OT: SC Murdaugh Murders

I've bee considering posting about this for awhile but its wildly off topic and there have been more questions than answers. Its come to the point that this story and family is just too crazy not to share. Its happening right now and will certainly be a documentary or Netflix mini series at some point so its interesting to follow and its local to where I live.

Background: The Murdaugh family has been the Solicitor of the 14th Circuit since the 1920's they're certainly one of the most quietly powerful families in South Carolina. In 2006 the family started their own law firm and hand picked their successor Duffy Stone. The main players in the family today are Alex Murdaugh , Maggie Murdaugh (Alex's wife), Paul (younger son) and Buster (older son). They stayed pretty much out of the headlines until 2019 when underaged Paul drunk driving crashed a boat into a bridge killing a passenger on board, Mallory. Then everything from the past starts to unravel.

2015: Steven Smith's body is found in the middle of a road. The police initially rule it a hit and run with almost no evidence that a car struck his body. Highway patrol opens a murder investigation. Buster and Paul are mentioned as likely suspects in many interviews but charges are never filed. His death is ruled accidental murder case closed as unsolved.

2018: Gloria Satterfield, the families house keeper, dies in the Murdaugh house. They claim she tripped and fell, many stories suggest that Paul pushed her killing her. The Murdaugh's pay out a wrongful death suit but no investigation or charges come of this death.

2019: Paul crashes the boat. Their first call after the crash was to Paul's grandfather. All police statements claim that Paul was extremely intoxicated but he was never given and sobriety tests. Initially it looks like the whole investigation is going to fall flat but after a lot of public outcry charges are finally filed against Paul.

2020: Paul's arraigned after spending 0 days in jail.

2021: Paul's trial is weeks away. He is found dead via a shotgun shot next to his mother Maggie who is dead with apparent rifle wounds. Both found on their hunting property by the father/husband Alex.

Last week: Alex is shot in the head while changing a tire. He's treated at the hospital for superficial gunshot wounds and released the same day. It comes out that he's been embezzling money from his law firm, he resigns and states he's checking into rehab for drug addiction.

Today: Arrest warrants are released. A 61 year old man and friend of Alex is arrested on assisted suicide and insurance fraud charges after the police investigation finds that Alex's own knife stabbed his tire and he admits that he was going to have himself killed so Buster gets the $10M life insurance policy.

Steven Smith's death investigation has been reopened by SLED. SLED is investigating where the $1M Alex took from the law has gone. SLED = South Carolina Law Enforcement Division basically state investigators.

So this is a pretty long TL;DR but its a wild story of coverup and power all coming apart. If you want more detail I highly suggest using FITSNews they've broken just about every part of this story: https://www.fitsnews.com/?s=Murdaugh+Murders they also have a podcast called Murdaugh Murders that is well worth the listen (the ladies voice is annoying but you get used to it)

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Dad has a favorite son, who woulda thunk it?

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His standards are pretty easy, be suspected in killing less people and you're the favorite son.

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Wow. Sounds like a Netflix series.

Move over, Tiger King! Actually, doesn't Doc Antle live in Myrtle Beach? This just got spicier

Sad stuff here in SC.

Steven Smith's cause of death was 'blunt force trauma' but there was no sign of skid marks etc. His body was found by a local who reported a man in the middle of the road (very isolated road) early in morning. Thought was somebody bludgeoned him and set him in middle of the road hoping an unsuspecting car would run the body over and seal the deal.

Other cases have suspicious circumstances coupled with local missteps in charges/investigations leading to accusations of corruption, coverups etc.

The family is well-connected and powerful in their county for generations but the wheels have fallen off.

It's weird being relatively local to this story, I'm in Charleston and have family in Beaufort and Hilton Head and just watching it explode and gain steam has been crazy.

Yeah finding all of the details of the Steven Smith case really says a lot. I mean the fact that Highway Patrol was investigating a murder is crazy the recordings of them calling it a murder then just closing out the investigation its all so strange.

A friend of the Murdaugh's also called in to report something that went with the initial hit an run ruling. Saying that he heard rumors that so and so hit something the night before and came back the next morning to see cops everywhere and left. That call however was routed through a law firm and not directly to police and the guy admitted that the Murdaugh's told him to give police that story. (this whole deal is covered in the latest podcast episode but also kinda hard to follow so I might have mixed up some detail here.)

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If I learned anything from Justified, it's that dealing with someone named Duffy is a bad idea.

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This is an under rated comment. What a fantastic show.

Who, you mean Wynn Duffy, the accomplished surfer? He's perfectly harmless

edit: but seriously though, the two above me are right, Justified is one of the greatest TV shows I've ever seen

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Sad story. I've reached a point where I think the default state of humanity is animalistic and self serving rather than some enlightened being that is empathetic to anyone outside a very small circle, if at all.

