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Malachi Madison committing October 13th: VT, Miss St, UCF. Had a great time on his visit during the Richmond game. In state, Thomas Dale, DE.

No word on when, but Benji Gosnell still looking good.

Reid Pulliam, in state LB at Life Christian is expected to announce a commitment date. Might have to wait. Duke, MD, VT.

2023 targets are coming into focus:

Cameron Seldon is being recruited nationally. Don't expect him to stay in state, but when has Northumberland had a 4⭐ recruit?

Jack Tyler was in SEC country this past weekend. Checking out Tackett Curtis, 4⭐ LB:

Braylon Johnson, legacy Loren Johnson's kid, should be a 4⭐. We are in a good spot, but it'll be hard to ward off the big dogs.

Top 10 for Bradyn Joiner 4⭐ OL out of Auburn, AL.

Malachi Singleton went head to head with current commit Devin Farrell on ESPN a few weeks ago. Serious Jerod Evans vibes. 4⭐QB, GA

Keep an eye out for Life Christian, Antonio Cotman and Sierra Canyon, Jonah Lewis

Notably, lots of out of state offers for 2023 class.

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Made top 12 for in state 2023 DT Joel Starlings

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Malachi Madison committing October 13th: VT, Miss St, UCF. Had a great time on his visit during the Richmond game. In state, Thomas Dale, DE.

Looks like he'll be in Blacksburg this weekend per Twitter. Lino with a retweet of his today.

thanks for making this! caught me slippin

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Insomnia got the better of me last night, and just happened to be in an internet rabbit hole on recruiting.

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Are you me?

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

If watching random Georgia high school football games at 2 am on a Tuesday is you, then yes.

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Recruit list for Notre Dame game:

4* TE Benji Gosnell (Pilot Mountain, NC) (Plays at Carroll County HS in VA)
4* CB Cam Johnson (Baltimore, MD) (VT Commit)
3* DL Rashaud Pernell (Highland Springs, VA) (VT Commit)
3* DT Malachi Madison (Chester, VA)
3* LB Tyler Banks (Crewe, VA)
3* DT Lemar Law Jr (Virginia Beach, VA) (VT Commit)

4* OT Brycen Sanders (Chattanooga, TN)
4* DL Keith Sampson (New Bern, NC)
4* LB Jordan Hall (IMG Academy in Florida, From VA)
4* RB Samuel Singleton (Orange Park, FL)
4* DT Stephiylan Green (Rome, GA)
4* OL Tyler Jeffries (Alcoa, TN)
4* OL Madden Sanker (Douglasville, GA)
4* LB Trevor Carter (Ironton, OH)
3* LB Ethan Crisp (Mount Juliet, TN)
3* OT Ayden Bussell (Mount Juliet, TN)
3* CB Daiquan White (Fairburn, GA)
3* WR Chris Culliver (Catawba, NC)
3* WR Darion Domineck (Orange Park, FL)
3* DL Miles Greene (Highland Springs, VA)
3* DB Braylon Johnson (Highland Springs, VA)
3* DL Nathan Robinson (Greenbrier, TN)
3* WR/LB Tony Rojas (Fairfax, VA)
3* ATH Dante Lovett (Hyattsville, MD) (Unoffered)
CB Kaleb Cost (Tyrone, GA)
RB/ATH Durell Robinson (Baltimore, MD)
OT Luke Baklenko (Westlake Village, CA) (Unoffered)
ATH Andre Craig Jr (Locust Grove, GA) (Unoffered)
S Travon West (Piedmont, SC) (Unoffered)
ATH Jamari Hough (Lancaster, SC) (Unoffered)
OT Carlos Moore (Richmond, VA) (Unoffered)

DE/TE Luca Puccinelli (Richmond, VA)
S/LB Tyler Baker (Virginia Beach, VA) (Unoffered)

ATH Kaylib Singleton (Orange Park, FL) (Unoffered)
ATH Cibastian Broughton (Orange Park, FL) (Unoffered)

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Wow, would be a great time to win one for the Gipper.

Wow, great job pulling this together for the rest of us on TKP! Thanks

Quite the list there...thanks for doing the lords work with this!

I just copied the list from the link I posted, but thanks! I'm a big fan of the Fuller family.

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No QBs I noticed. Any ideas who we are recruiting for next year or subsequent years?

I hate rude behavior in a man. Won't tolerate it.

Probably whoever fuente can beg, cheat and steal out of the portal?

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We got a hell of an Orji and a sweet feet Ferrell cat-like QB coming in 2022.

Malachi Singleton, 2023, we have a solid shot at

Vic Sutton, 2023 out of MS is also a possibility

QBs fill up quick, so decisions for 2023 will be made early summer of 2022.

