OT: EPL and other leagues January 2023 transfer window

Liverpool get the window going by agreeing to sign Dutch international world cup star Cody Gakpo from PSV

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Just came here to post this lol.

Great signing for Liverpool. They have an impressive stockpile of attacking options. Might want to sign a midfielder though.

Arsenal reportedly bid €40 + 20m in add one for Mykhailo Mudryk from Shakhtar. The worst kept secret of the window. Should get done soon I think. To me he seems a bit raw for that price but he has the talent to be really special and we really need another attacker.

Gunners need need a midfielder in the summer. Mudryk is a great addition to the squad and can cover both wings.

Gakpo is a clear upgrade to the Liverpool squad, helps out in the here and now with all the injuries but can also fill a role for the future, as soon as this summer when Firmino leaves. But gakpo, salah, darwin, jota, diaz is an embarrassment of riches for a club that's got obvious obvious needs in the midfield, relying on Henderson and Fabinho plus always injured Thiago and mostly ineffective Keita (what an underwhelming transfer he turned out to be).

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If they don't get Tielemans this window I think they'll sign him for free this summer. Already reported they've agreed with Evan Ndicka from Eintracht Frankfurt. Tielemans could be next if they can't agree a fee to get it done in Jan.

Only worry with Mudryk is the fee. If he hits it's no problem but with the growing money gap between EPL and the rest, they'll never get close to that money back if he doesn't quite make it.

Would love for Gunners to take a run at Tyler Adams...some dreams are too good to come true though.

All the reporting about Gakpo was to Man U it seemed like. Either Man U got played, or they were dumb, or some (hopefully hilarious) combination of both.

Go Hokies!

Liverpool are notoriously good at avoiding leaks with negotiations -- my guess is they had terms agreed with Gakpo and he was convinced of the project and told PSV to get it done

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Bring in Bellingham over the summer and now we're cooking with peanut oil...rooting for the Arse to win the league since my brother is a gooner and the league is beyond us at this point.

Gapko would be an exciting addition looking forward to him knocking out Real in the CL (sorry Chris!)

Finally gonna spend all that Coutinho money πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

Edit: TIL that uefa did away with cup-tying players a few years ago

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Ha we spent that Phil money on Darwin who can't hit the ocean from a boat

My brother, liverpool spent the phil money four years ago and supporters have been talking about the windfall enabling new moves ever since

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Bruh that was the champions league money but gooners wouldn't know what that's about amirite...total cheap shot but not sorry

The same january window coutinho left for 135m, vvd came in for 84.5m. Then in the next summer window, liverpool spent 62.5m on Alisson, 60m on Keita, 45m on Fabinho, and 14.7m on Shaqiri. (All figures in euros, all from transfermarkt.)


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Adams won't move this January. Only been there since the summer. Has been linked with Arsenal under Arteta though. I'd love to see it, but it will take at least 50m this summer and I don't see us spending that on a backup DM.

I think he'll probably stay at Leeds one more year unless they get relegated.

Rumors that Chelsea (shocker...) are looking at triggering the release clause for World Cup Golden Boy Enzo Fernandez of Benfica. For an eye-watering €120m! Benfica bought him this past summer for €10m. Chelsea must be stopped, this is getting ridiculous.

They spent €280m over the summer since Boehly took over and have already agreed to buy Nkunku and like 2 or 3 other players that aren't on Transfermarkt yet. I would love to know how they are planning to comply with FFP in a couple years.

I can't figure out how FFP is actually supposed to reign in clubs that spend like crazy when they have rich owners. Seems like there are so many ways to balance your books cooked into the system, big clubs are just never going to fall foul of the rules.

Go Hokies!

