French Eats his way through Maryland and Pennsylvania

This weekend, I took Susie for a road trip up to see Revolutionary War history sites around the Philadelphia area. En route to and in between visits to Brandywine, Valley Forge, Washington's Crossing, and Princeton, I hit up a couple of my all time favorite restaurants.

En route up, a stop in Baltimore for Pioneer Pit Beef

Then for dinner, we hit up Mi Pais, a Colombian place with empanandas and arepas in Malvern, PA. Sorry, I failed on the photo front.

On Saturday, we had lunch at a spot called Luberto's Brick Oven Pizza and Trattoria in Dublin PA. I had a steak sandwich and we split an appitizer of fried zucchini. I am usually very leery of Italian restaurants because of the omnipresence of cheese, but this spot gets high commendations from me. If the dipping sauce is indicative of the sauce on their pizzas, I will get a cheeseless pizza next time I come through.

For dinner, we bebopped up to Hellertown (just outside Bethlehem PA) for Limon Authentic Kepab House. For all my travels, this is literally the best restaurant I have ever eaten at in the United States. I never thought I would get back, and I am so happy Susie was willing to go an hour out of the way to eat there. We split the mixed kabobs, but as good as the chicken and lamb were, the adana was hands down the most unworldly good thing I have eaten in some time.

Unfortunately we ended with a whimper. I wanted to make sure Susie got to see Amish country on the drive home. Unfortunately, everything is closed in Amish country on Sundays. We found some awful tourist trap spot where the restaurant was in a train car in Strasburg PA. They didn't have any buttermilk to make pancakes, and I ended up with a free hotel breakfast buffet quality home fries and sausage breakfast. The toast was good. Pioneer also isn't open on Sundays, so I stopped at a Roy Rogers (big oof) in Waldorf MD on the way home.

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Also, this past weekend- LOBSTER ROLLS IN VIRGINIA BEACH. Even though they are only open Friday-Sunday, you are making a mistake if you are in Virginia Beach and don't hit up A Bite of Maine.

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Dang Frech you were within 2 miles of my house! Tidewater Hokies are having an event at Ballyhoos tonight in the same shopping center as a Bite of Maine

Also, Mason's lobster rolls is offering a Bite of Maine some competition. They opened up recently on Shore Dr. right at the base of the east side of the Lesner bridge

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Nice, one of those in DC, the other in National Harbor if your in the Metro DC region.

Maine lobster in VA Beach? I don't get it. Like finding only Louisiana crab in Maryland restaurants.

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I am pretty sure A Bite of Maine is a distributor, and the restaurant is a brick and mortar to provide storage space.

Eat them. Worth it.

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started as a food truck.


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Yeah, I was a little confused by this post because I thought they were still just a food truck

It's a shame I don't vacation in Lynnhaven anymore as I would hit that place up. Spent a week every summer for over 30 years a few blocks from there. A great part of the Beach.

a road trip up to see Revolutionary War history sites around the Philadelphia area

Who knew French was such a romantic!! /S

It is a mutual interest. We got married at the site of Patrick Henry's boyhood church (Pole Green.)

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Oh yeah I was just teasing.

It does seem like an awesome trip. Hopefully next time you can hit Amish country during the week.

Thought about you two when I saw an article in the RTD this weekend about Pole Green.

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Yesterday was our six month anniversary.

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Congrats to you and Ms Susie! May all your days be cheese-less!

(Posted in the right place this time)

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

In that part of Pennsylvania I'm sure you could find a good tomato pie. Very divisive in my household when my family from the Philly area would bring one down to Virginia. I love it, but I know some of my family was not a fan.

Good to know on the VA Beach front. I should have a trip to Norfolk soon. Might have to remember that one.

It is just east of Lynnhaven Inlet on Dam Neck Road. Don't get fooled by the Masons Lobster Rolls (a chain) right before you get to the inlet.

The rock crab was on sale for $12.99. Lobster rolls are $18 (and a top value at that price. Lesser product is nearly $30 for less meat here in Richmond.)

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Old Great Neck road

No such thing as a good tomato pie.

