Two Bright Spots on an Otherwise Gloomy Day

I thought BB3 played a gutsy and serviceable game. He took a beating and kept asking for more. His early conservative downfield approach was maddening to watch, especially given he threw some darts down the field in the second half. With better play calling in the red zone he's celebrated for a comeback road win against a rival.

The defense was sketchy and unreliable in the opening half, but they clamped down in the second. Credit to J-Ham and his crew for turning it around.

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Those in game adjustment will get after ya'

We put the K in Kwality

Blackshear played his ass off, limping around for most of 2nd Half.

K. Smith also played like a man on a mission.

Also, Miami got destroyed.

Happy things.

Florida State as well. I can be thankful to Wake.

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We weren't going undefeated so I'll take the losses out of conference and hope for the best.

Nothing went right and we still almost won. Phase 1 of goal resetting and let's get to the ACC Championship.

This was my thought by yesterday evening. We played like crap. Coaches coached like crap and we still should have won. It doesn't really change anything for our season as we are not going to the playoff anyway and we are undefeated in the conference. Oh yeah, don't forge #FireCornelson.

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I'm pretty sure everyone would like to take "Fire Cornelson" to the forge and make it permanent.

I think we are all in sky is falling mode because the loss just happened AND the loss was dramatic af. But, I think with time and reflection we will see that this was a very even matchup between two ok to solid teams. We were in no way #15. Luckily for us, our schedule isnt exactly full of world beaters so we will win quite a few more games. Just dont expect a trip to Charlotte.

Respectfully, I do not think we are in sky falling mode because we lost, but rather, because of the way we lost the first 3 quarters - seen it a million times now. I'll stop there because it's in every other thread.

I honestly don't even think the game should've been close. They scored early on two janky plays, after that we basically held em.. and with all the points we left on the board... Man

Bright spots? I liked Holston in the second half. When he was given the ball and given the opportunity to play football he delivered.

Blackshear is having his time.

Kaleb is better than his previous stats ever gave us reason to believe.

We can get down inside the opponent's five yard line like a champ.

I mean we were right. there.

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Ya. thats why it was a bright spot.

i conveniently left out the not so bright spot.

this is an optimism thread

I agree on both counts. I think it will be important and interesting to see how we learn from the experience and if we grow/adjust as a team. If the Hokies do I believe they win the coastal.

Examples - 2nd half adjustments and coming out flat. Bud was celebrated for his adjustments - can JHAm continue with that skill?
Without Mitchell, Braxton gaining experience and playing our 3rd string tackle do we adjust our offensive play calling in the red zone? I recognize the cynical and hateful comments that usually follow here, but I sincerely mean it. Great coaches adjust based on personnel and what they are good/bad at it - how do we adjust and improve?

The players did the best with the situation they were put in. We called a game that we should have lost by 30 and we had a 1st and goal from the 3 to win with a minute left. The players themselves are to be commended for the effort today.

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I dont know if we should have lost by 30. The defense put the clamps on the second half. That was earned, not given.

Fair point, I didn't mean anything bad about the defense, at least late. Definitely a lot to be desired regarding tackling for the entirety of the game (how hard it is to wrap up rather than go for the kill shot). But they did clamp down late.

I will not donate to Virginia Tech Athletics as long as Justin Fuente is the head coach of VT Football. Enough is enough.

The lack of wrapping up still baffles me.

Yeah IIRC there was one play in particular where our #1 had their #1 dead to rights and way short of a first down and just sort of leaned a shoulder into him, which missed, so the WVU player sprinted ahead and got a first down. Maddening.

Remember that one vividly.

Go Hokies!!

Pretty sure he stepped out of bounds before he picked up the first down on that play too. But Fuente failed to call timeout to challenge the play.

Agreed. I think it was at least worth reviewing.

Having said that, if #1 had made the tackle this point would have been moot.

But we were heady enough to fake an injury for the shoe coming off after the very next play!

Their QB missing WRs that had burned our DBs helped a bunch too

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Agree 100%

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These players can win a lot of games, when the coaching sets them up for success.

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These players can win a lot of games, when the coaching sets them up for success Gets out of their way.

also this...