Basically, it's a largely meaningless set of rules. The clubs can easily get around it by spreading out their purchases over the life of the contract with the player (50m fee + 25m salary = 15m per year "spend") but count sales as the full figure for whatever year the player gets sold in. And there's a 35m loss allowed per year. So, if a club sells players for a total 50m, they can spend up to 85m that year, which actually means they can spend hundreds of millions because most players will sign a 4 or 5 year contract. So 400m worth of fees and salaries only reports as an 80m spend if every new player is on a 5 year contract. That doesn't count other loopholes like bringing a player in on loan with an obligation to buy the next year and I'm sure countless others. I'm sure there's many things I've skipped over or don't know, but basically it doesn't do anything. Especially since we saw what happened with City a few years ago - there's not actually any power to enforce the penalties.

So I guess my original point is moot - they aren't technically breaking any rules. It's just annoying I guess.

City proved that an army of lawyers and endless money can delay, sludge up, and fight off any potential charges. This is the world we live in.

Tears of other fans are glorious. FFP isn't in play because our owners are spreading the fees over the length of the contracts, hence why they want long term deals with everyone. (Aside from the ever rising costs, deals, fees, etc..) Enzo will be really good for the team and our midfield desperately needs the rebuild with Kante often injured and everyone older or with limited contract left. Is 130m overpaying for him? Yeah undoubtedly, but to get an elite midfielder Chelsea would have to overpay to get any of them except Rice if you consider him elite, Bellingham won't come, it's chance to spark the season, especially with everything still to play for in the UCL

Go for it

Ronaldo getting his united deal terminated only to go waste the remainder of his career in Saudi Arabia for a fuck ton of cash is as depressing as it sounds. Sad end to one of the best careers ever wish he would have considered the MLS but wonder if he could have even hacked it here at a high level.

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I'm not sure he would want to come here for legal reasons

Pretty sure he got all that cleared up in 2020 if you're referring to the older cases. Believe they got dropped entirely I have faint memories from when he joined united the trial got resolved.

He had some offers and apparently KC had one close but man would've been nice to see him playing somewhere you could actually watch a game.

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Yeah I guess you're right. I personally have a hard time believing that Cristiano Ronaldo was ready to live in Kansas City. I mean the barbecue is good and all but...

That was the most unbelievable part of it for me as well lol. If he was going to MLS you'd definitely think one of the LA/NY teams, or Inter Miami in terms of where he/his family would want to live.

He may have a bounceback in form, but father time is undefeated. It is wild that less than a year ago he scored a hat trick against Tottenham in a critical spring matchup with major table implications, and finished the year as the 3rd leading scorer in the PL at 37, level with Salah for most match winners (7). It was a season well below his insane standard, but still an exceptional season at age 37 in the PL playing his first year as an out and out striker.

If it was a true permanent drop in form, then it definitely goes to show how suddenly it can disappear. I wish he had also gone to MLS, heard the Sporting KC smoke the other day, so I could potentially see him live again, but it is what it is. It was cool getting to see Rooney in Atlanta a few years ago. I would have preferred to see him return to Sporting CP as well, but the offer from Al Nassr was insane.

If Tottenham doesn't get any dawgs I'm gonna be pissed

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Bruh between Spurs being Spursy and the Hokies bball teams choking, 2023 is looking like a big ol' sad nap for our teams πŸ˜ͺ hope I'm wrong but jeez

VB born, class of '14

don't forget that our football team is so historically bad that a 6-6 season would be considered a huge step forward. It's a tough time to be a Hokie right now

Onward and upward

All my teams suck Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― 😭

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Honest question for the Spurs fans here. I keep seeing stuff about how the club needs to back Conte in this window. And in general the club does need to be willing to spend more if they really want to challenge. But what about Conte's tenure so far would make you want him to stay? What has he done that's convinced you he should stay if he even wants to?

He is very slow to adjust his tactics if at all, he has stubbornly stuck to a formation that hasn't worked, and the football is absolutely dreadful to watch. I know he's won a lot of trophies and is highly regarded, but I haven't seen anything in his tenure that would convince me to commit the amount of money he'll want to overhaul the squad.

I'll bite. Honestly I don't see a reason to extend his contract tbh. But if he leaves, there will be an exodus of Kane, Son, Romero, etc and it'd be a blow it all up rebuild.