Nonsense. And a Philly tomato pie is different from what most ppl think of as tomato pie. (you may already know this)

You have no idea how hard I'm working to not downvote an opinion I disagree with...

But I get it. It's either something you love or hate. I just happen to love it. Was certainly very confused the first time I had it, but I (unlike the sauce) warmed up to it quickly.

Hey good stuff man! Thanks for sharing...I saw in another thread that you lived in Falls Church. I spent 25 of my formative years there


I tried a history themed eating trip with the wife once, we both learned she hates civil war history.

this is a similar lesson I learned with my wife

we both learned she hates civil war history

Oh no, my wife loves British history, do these history/eating trips are expensive and the food lacks.

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Turkish food is AMAZING! Highly recommend a trip to Istanbul (not Constantinople). Incredible food journey there and it's a stunning vacation location.

Have you had Turkish Breakfast before?

I have not, and I haven't been to Turkey yet (although with my company's work, I wouldn't be shocked if I end up there at some point.)

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If you ever get the chance to go, let me know. I'll give you some recommendations.

In the meantime, if you enjoy cooking, these are two of the best breakfasts worldwide. Easy to make and can use substitutions if you need.

forgot your not a cheese fan. Just try the first one. That's my favorite of the two anyway

Both of those look really good.

I make Cilbir almost every week. It is ridiculously easy to make and so f-ing good. If you can't find Aleppo pepper you can just use regular dry chilli flakes.

What do you use to make the savory yoghurt?

turkish yoghurt is pretty much the same as greek yoghurt. just use plain greek yoghurt, add the garlic and salt and you get savory yoghurt. Combined with the richness of the egg yolk and nuttiness of the brown butter and pepper sauce .... so damn good.

In the video, she says to use room temp yoghurt but I like to use cold yoghurt as it makes a fresher pop when you taste it. Can use pretty much any toasted bread, but I find sourdough or potato roll is my favorite. oh, I also use chives on top as a substitute as well.

Yeah, I was originally thinking garlic, salt & pepper. Didn't think about potato roll and I love sour dough but definitely gonna use brioche too. Damn, making me hungry again.

I had close enough ingredients to give it a try for brunch this morning. Two day old butter brushed yeast rolls (spayed with Pam after tearing for a bit more oil), fresh mulata peppers instead dried peppers (picking about 3 a day from the garden), and my wife's fat free organic store brand greek yogurt. A little more work than an omelette, about the same as huevos rancheros or a Benny. Also subbed the chives, as my parsley went to seed. Can't say I liked it better than the others, but good enough to upgrade the ingredients to the real thing and add to the brunch rotation. Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome! Glad you liked it. 😃 I will say there is something that is different (in a good way) when you use dry chillis rather than fresh. And then using Aleppo pepper itself adds a bit more to it.

I have dried Aleppo peppers from last year, and will use some next time. They do have a unique savory quality I love in my chicken rub. I just have a lot of fresh peppers coming in this time of year. I'll try the Aleppo and buy a better bread for next time. The yogurt would also have a better texture if it was not the fat free type, but like I said, I wanted to try it with what I had. Thanks again!

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

As TKP resident Man of Mystery and World Traveller Extraordinaire, we need a 'Fernley Eats His Way Through the World' series.

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always happy to give recommendations! Not sure if I could do a food blog series on what I am currently eating as I unfortunately don't travel as much internationally these past few years. So pretty much Chinese food and foreign food here in China. Next month will be the first time in over a year I'll be out of country. really looking forward to that.

I'll bet.

Side note: as far as eating food foreign to the county in which you find yourself goes, oddly enough, the best Chinese I have ever had was in Germany.

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the best italian food i ever had was in Zurich

I only mentioned Chinese because of Fernley, but I haven't actually been to China to speak on Chinese food.

But, now that you mention Italian, I have been to Italy, and the best Italian I've had was also in Germany.

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"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

Zurich is in Switzerland

nvm, I read your posts above and now I see what you mean (a bit ambiguous, honestly)

I haven't been to Germany but it sounds like I should go. I've had Italian food in Italy and it was fantastic. Granted, the food you get at the touristy places isn't so good. You have to find the local spots to get the best food. If it says "Ristorante" you should run in the opposite direction.

