, if everyone wants to drink up until the last second and rush in to make it for sandman, then sandman might need to stop for a while honestly. I hate to say it, but that's quickly becoming the only noteworthy part of the game anyway.

Also, if everyone wants to drink up until the last second and rush in to make it for sandman, then sandman might need to stop for a while honestly

It's not that. If you try to get there just barely in time for Sandman, you will miss it (I missed Sandman for Richmond). That's the way it used to be - it was normal and then crazy <30 mins before kickoff. But now with the ridiculous one gate policy, it's a shitshow practically as soon as gates open. It was HORRIBLE for the Notre Dame game and I got there over an hour before Sandman. It really is just that bad to where whenever you show up, it will be a mess. Of course this leads to an unruly crowd, lots of people able to sneak in and cause trouble, etc.

They have to force students through a single gate if they're going to do General Admission for students in the student sections. North Endzone students have to be one of the first 5,000 through the gate and get wristbands. The remaining students are directed to the correct section at the top of East through that gate as well. For the UNC game when that forced navigation to the proper East section, so many lower East sections had students in their seats resulting in even more issues.

I'm not a fan of that NorthEast Gate only being for students now as that was my preferred gate coming from Center Street but I don't want students going back to assigned seating either. I'm a big fan of North Endzone being packed with people who want to be there and got there early as opposed to how it was before with it being half-empty at times.

I'm going to paste a link to this thread on every ticket exchange post I make from now on.

I get very little interaction when I put my seats up because they're in section 509.

But you know what, I can see just fine. I am looking directly at HokieVision if I miss a play or want to see other scores because my phone becomes a paperweight. And, during Enter Sandman, they're running out to me.

And here's the part that's very relevant to this tread: I have 4 seats of a 6 seat row. That means while you all are fighting to get out of your row, I've already been to the bathroom, caught a pretty view of the sunset over the mountains, gotten food, gotten drinks, went back for the extra napkins I forgot, and am back in my seat halfway through my hotdog.

Am I bragging?


But, mostly, I just want y'all to consider my tickets when I throw them up on the TE.

If you play it, they will win.

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I'm not sure whether to love or hate this comment.

It's self-serving, but does (sort of) make a relevant point to this thread.

It's fine. You can do both. I'm just tired of eating tickets when I can't make it to games.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

Yes, I give you a leg for this.

I just don't want to see advertising in all the other threads.

No. No. That's fair. I was just reading all the comments in this thread complaining about crowds and lines and it got me chuckling. Then it got me a little salty.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

That's why I was conflicted. You've got style and a reasonable complaint.

You've got style

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

I dig it. If I was able to make it to a game anytime soon, I'd definitely be all over those.

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Probably going to wind up putting my Pitt tickets up later today and likely not using the Syracuse or Duke ones either. FYI.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

Wow, restricting student tickets is seriously their solution? This administration and athletic department just double down on idiotic decisions... Idk how this will go over on a heavily non-student site but how about all VT student ticket holders show up late (or not at all) to one of these games and see if they take our concerns seriously after the embarrassing scenes of empty student sections for Enter Sandman.

The problem here is that like 15K student ticket holders (+ those sneaking in) are all being treated like cattle and forced to use one gate. This leads to a ridiculous mob, horrible wait times, and to them not checking tickets And people sneaking in = people taking seats from students and non-students.

So their solution to treating students poorly (and failing to prevent non-ticket holders from entering) is to restrict students legally entering... Good luck bringing the noise with less students.

Also, lots of people in the student section (and sneaking in the student section) are not even students. I've been next to non-students multiple times already this season.

1) student season tickets were sold out, so those kids are fine
2) it sounds like they will be shrinking the amount of students who then get a ticket through the lottery, to try and lessen the burden.

I don't think this really addressing what's clearly a staffing issue at the gate, but I think they are trying to minimize the overcrowding that has occurred in East Stands.

I think they are trying to minimize the overcrowding that has occurred in East Stands.

Well they'll be minimizing the crowd, that's for sure.

They had the same number of student tickets other years, if not more, and we didn't have these problems. So the number of lottery tickets isn't the problem and won't do anything but minimize the gameday atmosphere. Again, how about we not show up one game and see how admin likes that... The problem is that everyone is being forced through one gate and it creates a whole mess. Seems they'll do anything but fix that.

Maybe but you have to remember that GA is new. Its much harder to predict where everyone is going to sit when they don't have assigned seats they also completely did away with the SEZ student section, there are a lot of differences in lottery tickets this year. I'm sure their scale back is hardly going to be noticeable.

Also, can students only get in via gate 7 or is that only if you want to get in NEZ?

(add if applicable) /s

Yes, we've been instructed to go to gate 7, even if you're going to east.

The GA system is so flawed for football, when there is a student only North and a partially student East. GA works amazingly for basketball, so that was a good change. They might as well just go back to how they did football tickets and entrances in the past. It wasn't perfect, but it was a heck of a lot better.

North was either empty at halftime or so overloaded due to fake tickets that bleachers were breaking. Definitely can't go back to that. I think the major issue they've got to figure out is just forcing people not to stop and stand in the aisles which is causing backups in the tunnel/concourse area. People stop and try to look for seats or find their friends and causes everything to stop. They need to fill up the section in East from bottom to top completely with no seat saving.

You're right, the North used to be a mess. Now it's the East stands breaking instead.

At least the old way, they had multiple entrances and people weren't getting trampled outside the stadium an hour before kickoff.