Its so bad. The bench is thin with injuries to a few (richarlison, kulusevski, bentancur), he doesn't "trust" others on the bench like Spence or Skipp, but won't deviate from putting square pegs in round holes. At what point is it the definition of the insanity? Idk.

It's just so bad. We have no depth and there's no fire or spark or even hope. It's a shame

VB born, class of '14

Feels a lot like like pre-Arteta Arsenal tbh. Emery came in and got some decent results early (although didn't make it back to CL tbf) but the team was just so full of old, bad players who couldn't be moved on and the style was awful (got outshot 19-3 by Watford I think).

As you said, it needs to be blown up. I guess more Spurs fans are out on Conte that I first thought. Need to clear out dead wood, develop young players, find a manager who won't leave and give him time. Basically exactly what Arsenal did.

It looked real bad today. But Arsenal haven't won at WHL in like 8 years? I'm still expecting to lose.

We might not win a game this month with 3 derbies (@ CP, v Ars, @ Fulham) and vs Man City. Fans are definitely out on Conte but board needs to legit back him too. Arsenal play such an attractive form of football compared to spurs, as much as I hate to say it, and it maximizes player strengths vice forcing them to conform.

We've been trying to get rid of deadwood since like 2018 and our recruitment and player development has been terrible until maybe this past transfer window.

VB born, class of '14

But again, why would you want the board to back him if he's going to ask for players that fit a style that isn't working and isn't sustainable long term anyway? You want the board to be willing to pay, but for the right person. IMO, he's clearly not it.

I would let him finish out the season and see if he can at least get Europa. Then let him go (he'll probably want to leave anyway). Find a manager who has a long term vision and a plan to make it happen and back him in the market. That may mean paying players to go away as Arsenal did for 3 years. It's annoying, but no one is going to pay for Eric Dier and Emerson. Fans will have to be patient and understand it will likely mean mid table finishes for a few years at least. But with the rest of the league getting stronger every year, Spurs will get left behind if they don't blow it up and fix it.

The board hasn't backed anyone since Poch. They do just enough to satiate the majority of fans' outcry but spending in the Prem has changed and Spurs seemingly don't want to pay up. Now that the stadium is built and revenues are pretty good, spend the dough.

Alternatively, Conte's man management with who he has it pretty bad. Also, he wont sign a long term contract so there isnt a long term vision so he doesnt get board investment. I guess you get what you pay for. To me it isn't too much to ask both to do their jobs better.

We've already seen Spurs get left behind and this is the result happening in real-time tbh. It's just disappointing as a fan

VB born, class of '14

Imo it's all on Conte. He's had success and he's very intense but if you're going to demand hundreds of millions in squad investment in two windows, you have unrealistic expectations. They signed him what, 7 players in two windows? Betancur, Kulu, Bissouma, Perisic, Richarlison, Djed Spence, and Udogie? How many does he want?

The board hasn't backed anyone since Poch.

I don't think this is true. Net spend going back from 22/23 season by year per transfermarkt: 131.5m, 61.3m, 97.2m, 84m -- i dont think it's fair to say that the club doesnt back the managers just bc players like Lo Celso, Ndombele, Sessegnon, Reguilon didn't stick to justify their fees

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Yeah I was going to say this but didn't feel like looking up all the transfers. They spent quite a bit of money this past summer plus Bentancur and Kulusevski last Jan (technically loans but they are buying them this summer I believe).

The problem is (and same at Arsenal and Liverpool) is that they don't have the money like City, Chelsea, and United to afford to mess up a big transfer. Spurs talent ID has been poor and at least part of that is almost certainly on Conte.

Is a Conte to Mourinho comparison out of line? Both have repeated histories of short term results but leaving scorched earth in their wake that takes years to clean up.

Regardless, their roster construction seems...interesting. Two world class players firmly on their (late?) prime - Kane, 29 and Son, 30. Next three best players are mid twenties in early prime (Bissouma, Richarlison, Bentacur over Kulusevski due to availability).

Also feels like they're "in" for every big player a la United right now, but can only land medium sized fish that haven't really worked out in the Prem.