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Very well received by the recruits this past weekend. The loss did not bother the recruits at all. Some Twitter pics posted of coaches staying after the game to take pictures with the recruits. Also, lots of love for the facility upgrades on Twitter.

Well done by the staff this weekend.

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Close losses in exciting games don't often have a negative impact on recruits. The best players in the country enjoy the atmosphere and think "I could have been the difference in this game," and that's exactly the kind of confidence you want in an athlete.

Really glad to hear this. Was wondering in the vent thread if this would be an issue. Seems like no from all people have said.

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Yep, the recruiting weekend was the least of the many things you could be upset about from Saturday.

If there was ever a time for Tyler Banks to commit, it was Saturday night.

I have a gut feeling the potential coaching change will impact his decision negatively for VT.

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Aren't all his CBs trending to Ole Miss?

Yes. The last I've seen he's already trending heavily away to Ole Miss.

Some might say Saturday was our last ditch effort to keep him in state. He was talked out of committing back in the summer, and that's fair. Can't hate a kid for wanting to make the right choice for his future. If does take another visit, that might be a good sign. Only a few more home games left to impress the recruits. Banks especially.

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Players are aware that just one of about a half dozen of razor-tight calls/plays in the 4th quarter probably would have changed the outcome of the game in a very close game.

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High school ball is so much fun:

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...can't stop watching.....
........must get back to work...........

This needs to be plaid. Can't stop laughing.

looked like the gronk hit on the bills CB

Danny is always open

As a former referee, I really like the very casual flag toss.

Edit: replying to the bellyflop tweet.

About right to fit into Corns offense....QB draws all day!


We have 2 very solid QBs committed. We might even get a 3rd diamond in the rough.

We have Bullock and Kadum in, but I think Orji and Farrell are ahead of them as senior prospects. Mind you, Kadum had a stellar HS career.

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How many of them will stay if and when Fuente and Company are gone? That's my question. Really hoping that whoever comes in can make a big positive impression on the recruits we have that are promising. I have no strong preference for any specific candidate and figure we will go outside, but would think this would be a reason to take a flier on JHam if he already has a relationship with some recruits.

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No idea, Farrell is having a state MVP type season. I'd hate to lose both, but when the change happens, I'll be upset if we can't keep these two with the new staff.

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Hoping no matter what happens this season we are able to hold on to him. He passes the eye test

That was a flick of the wrist lol and that retaining wall is something else (sorry, OT)

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

As someone who engineers these types of retaining walls, I too find it beautiful haha

I was a-bit mesmerized by the near perfect unison the pink clad cheerleaders were at the end of the clip.

I'm not recruiting expert, but damn that was amazing to watch. The power bowling over that dude near the goal line, then 2 bomb passes that were on target. That's crazy good.

Damn, can he come to tech early???

enrolling in January...

This reminds me of watching MV in the 98 Virginia state all star game (east vs west back then). MV threw on the run a 55 yard laser bullet incompletion (dropped in back of end zone) that was legit the most ridiculous play I had ever witnessed.

Damn that was sick

Damn the ball screams out of his hand. Can we get him up to the burg for 4 games this season?

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Can he enroll say tomorrow?

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For those of you keeping score at home, UNC just got a commitment from the #1 OT in the country πŸ™ƒ this recruiting cycle alone they've gotten commitments from two of the top 3 rated recruits in their program's history

That is damn impressive to have two recruits so highly ranked in the same cycle. Those two guys are ranked #4 and #9 right now.

For what it's worth, here is an idea of how often UNC and Clemson pulled in top-32 recruits before the 247 Composite (UNC doesn't have any 5-stars listed in the 2001 or 2002 247 player rankings):

I wanted to scoff at UNCs recent recruiting success as a fluke, but I think they're a little more of a sleeping giant than I realized. They're still quite a ways off from having Clemson levels of success on the field, but they're definitely heading in the right direction. (Clemson didn't have any top-32 recruits at any point in the 1990's, but they generally still had slightly better classes than UNC over that time).

In the 1980s, the big dogs in the ACC were Clemson and UNC. But that designation would be all Florida State once they joined. UVA had 4 5-Star recruits, all in the 1980's (Terry Kirby was the #1 overall recruit in 1989). Georgia Tech had two after their shared National Championship in the 90's.

Interestingly, Virginia Tech would have had their first "5-Star" commitment in the 1997 class.

Tyrone Robertson, a DT out of GW-Danville committed to the Hokies in that class (16th overall). Unfortunately he ended up at Fork Union that season. In the 1998 class, he committed to and played at Georgia.

UNC was a pre season Top 10 team, mainly due due to how well they've recruited...and they're 4-3 and not even going to sniff the ACC, hell a bowl game isn't a given. As much as we complain about our staff not developing talent (and rightfully so), the Heels are worse. They've under achieved every year minus last season, and even then it wasn't like they were dominant. VT is on the struggle bus for sure but let's not make it seem like UNC is some sleeping giant because until they start winning and putting guys in the league I'm not taking them seriously.