Listened to the radio feed and they seemed proud of what BB3 put up considering the o-line fell apart as the game went on.

Special teams balled out minus the one punt robinson failed to field.

Defense played really well overall but got left out to dry in the first half by the garbage offense in the first half. They gave us every chance to win and some but the offense let them down in a bad way.

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The defense took a punch to the face and a kick to the balls the first 5 plays. After that they settled down and made some plays.

We had a chance to win at the end, we had a TD by Robinson taken off the boards because of reasons (i am more sure that was a TD than Danny Coale's)

Burmeister protected that ball. He threw down field and generally made good decisions with it. There is a lot of good things that our players did, but man half the time I felt Burmeister did better when flushed from the pocket and was allowed to throw downfield because well plays broken.

This had the feel some of our Brewer like games where he got knocked around but kept dealing. Listening to the radio they were very pleased with how he hung in there but felt he was holding onto the ball way too long and needed to be sharper or faster at getting the ball out.

The defense can walk away feeling good they shut it down in the second half and forced huge turnovers that should've won the game but the offense couldnt capitalize.

We're 2-1 which is about right and still 1-0 in the ACC with a UNC in the rear view mirrors. The rest of the conference looks a toss-up and honestly the offense worries me a bit but the defense has shown far more gumption this season and special teams is doing well kicking game aside.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

I will have to rewatch but I felt like Burmiester was being forced out of the pocket the whole game, in the 2nd quarter he finally got time to throw and did well. I'm sure he held the ball to long on some plays because we'll he does that, but WVUs defense got after it.

The radio guys were very very criticial though on o-line play and said how hoffman was really struggling in pass protection but felt him moving out of the center spot made the run game better. Clearly some work to do on the o-line this week to sort it out if we cant run the ball at all we need to find a line that can pass protect or itll be more ugly possessions.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

We will beat Notre Dame...and you can quote me on that shit

Never a doubt in my mind.

We will beat Notre Dame...and you can quote me on that shit

Let it be quoted!

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I really like J Ham. I think he has the defense headed in such a good direction this year. Really thinking he turns into Bud Lite if given a year or two

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He's already there the first three games this year. The 2nd half D was textbook.

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Still in first place though. Bright spots

Top performers:

No particular order top 5.

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I thought we could have used Blumrick in the red zone

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I like that the guys didn't quit. Some of Fuente's other teams 100% quit some games but these guys didn't today. That gives me some hope when literally nothing else went right today. We didn't even leave the right people in Morganhole.

Bright spot:

I love VT football and today's game, albeit with a negative outcome, provided the type of jolt on a Saturday that is part of my lifeblood. It doesn't always work out, but every year I get to Lane stadium to enjoy an epic win. Being a fan is always worth it.

I left and went to a retirement party for aunt and uncle who are Hokies. Everybody got drunk. It was chill. Life goes on.

Also the whole ACC is trash and nobody has a better claim to the coastal than us.

At least UNC's offense doesn't appear to be a complete dumpster fire, so that win is still looking better than FSU in 2018.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

This was the brightest spot of the weekend for me. I think our defense is trending in the right direction and will exceed expectations. Just gotta score.

I knew that when we didn't run that pick back for a TD we were in real trouble....defense struggle early but ultimately it kept us in the game. I say they did their job. The offense is a complete mess which is inexcusable in year 6. Of course, that's not stopping the coaches from making excuses. The players have to execute ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Corn is just being good to J Ham by forcing him to prove that he's truly Bud's successor...he needs to keep teams under 20 points still. Thank you Cornelson.

How about that almost Tyrod against FSU 3rd and 24 conversion by BB. Kid showed the team he wasn't giving up and was about to send it.

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That arm down stretch at the end was a baller move.

Yeah that 3rd and 24 needs to get recognized by them history books. Amazing work by BB3

Seriously...reminded me of Vick scampering down the same sideline in 2000

We played a game and nearly won that shouldn't have been close...and we played a game that we lost and had no business losing....and they were the same game......sheeesh!

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THIS sums it up perfectly.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

J-Ham showed the ability to make halftime adjustments, Waller is going to be a high draft pick they way he is playing, The team didn't quit.

1-0 every week

Definitely a bright spot.