Take all my remarks with a Gunner sized grain of salt, but they are in a very interesting position. Would love to hear what more Spurs fans have to say about it.

Go Hokies!

Yeah from the outside looking in, it's been bad recruitment and inability to get deals over the line between clubs. Bruno Fernandes was set to go there before United swooped and paid what Sporting wanted. Same with Luis Diaz, Porto, and Liverpool.

Players like GLC, Ndombele, Reguilon, never totslly kicked on.

I think Mourinho-Conte is a good comparison, not least because of the clubs they've both managed. But it's a very intense style of management that basically requires total alignment of the club and very precise skill sets, although Conte probably more than Mou. Both do have a shelf life of 3 years though

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I don't think Conte is quite at Mourinho levels yet. But on the same trajectory. Part of Mourinho's thing is that he usually starts to lose the dressing room around this point. It seems that Conte's issues are more so that he gets upset that he isn't given 500m every window to buy world class players.

It is interesting that both have had repeated success in Italy. Could be one of the only leagues where their style can work for a consistent period? In this era of the game, the top teams are all playing with high possession and high pressing but Italy has always been very defensive minded.

Hard for me to see kane and son just ~move on if they were to ditch kante -- they've played together under what, 5 or 6 managers now? I think they only go if there's no obvious path forward to any success. New manager could convince them of the project and convince them to stay.

And value will be lowish -- both will be wrong side of 30 come summer and either have 1 year left on deal (kane) or 2 (son). When has Levy just let anyone go without being a dick about it in the market first?

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

I think at this point Kane will stay and try to pass Shearer's record. Once Levy stopped the City move, that was pretty much it for his chances of leaving. He still has moments of brilliance, but he looks dead tired and mostly past it.

But he might leave when the contract runs out if they can't find a manager to convince him they'll win anything in the next few years. I don't think anyone will pay Levy enough to let him leave but Newcastle or United would definitely stump up some cash for a nice contract on a free.

Lol, I mean this is insane. No one can live up to this fee. I might honestly hate Chelsea more than any other rival. I really wish someone would buy Pulisic so I don't have to watch them anymore.

Just a staggering number. Feels like the Gobert trade the T'wolves pulled recently. Part of me is thinking of the fans of newly promoted teams, wondering how they hell they're supposed to ever compete with this. Part of me is looking at the table and loving this group of expensive misfit toys languishing outside the European quali spots. Good grief.

Go Hokies!

Looks like its off for now Chelsea never met the clause and were offering roughly 90 million only. Honestly dont know why he would want to go there when there will be other champions league clubs interested in him as well.

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I don't get why any of these players want to go to Chelsea. They are just buying players for fun. Fernandez at least would be starting presumably. But they're buying all these young players and I'm like...you might play a bit but then they'll just buy someone new next year. They always do. I'm sure they're getting paid a ridiculous sum of money but I just don't get it.

And they're terrible on the pitch too. Could've drawn City but Kepa forgot he was allowed to use his hands. Disband the club, completely useless.

This is a new owner. You can't look at what Roman was doing and compare it to Boehly is spending big on some areas but also buying some top youth talent to develop. It would be sweet to get Enzo but not at any cost and he doesn't solve all our problems. I would be more satisfied getting Rice in the summer and someone else to go with him like Kone, K.Thuram, Mac Allister. The need we keep feeling in the team is a RB every time Reece goes down

Go for it

I think it's fair to saddle boehly with the same kind of criticism abramovich got bc he's been in charge for less than a year and has already *checks notes* dropped a 288m net spend for players who don't make a cohesive squad and sacked a champions league winning manager

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It's absolutely fair. When he came in he had the chance to run the club differently from Abramovich. Tbf, he has done even worse!

Roman at least focused his spending on needs. We need a striker, I will spend a ridiculous amount of money on Timo Werner. Oh no, Werner sucks. I will spend a ridiculous amount on Romelu Lukaku.