Sleeping Giant. Doesn't mean they're going to wake up.

Gobbles Miamiacally

I just don't see it while Mack is there, now if they bring it some new blood...then it'll be time to get concerned.

Everyone knew that was coming when last year during the season that wasn't real he managed to get tickets to both home and away UNC games despite their being fan limits and no recruiting visits allowed.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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He told the UVA coaches he was committing to UVA recently. UNC had to flip him back.

I'm far more concerned about UVA "waking up", considering the direction of our program.

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There were several "freinds of the VT program" - fat, beer drinking alums that I know that used to work with the VT team, etc. - not staff, not current employees, some loosely affiliated - that got tickets to several VT games, including UNC and Louisville. Tix were not impossible to get- at all.

Yep. A division rival. Sure these kids could not pan out, but with each passing year UNC signing much more talent than VT, it will come to roost. We have beaten them at a pretty good clip in ACC play, but until 2 years ago we always had superior coaching. They could have scored 100 on us last year and this year we squeaked by at home where Howell played his worst game in college. It should be a huge concern.

Interesting, you completely pan the victory over them this year. They sit at 4-3 with 4 of 5 games remaining against ranked opponents. They may not make it to a bowl this year. They are paper champions.

Come see me when they actually do anything with that "talent" that by the way are starting to lose some of those "4 star" recruits from last years class that aren't really panning out. Wonder if that recruiting ranking is inflated a bit?

Listen, I'm certainly not happy with the direction that VT is going, but you have to give credit where credit is due. UNC had all the momentum going into that first game and they got worked. UNC is currently ranked 128th in the country in sacks allowed. Their defense let Miami's RB cook last week and with their remaining schedule, it's going to get worse.

As for Rice, go find and watch his announcement. First thing he did after he committed was pull out a pair of basketball shoes. Truly incredible.

Plus he's getting coached up by French OL coaching legend Stacy Searles aka the coach killer. He killed Mack at Texas, Then Beamer, then Richt, now he's back with his buddy to kill him off again.

Come see me when they actually do anything with that "talent" that by the way are starting to lose some of those "4 star" recruits from last years class that aren't really panning out. Wonder if that recruiting ranking is inflated a bit?

They played in a NY6 bowl last year... something we haven't done since 2011. They will be over the blue-chip ratio soon with how they are recruiting in about a class and half, maybe two. They will be much more talented than us. You can count that fluky early season win as some kind of proof that we are ahead of them as a program if you want, but we are trending the wrong directions in terms of talent.

This is not what I said. I don't think VT is ahead of UNC, but I also do not think UNC is this rocket ship waiting on the launch pad to take off. Both those things can be true.

Let's just all agree that we need to be aware of it, and not letting our own program slip behind.

I think it's fair to say nothing is guaranteed in this sport in terms of a program taking the next step, but I think we can agree that the most consistent way to elevate your program is to elevate the recruiting. Jimmy's and Joe's don't guarantee wins, but in a sport with so little parity and 22 moving parts on each play, they are the difference more often than not.

They played in a NY6 bowl last year... something we haven't done since 2011.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Also Howell is going pro after this season. So unless you think the next QB is going to step in and be as good or better UNC will take a natural step backwards next year.

They have two 4-star QBs waiting in the wings behind Howell. Drake Maye being one of them - who at one point was committed to Alabama before de-committing and signing with UNC.

Unless their OL improves even Mike Vick would struggle behind that line. VT is behind UNC in talent sure but Mack and his coaches aren't doing much better developing their guys than our regime to me. I'm kinda tired of the way everyone fantasizes over them I'd rather we focus on our issues and stop comparing ourselves to UNC at every junction.

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The other half of recruiting is player development. A huge key to program success is good recruiting and good player development. If either is poor, or both are mediocre the program's not going to see consistent success. A big part of player development is keeping your recruits in the program. Plugging some holes from the portal is no substitute for player development. I think CJF has been mediocre at both recruiting and PD.

So I don't follow them super closely, but a lot of that truly top tier talent us still freshman and sophomores. Tough to consistently be great when you're really relying heavily on young guys. Granted I think Searels is an awful coach and don't understand how he keeps getting these top coaching jobs, but while their current product is rough I would not be surprised to see things click for them down the stretch and next year as their talented guys get a bit older.

Continue to believe that UNC flipped Maye from Alabama, that's what they'd like you to do because it's their story you're selling on here

Exactly. He wasn't a take at Bama anymore, Bama gets who they want, and it wasn't him

Go for it

And even if he was a Bama take it doesn't mean he was good.