I've never been to China, either, but the best Chinese food I've had was in....Uganda. We lived next to a Chinese couple (he was an engineer working with one of the many construction companies building roads there) and we had some home-cooked meals with them a few times. Very, very good food. And not what you'd find in a "Chinese" restaurant in the States.

Onward and upward

Granted, the food you get at the touristy places isn't so good.

Unfortunately, the time I've spent in Italy hasn't afforded much extra exploration time to get off the beaten path. And I'm positive this is the reason why the best Italian I've had has been in Germany.

If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

Lots of Chinese in Africa and the government ships Chinese food stuffs there so they can make home cooking. nice one.

what ended up being your favorite Ugandan dish?

Great question! I have to say, as far as African cuisine goes, cooked food in Uganda has to be fairly low on the list. I suspect the fact they are a former British colony has to have something to do with it-the locally prepared food left a lot to be desired. That said, there were a couple things that could be recommended.

Each town had at least one joint that barbecued pork. It was hit or miss but if you found a good one it was worth it. Juicy and tender, served on a bed of shredded and cooked cabbage and consumed by hand.

There are street vendors EVERYWHERE that would sell "rolexes" (which I don't think is a truly Ugandan dish but the first time I had it was there). A rolex is flat bread with an egg or two, some tomatoes and onions, salt and pepper all rolled up into kind of a large taquito. Not terribly healthy but a tasty snack you can find just about anywhere.

The best food, though, is the fruit. It's in the tropics and very lush. The fruit is rich and juicy. The best mangoes I've ever had. The best bananas I've ever had. The best avocados I've ever had. The best papaya I've ever had. The list goes on. Fruit is the way to go there.

Onward and upward

Wow, nice pull! That was 5 years ago bro 🤣

A lot has changed since I was in Uganda. I'm back in the states (North Carolina) and my wife and I have recently embarked on a totally new(different) and exciting adventure. Parenthood.

Onward and upward

That's the best adventure! congratulations!

This is a common problem I found early on. When I would travel, and didn't have local friend to guide me, I would research as much as I could but invariably get directed to tourist traps. Lonely planet was/is a shit food guide.

But later I learned a trick that may be obvious to others but was eye opening for me. If you search in English, "best places to eat Tuscany" for example you get 30 websites pretty much telling you to go to the same places. If you use Google translate to Italian then search in then you get local blogs about places you've never heard of that locals like. You just need to translate the sites back to english. It takes a lot more time but you get great finds and they give dish recommendations etc.

Because I can say 100% the best Italian food is in Italy.

This makes a ton of sense. The best food we had in Italy was probably from a little place in Florence that our wedding photographer recommended. She's originally from Florence and knew exactly where to tell us to go and what to ask for.

Onward and upward

When we were in Florence we had some meatballs that were just like one of the restaurants where I grew up. It's the only two places I've had meatballs that good (was only in Florence for a day).

I grew up in an Italian area of WV where the restuarant has been there over 80 years and was started by immigrants.

So #1 on Italian food, Italy (Venice had the best prociutto pizza I've ever had) #2 is WV.

Because I can say 100% the best Italian food is in Italy.

I lived in Italy for three years. Can confirm

Though there is damn fine Italian cuisine in almost every country I've ever been to, and they can be found if you do thorough research. "Little Italy" sections in places like Baltimore and Cleveland have great food, though sometimes expensive.

That's a great idea on how to avoid touristy restaurants when traveling. There is life outside tourist guides/sites.

Not unexpected. Chinese food around the world varies a lot, but unless you know how to order in Chinese places in foreign countries are never like real Chinese food.

There was a place here in Shanghai that served American style Chinese food, ran by two guys from NYC. It was a smash hit with expats missing the Chinese food we grew up on.

But China has so many varieties of cuisine to try. And distinctly different than each other. Impossible to duplicate that in western countries where most of what you get is primarily Cantonese/Fujianese mix with some Sichuan here or there, maybe Peking duck. Here those are all different restaurants.