Boehly just just closing his eyes and signing checks. He just opened transfermarkt and set the filter for under 23, market value over 30m. He's signing players to 7.5 year contracts, which they will never be able to get out of because no one else will be able to afford their wages and they've signed too many players for them all to stay that long.

He is buying youth players because someone told him he should do that. He has no idea what he's doing. Sure, some of them will probably be good, but unless he is willing to spend this much money every season, this will all fall apart in the next few years, especially if the product on the field continues to be awful.

Boehly just just closing his eyes and signing checks. He just opened transfermarkt and set the filter for under 23, market value over 30m.

But also koulibaly and auba, who are both wrong side of 30. And sterling who is still 27 but was bought in for big money for a manager boehly promptly sacked after 7 matches

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It might be falling apart...now!

Go Hokies!

Weghorst to United. Kick it up to the big lad!

I mean technically united need a striker for the bench to replace Ronaldos seat but he could be an upgrade on the poor play we have seen from martial. Bridge signing for the summer window united have said repeatedly they don't want to spend this window. If club is being sold this quarter as many are saying should happen it makes sense.

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Yeah I actually think it's a good signing. Not always a ton of quality players who can be had for midseason loans like this. He obviously doesn't fit as the starter long term but he's the perfect need-a-goal option. Like Fellaini but actually a striker

if anything, he can play in the cups and in the cupcake europa matches to ease the minutes load. especially with condensed fixtures

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Rashford will need a breather or two in the second half of the season. He's getting minimal help in goals from guys like martial and the big absentee Sancho.

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Well it looks like Shakhtar got what they wanted (Mudryk to Chelsea). €100m for a player with less than 5 professional appearances in the Ukrainian league is absolutely nuts. I've never seen a player push so hard for a move to a specific club and the club just not give a hoot.

I thought he had the potential to be really good but I doubt he will reach it at Chelsea. They are a complete mess right now and they will just buy another player in his position by next summer at the latest.

Hope Arsenal have backup plans because we gotta get moving.

Honestly it's a nuts fee but Chelsea are going insane. January is the worst time to try and get a good deal on players and I have no idea how another young winger is going to change much for a team 10th in the table.

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It's also United's fault for paying 100m for Antony. He was closer to being worth that much but still far far off. And that is the deal Shakhtar used to set their price.

Feel like we got big dogged, which I do not enjoy. The Chelsea karma is great right now...enjoy 10th place my dude!

Go Hokies!

Arsenal offered a fee that was more than fair for the level of player. Shakhtar (understandably given their financial circumstances) held out because they were hoping that someone like Todd Boehly would be an idiot and pay them exactly what they wanted.

Honestly, I thought the fee that Arsenal offered was too high, but I was willing to trust Arteta's scouting after being proven wrong on Ramsdale, White, etc. I think they should have walked away after the second offer. 100m is just inexplicable for a player with his (lack of) experience and the level of the league he was playing in.

Anthony had played a full season and was a Brazil international, tough to say that's why the price is that high. United have spent stupid money like the rest in the past but the reason this deal went to Chelsea is right now they're throwing money like mad not because of Anthony's price tag. Also because arsenal were slow in agreeing the deal before Chelsea got desperate and nuts. Shaktar may have slowed the deal but it was there for arsenal to complete for the last week.

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It literally is the reason the price was so high. Shakhtar publicly stated that they believe Mudryk is better than Antony, who went for 100m, so they asked for the same for Mudryk.

Antony is a left footed right winger which makes his price higher. Like I think the fee was too high, but he was probably worth 70-80. Mudryk should have gone for 50-60. But yes, Antony's fee had a very clear impact on this deal.

To be fair, it's a slightly less, somewhat insane initial 70m euros, with the rest as add-ons, so not as bad as paying the 100 straight up.

It's been reported that the add ons are mostly "achievable" so they are likely tied to appearances or a low number of goals. It will very likely be at least 90

Ah. I hadn't seen what they were exactly, but as a Chelsea fan I'd rather them spend the money trying to get better than not. Do I think they could spend it more wisely? Yes, but you can see come of the process of buying young players to build the squad (just ignore the fact that there's almost no way for them to recoup a good percentage of the value in future sales, and most of the veteran stop-gap purchases haven't worked).