Let me know the next time we have someone who was committed to Bama at one point in our QB room....or any 4 stars....or anything better than a Knox Kadum...lol

Sure but don't advance a bad narrative that Maye was a flip. His dad was a UNC QB and his brother played basketball there for Christ's sake. He was always going to UNC. That commitment to Alabama was orchestrated

I was never advocating that....just said what transpired. He was committed, decommited and signed with UNC. Thats truth. If you or anyone take it any other way, thats on you. However, I think its irresponsible for all these folks who are saying that UNC's players are not good even though they are 4 or 5 stars and saying they arent crushing us in recruiting. To downplay the talent they are recruiting is just wrong. Are they developing it? Are we developing the little talent we have? They have been better than us, so hard to say that they arent. And when you have an influx in better talent than us, you have a better chance to hit on your players than we do in trying to find countless diamond in the roughs.

All I'm saying is those "4 and 5 star" guys they're collecting arent really 4 and 5 stars. Those rankings are inflated. Who is 247s largest subscriber base?

I do think Maye is legit though

I don't believe this conspiracy at all. Keeshawn Silver and Jahvaree Ritzie were takes for Bama and UGA at points during that cycle. Travis Shaw was a top target for UGA and Clemson. Everette would have committed to UNC if Kirby Smart didn't go scorched earth negative recruiting UNC and Bly at the last minute, and my source on that last point is directly from a college football coach.

These guys take their jobs seriously in regards to ranking players accurately. It actually does not benefit their business plan long term to just cater to their biggest subscriber bases because if they are all flops, then those people wont trust the recruiting service anymore. There will be busts, there will be guys that are overrated, but just because you hate UNC doesn't mean all their 4 and 5 stars are overrated.

My understanding from a reliable Bama source was not that he wasn't a take (he finished as a 247 inhouse 5*), he was viewed extremely highly by Bama and Clemson, but that he was never expected to stay in the class after Bryce Young flipped to Bama in the class before him (committed to Bama AFTER Maye). Then Bama doubled back to their original 2021 plan at QB, which was Jalen Milroe. They were also dubious from the outset because of the intense UNC pressure from within his family as a multiple legacy family, but I do not believe this was orchestrated from the start with Drake Maye never considering going to Alabama.

Come see me when they actually do anything with that "talent"

Honestly, it's mostly irrelevant whether they squander all the talent they sign. The key point is that a couple of those kids might be Hokies if UNC wasn't so good at recruiting.

We squander quite a bit of talent, too, but it would've been nice to have a few more of those highly coveted players. Both to help us on the field, and to help our image and narrative in recruiting the next class.


Fear them, don't fear them, whatever.

But I'd like some of that North Carolina talent to end up at VT.


From here on out I expect any recruiting news to be decommitments

VB born, class of '14

As long as we keep Orji and Brown with whoever we hire

"Give me a fuΒ’king beer", Anonymous Genius

I think everyone needs to brace themselves for decommitments/portal entries if/when the coaching change happens. I don't have any intel on specific players, but it's just the smart rule of thumb with any regime change/portal era. On the flipside, the portal will likely be our ally in the event of a coaching change as well.

You mean Hooker might come back if Fu gets canned?!? /s

Oh hell to the yes.

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Good Pull(iam)!

10 in state commits this class.

#VA2VT, let's fucking go!

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Serious question. Any of them in the top 5 or 10 for Va. I don't pay attention to recruiting much.

Numbers 9,10,12 and 14 in top 15.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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For reference, North Carolina has Numbers 1, 4, 5, and 8 in VA, as well as numbers 1, 3, 4, and 7 in NC. Yuck.

I hate rude behavior in a man. Won't tolerate it.

is that mostly because of Dre Bly?

Mostly due to all their success on the field against teams from VA I'm sure of it

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What success against teams from VA on the field? UVA won 4 in a row against them starting in 2017. Tech has won 7 of the last 10 including 4 in a row starting in 2016.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Forgot the /s on the original comment


Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

With that statement I couldn't be sure, see so many people think wins are only thing that matter in recruiting and that UNC is this next level playoff team every year.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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My issue is I'm kind of like randy marsh and sarcastaball, I dont really know how to not talk sarcastically I think something might actually be wrong with me. I've had some fun times when I say something sarcastically and people dont realize it right away.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Are you me?

He's everyone. Hardly anyone reads the sarcastica font these days.

UNC beat us last year but I second your overall point.

4 in a row is 2016 2017 2018 2019

Danny is always open

Simple math will get you every time... lol

It's mostly because UNC has more $$, more athletic dept cache, warmer weather, nearer to a metro area, etc.

UNC projected a substantial athletic budget deficit last year and created a fund with a goal of raising $2M.

It raised $5.2 million. UNC then used donation reserves to get to $10M to cut the deficit substantially.

The good news is they'll be lucky if 3 of those 8 end up meeting expectations.

The bad news is the same could be said of the VT commits...