When a person has learned that they can get away with any bad act, they will likely never stop doing that act, and indeed will keep pushing the envelope.

An outsized sense of ego and entitlement has many parents. Money. Social construct. Legal exception. Religion or lack of religion. The list is long.

This sort of story is as old as written history. Basic human nature doesn't change by will or wish.

I think the best we can hope for is that social norms and legal norms mesh and are enforced responsibly enough that such growth of malignant entitlement can be as limited as possible.

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I've reached a point where I think the default state of humanity is animalistic and self serving

This is but a result of our curiosity. My wife has gotten into crime scene pods, and 9/10 times, the serial killer, murderer, possessed by demon kid, murders after opening a door they shouldn't have opened, or a book, or even a questioning teacher.

And then, they realize they can get away with it. It's upon that realization, that they become self serving, survival instinct kicks in, they can't be caught, they don't want to be on the other side. And sometimes, they want the attention and the power that comes with it.

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Well that sucks.

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It all comes down to parenting. Both parents and society are responsible for helping children establish some level of spirituality (that doesn't necessarily mean religion) and an awareness of right and wrong and conscience. When that basic awareness is not imprinted at a young age and spirituality is lacking, you can end up with a selfish individual that lacks empathy. Parents and teachers are the frontline and then society in general should help fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, there are a lot of gaps and the outward projections offered by society these days often lack in themes of spirituality and conscience. We should all work hard to fill the voids and help youngins identify and build a healthy conscience. And avoid confusing right and wrong with political ideas, and focus only on the most basic moral principles.

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Yeah I'm closing this rabbit hole before it starts.

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aw come on chris whaddya mean we can't debate whether or not man's selfishness is learned or inherent? this some real Hobbes and Locke, Montesquieu and Rousseau stuff going on here! this is the core philosophical debate that underpins the entirety of modern political theory!!!!!!! respectfully consider this poor form 😆😉😅

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Pretty interesting. I have lived long enough and been in enough combat and messed up real world situations to see the best and worst of humanity and this seems more of the later than the former. This sounds like elite people doing shady stuff, netflix mini series should be interesting

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That Paul sounds like a real asshole.

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3 generations of Murdaugh's, from 1920 -2005 served as circuit solicitor for the 14th Circuit, which covers 5 counties in SC. Wonder how dirty the rest of the clan is?

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nice run down, heuplek. i live in greenville, and my wife's family is from this area, they are very interested in this story, and were very skeptical abouyt last week's events. turns out they were correct.

one question, maybe someone can answer...who is steven smith? and did he have any ties to the family?

That'll be the focal point of the second or third episode

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

Short answer: 19 yo local man, nursing student. Death called 'hit and run' by forensic path doctor, who was then questioned by an investigating officer who concluded doctor had no evidence to make that conclusion (no car involved, evidence etc.) Evidence went missing, including victim's phone and rape kit results.... Police stated 'unsolved', never followed up. Mom of victim pressed on, documents showed investigators had tip that Murdaugh son and friend knew Stephen Smith, may have had relations and/or killed him...

Now case receiving new attention...

But why ruin a perfectly good tire?

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I live in Beaufort and have watched this thing get crazier and crazier since the boat incident in 2019...just when you think it's over, something more outrageous happens.

Have mercy. Being married to French is hard y'all.

^ha ha.
That's my wife following all this.

She's my source, updates me.

Her nephew went to school with one of the sons-Buster and her other nephew has fished those waters extensively and know how negligent and reckless the other son was in the boating mishap. (Lots of info from the on-line boating forums...)
Sordid tale of a sordid entitled family....

Most prolific serial killer in TV history right there!

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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How tragic for the Gloria Satterfield family. (and the other victim's and families).
The coroner's report stated 'natural causes' (?!)

I'm thinking there will/should be investigations to agencies/persons enabling all this as well. It runs deep....


Crazy that all of these people have wanted justice for so long. That boat crash gaining traction in the circles it did was crucial. Don't mess with the South Carolina boating community most of the boating facebook groups I'm in didn't let that one go even up until he was murdered.

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So ABC picked up the story and I wanted to vet it before I posted about it 48 minutes in and it's the best national coverage this story has got. All the good local reporters, victims families, people very much in the know not just here to make a story.

The 20/20 should be on hulu streaming it won't cover everything but it's a good tldr.

Edit also realizing that I haven't updated where Alex is as he's been indicted on a bunch of financial charges and recent physical evidence links him to the murder scene but he has not been charged with those murders....yet

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Watched the 20/20 last night. Definitely some crazy left turns that take place in this story that I wasn't expecting!

I feel like this story pops up at least once a week on the CLT morning news.

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Trial begins today, and they're currently going through jury selections

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