There's really no way to describe Chelsea's transfer "plan" as anything other than idiotic and short-sighted. The players their signing are not even asked for by the manager! Including Mudryk, they now have 27 players that count toward the 25-man squad limit (I believe U-21 players don't count toward the total, so they actually have a couple more than that). They have quite a few injuries, including at least one season-ender, so I think they'll still be able to register everyone they want for the back end of the season.

However, you know they'll buy at least 3-4 players this summer. They'll have to have a few outgoings at least. But the problem is (and this will get worse as time goes on because they are giving all the new signings contracts until 2030) that no one except a few clubs in the world will be able to match the salaries of those players. If they're being sold, they likely underperformed so buying clubs won't want to pay very much.

As Boehly continues to vomit cash everywhere each transfer window, his "old" signings will either 1) get annoyed with lack of playing time/being replaced and ask to leave. Chelsea will take a big loss because they won't get a good fee. Or 2) will just chill out and continue collecting their massive wages until 2030 or until Chelsea buy out their contract. So they'll either be taking up a roster spot or cost a lot of money to be forced to leave.

It will all blow up in their face eventually, but right now it's just annoying because their plan is so clearly not going to work and they're inflating the already bloated transfer market.

I want to see how things go this summer. I think Boehly jumped into last summer without really knowing what he was doing, but now that they have more of the soccer-specific brain trust people in place, and he steps back, they'll be a little more measured, and rational.

They definitely need to shed some players, but you're right, those wages make it tough. Hopefully they don't have to have all of those guys rot on the bench until the contracts expire.

Man, what a rough season thus far. I really think our team is not only gassed (mentally/physically) from the quadruple run last season, but I honestly think the limitations of our midfield to press, and the absence of pressing from our frontline is exposing our backline. We sorely miss the pressing that Mane/Bobby would provide from up top. We miss the pressing that Gini and a younger/healthier Henderson would provide from the midfield. The absence of that pressure, has created a gap between our backline and frontline, and thus goal scoring/counterattack opportunities suffer.

TL;DR: we're a disjointed team, and signing Jude isn't going to solve all of our issues. We're looking at people like Caicedo, and teams are starting to overprice their players because they know we've gone 4 years without addressing our midfield (outside of Thiago). FSG, scouting, and our medical department has failed us the last few seasons. Something needs to change, or this team will fall off a cliff. We're on the edge, and staring down into the ravine. Changes need to happen, and they need to happen fast. If Brighton can get players we want, then we need to find the players before Brighton (et. al) does. Our scouting is suffering from the departures of Julian Ward and Michael Edwards. If FSG isn't going to spend, sell the team sooner rather than later. Other teams are catching up, what are we going to do about it? (Vent complete) As always, no matter the way this season has gone, it's up the F&cking Reds till the day I die.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #YNWA

We'd all like to have Brighton's scouting success though, wouldn't we? It's tough - a big team like Liverpool or Arsenal can't sing a player like Caicedo and count on him to make meaningful contributions right away - he came from the Ecuadorian league. Of course he's a great player but if Liverpool went and signed a kid from Ecuador this summer you wouldn't consider the problem solved.

Of course you have to plan years ahead with moves like that but most of the time they don't work out that well and you still end up having to buy big money players.

Yes, brighton have the luxury of being able to develop players with low expectations of success. They definitely have to keep nailing the signings though or else they'll do a Southampton or a Leicester, two other clubs who have been praised for their success in buying and selling well that have seen that slip in recent years (along with their results).

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

The neglect of the midfield really has stung Liverpool hard this season. Signing a big expensive name would probably not be the best idea this summer as they need help all over.

The sale thing is probably why Liverpool have been quiet gakpo aside. United currently look set to sell and once that goes through I'd imagine Liverpool will closely follow. Both clubs are massive and worth a freaking fortune, only a select few can afford either and once one goes I imagine the other will sell.