I've seen a lot of comments in other threads saying BB3 is not a good QB but I'm still not convinced of that. He may not have elite arm talent, but I think he does have an arm (how about that bomb to Deilulius?) He has also shown the ability to check down that we hadn't seen from our guys the last few years. That TD to Holston in the 4th doesn't happen from HH. He also looked pretty good in the late part of the game doing drop back passing when WVU was expecting passing. My opinion is BB3 is better than we realize, but the play calling is holding him back.

I agree, but development is clearly also needed. He seemed to finally look at the middle of the field when we got behind and he was forced to not be sooo conservative with the ball.

He still struggles to see the field and feel the rush (so far it's an either or), but this is a pure experience thing I am convinced he will get better with experience and I think to Joe's point he took a step forward in that progression yesterday.

This is fairly obvious, but he is definitely playing hurt - how severely it's hard to say, but his shoulder appears banged up (throwing shoulder).

I wouldn't be shocked if we play him sparingly this week and/or scheme up a way to keep him from being hit much and get him out early (hopefully) to get him ready for ND and core ACC schedule. At least that is what I think they should do

Considering the bar was not set for a playoff appearance this year, should we look at this like "better to have these errors in non-conference play"? Hopefully the team can shake off this loss, retain cohesion and aim to win the coastal. At least be in the running for that, and retain the recruiting class we have now - that would be nice in my view.

Of course this is not a playoff program at this point. 3 of the same 4 teams are in the playoff every year. Having said that, regardless of season long goals, how about playing well against WVU? Whether the goal is to go undefeated or not? How about being prepared and coaching better on offense? Macro goals are hurting this program imo. Focus on beating the teams you should and actually playing well week in week out.

Yeah after a while I get tired of the inconsistent play and going "well onto next week". How about coming out the gate prepared every week? How about executing the little things and putting our guys in the best position to make a play? Moral victories are getting old.

So just worry about going 1-0 this week.

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1. We clearly came out of the gates flat. They didn't.
2. We need to be much more aggressive on offense - we aren't going to push teams around. We have to get th we ball down the field.

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To your point, WVU scores per quarter were:
14, 10, 3, 0
Though they started out fast, JHam adjusted, got our feet under us, and nearly slammed the door shut after half. Every quarter got better.

Our scores per quarter were:
7, 0, 7, 7
Pretty flat with one goose egg. Not great. Still had a chance to win but not good enough in the end. If that goose egg had been consistent with the rest of them we would have won.


It wasn't

That 2nd quarter had a Hokie TD.

Robinson caught a pass and the refs took it away then we missed a FG.

I got so irritated when they said they were reviewing it as incomplete pass to overturn. The replay showed at least 2 ref's signal touchdown. They should have reviewed it as a TD not an incomplete. Either way it stood.

Right! Damn! I forgot the Danny Coale caveat that happened there. The Coale-veat, if you will

And likewise we shouldn't go for it on 4th down early in the game. There's no reason. Bank away the points and guess what, we're either tied or down 3 at the end of the game

Especially when your theory is "we are going to out angle and out number them on this 4th down"... never works. Never. The more physical team wins those downs on every level of football. The RPO outnumber premise only works if you can also block the guy in front of you from blowing you 3 yards back. The play never works. We are not out smarting or out angling anyone there. We are just giving their crowd something to cheer about.

Right, early in the game, on the road, against a fired up fanbase, you take the points.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

I'm not sure we lose that game if it's 330 or later.

I loved that the defense adjusted and recovered.

I loved that our offense put plays together to put us in position to win.

A third bright spot: I was never able to watch the game.

Couldn't watch live due to daughter's birthday party stuff. When I had time later on (2-ish hours after the game ended), the game still wasn't available on Fox Sports' replay. Checking back the next day, the Fox Sports app informed me that I didn't have the right channel in my package (we pay for Dish for a family home in AL).

Still wouldn't mind watching it, just to see what everyone is talking about. Is there no hokietapes replacement on youtube?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Just look at the score think hard fought loss and don't watch it, trust me

sadly there is not, and I would be surprised if anyone cares to fill those big shoes while the team is middling. The ACC doesn't even seem to have a condensed game available. Though it does appear a WVU fan has uploaded the full game

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