I will be honest. I don't remember what was on the menu at the Chinese place in Germany, I just remember it was nothing like typical American-Chinese restaurants.

Side note: Speaking of Chinese restaurants in the states, RIP Andy Chang's. 'Tis a sad day for Lynchburg.

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Looks tremendous. I can appreciate the view even though cheese is gross.

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Second this. I'll never forget when my wife and I had dinner in Istanbul during our honeymoon and could see the Hagia Sofia in the distance.

If you like history, Istanbul is jam packed with it.

That's an atypical honeymoon location for most Stateside. What made you choose to go there? I couldn't agree more with you though.

I became interested in the Ottoman empire after taking a course with Professor Ochsenwald in the History department. After that I wanted to see the mighty walls of Constantinople that had stood for a thousand years.

My wife did a study abroad where she met a friend who was from Northern Cyprus. My wife was told about the beautiful beaches there and some of the interesting history of the island.

Because Turkey controls the northern portion of the island, about the only way in and out is through Istanbul. So we decided to do a trip where we saw Istanbul and then Northern Cyprus.

Loved the trip and the food. Even if we were hassled by every shop owner to come eat in their place.

Oh man, you are speaking my language. I spent a looong time at the Blue Mosque and Galata Tower, and like you, walking around the walls of Rumelihisarı.

Never been to Cyprus though and I am incredibly jealous.

Getting harassed is definitely an issue unless you dress more local, but still nothing like really aggressive places like Morocco for example. (Or at least for me)

The Blue Mosque is a beautiful building. When we were there we stayed mostly within the confines of Sultan Ahmet. Would love to go back and visit the Galata Tower sometime, or some of the modern parts of the city.

Any other interesting places you've visited? Would love to add some more to wish list

Interesting places in Istanbul or in general?

I know I am way behind, but history tourism is amazing. I am reading these posts with complete delight.

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Deleted, because I was in the wrong place....

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As a Valley Forge native, Mi Pais is so underrated around here. I think I only know like three people that have been (including you). But next time you're up you need to check out Nudy's. Classic breakfast food for days including cinnamon bun French toast the size of your face

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We got cash from a Wells Fargo right next to a Nudys. I giggled at the name because I am a man-child.

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I rarely doubt French when it comes to food (except the cheese thing...) so here's some backup for the Pioneer Pit Beef selection.

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@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

Lived in Maryland 25 years. I enjoy a pitt beef sandwhich. I ve had them from several of those places. Having said that- the hype over top round low grade beef that needs to be sliced razor thin to not taste like shoe leather is over the top. Its a thin sliced choice grade roast beef sandwich from a cheap big cut. Better than Arby's fake beef, but over hyped.

Agreed. And don't ask anyone around here for brisket. It worse than shoe's mack truck tire.

To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

i have tried making Pitt beef a couple of times and if you don't slice it very thin it's just too tough. I thought maybe it was the cut, to but after much reading and another try, it's pretty much just how it is. Really simplified it's taking a tough cut, grilling it like a London broil and slicing it thin enough to break down the tough givers when it really needs to be slow cooked or braised.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Always enjoyed food from Japan. Some of my favorites include: Goya Champuru (an acquired taste), Katsudon, Teri Donburi (a type of teriyaki chicken), and Okinawa Soba. Hard to find those stateside, though.


BTW, does anyone have any recommendations for a lobster roll place in the DMV?

Subscribed and following.

Here in RVA it's East Coast Provisions.

Gotta get to some of those VA Beach spots that kicked off the thread.

Luke's Lobster House was the Brick and Mortar spot. Sadly, Red Hook Lobster Pound closed down their carts and truck. But as much as I like both, A Bite of Maine is the spot.

East Coast is ok. But it isn't even in the park vs ABM.

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Sad I am late to this but if anyone is passing through Baltimore and looking to try a good local spot, give Ekiben a go. It was started by a former coworker of mine and his college buddy. They do asian fusion and have won an incredible number of awards for their taiwanese curry fried chicken on steamed buns. It is an incredible experience.

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