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Disclaimer: In a fit of annoyance after the loss, I posted this in the wrong thread. SMH; so since GGC (let's go Big Blue) is on this thread I'll stick to the content posted here.

I totally agree, Brighton is a club that allows players the time to develop. But I agree with Nator even more, I don't think LFC is the type of club that relies on ONE BIG SIGNING to fix everything, and I think that mentality would be wrong to transition to. I think the pundits and supporters push for the big name signings like a Chelsea may do, but this entire run that we went on over the course of 5 years and winning every major trophy possible was won with individuals who played within the confines of the system. I'd rather take the Jude money that FSG is sitting on for the summer, and put that towards 3 midfield players rather than one, in hopes that the one will solve all of our issues. I'd rather put some money into finding another gem like Konate, because Matip and VVD aren't getting any younger, and Joe Gomez might not have the legs to play at his highest level any longer.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #YNWA

Does anyone know the details of Kulusevski's loan/buy option with Spurs? I know it's a pretty long shot, but I'd honestly love to have him at Arsenal and I know we were interested at one point in time. If Spurs miss out on top 4, could someone else jump in and make Juventus a better offer? Or is the buy option 100% as long as the buying club OKs is?

For anyone interested in the previously discussed Chelsea FFP question, Swiss Ramble (soccer financial expert) wrote this blog post about their situation. It's very lengthy and full of numbers so I'll copy the final section here:

Chelsea will clearly have to be conscious of Financial Fair Play, but their big spending does not automatically mean that they will fall foul of the regulations, especially if they maintain their profitable player trading model (assisted by the accounting treatment of transfers).

As it stands, it looks like they will be compliant with the Premier League's Profitability and Sustainability regulations, though they will have a few more challenges with UEFA's FFP, due to the smaller losses allowed. However, even here, the new rules that will be implemented from 2023/24 will allow them more scope.

Chelsea can improve matters this season with some player sales in this transfer window, but they could also worsen the FFP situation with further purchases (there is much talk about Caicedo and Noni, for example).

Most importantly, if they fail to qualify for the Champions League, then all bets are off.

FFP..."Where everything is made up and the points don't matter". I get that the point of FFP was to encourage financial stability for all clubs, big and small, but it sure seems like it doesn't do much of anything for reigning in this kind of spending. Feels like Chelsea are spitting in the Football Gods' face...maybe explains why they're in 10th with a long list of injury concerns.

Go Hokies!

Looks like WHU are close to getting Danny Ings from Villa while Arsenal are close to signing Trossard from Brighton at a cut rate price after a falling out with the manager

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Not my favorite move as he's clearly a backup and will never be anything more than that. But that is what we need right now and it's nearly impossible to find someone like that in January without paying stupid money. Still feel like 20m is a lot for a player who has fallen out with the manager and both sides actively want him to leave.

If he helps ease the minutes on the wing for Europa/cups and gunners win the league, nobody will care.

20m is on the steep side, but he's in his prime and can help right now. The move would have cost double that or more six months ago, and my understanding is the 20m is max fee after add ons etc. and it's still a fifth-ish of what mudryk would have cost.

edit to add: if trossard was moving after this season without having fallen out with de zerbi and fetched a fee of 20m, people would shrug and say "last year of his deal, wanted to move on, kinda makes sense". so i don't think it's that bad. frees up more money for a solid midfield signing in the summer

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Yeah it's by no means terrible. I also didn't realize they had triggered a 1 year extension so I thought he was out of contract at the end of the season. I figured with 6 months left on contract and fallen out with the manager would be more like what Spurs offered - 12m. But the difference is pocket change, relatively speaking.

Critically, he did not feature in Brighton's FA Cup 3rd round match so he is eligible to play in the Cup for us. Apparently the FA Cup still does cup-tying and I was a little worried about that considering that's a part of the reason why we're buying him.

For me, the most important detail will be the length of the contract. I would prefer nothing longer than 3.5 years, but Fab noted "long-term contract" which worries me a little bit. At least it won't be a 8-year Boehly special!

Aaand it's done. That was fast! If they get the medical done and paperwork signed today they can register him by tomorrow afternoon and he can play on Sunday.

Looks like it is indeed a 3.5 yr contract. Nice!

27m is even steeper than we were expecting. Good addition to the squad though

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

That includes add ons. Guaranteed fee is 21m

I am extremely bullish on this move, both about the process and the product. We moved quickly and got a real player at a position of need for a reasonable price. Dude is a proven Premier League player, and I'm confident Arteta can get his head in the right space. Feels like a steal, honestly.

Go Hokies!

Ings to West Ham confirmed. Guess Scamacca from the summer isn't working out too well then...

With Manuel Neuer out for the rest of the season, Bayern needed a new GK and were able to sign one of the top keepers in Germany. Will be interesting to see what happens next season when Neuer comes back, but will give them a chance in the CL.

He's only a top keeper in Germany AGAINST Bayern.

The bigger story here is that Gladbach essentially got Bayern to finance his replacement, who they already had eyes on, and funny enough, is probably Sommer's successor on the Swiss national team.

As a KΓΆln supporter, I hate this because it makes Gladbach better.

Are you saying he doesn't play well normally? I admit my evaluation is based mostly on reputation, but he's always looked very good whenever I've seen him play.

He's inconsistent. Shot stopping is decent, usually. He'll have games where he might as well not be in goal because everything is going in, but then he always manages to play against Bayern as if he was world class. His passing and decision making also gets him in trouble, especially against high pressing teams. He's a decent keeper, but not someone Bayern would normally sign.

Chelsea are reportedly getting close to signing Noni Madueke from PSV. You guessed it, another winger. Boehly is really building the whole plane out of wingers.

Side note, poor PSV losing two wingers in one window

Arsenal getting another completely under-the-radar signing in. I guess this is what it takes to keep Boehly away (also makes it very clear which side was providing info to the media for the Mudryk deal).

I've literally never heard of this guy before, but he's 22 and a left-footed CB so it's worth a shot. He has 9 caps for Poland and started all four of their games at the World Cup. Apparently can play some DM too. Maybe Gabriel can finally get a game off.

Couple deals in the works today:

- Memphis Depay from Barca to Atletico (confirmed)
- Yannick Carrasco from Atletico to Barca (confirmed - loan)
- Chris Wood from Newcastle to Nottingham Forest (confirmed - loan)
- Noni Madueke from PSV to Chelsea (confirmed)
- Jakub Kiwior from Spezia and Leandro Trossard from Brighton to Arsenal (confirmed)
- Nicolo Zaniolo from Roma to Tottenham (report, no official offer yet)

chris wood is also a loan

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Boehly: Hijacks multiple Arsenal targets


Cant see this one going through, RM are struggling in the midfield they would be nuts to let a younger player go out on loan right now. nuttier stuff has happened but this would really surprise me.

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Yeah I know it's pretty unlikely but we do have a good relationship with Madrid and the club has long been a favorite of French players...

Think Arteta see Camavinga as an 8 or a 6? I'd still love to not have the options at CDM be Partey or...Elneny (love you Mo!)

Go Hokies!

Ultimately probably doesn't matter because there's almost no way this actually happens. But:

I'll admit I haven't watched much of Camavinga, but I believe his strengths are dribbling and athleticism. I'm not sure he has the defensive awareness and passing ability that Partey has so I don't know if he'd be able to hang as a lone 6. Again, I may be wrong.

I'm fairly confident he would be a Xhaka replacement in Arteta's system, and I think he would be amazing. Would love love love to have him even on loan. Always a chance it turns into something more. And hey, we had Ceballos on loan for two years and Madrid still has him so apparently we turned him into a capable player.

I don't see the big issue with Elneny as backup DM. Everyone is clamoring for a backup 6 in case Partey gets injured, but there are only a few players in the world that can do what he's doing right now. Anyone who is willing to be a backup who won't play regularly is not going to be near his level. Rice in the summer (if it happens) is the perfect move because he can play 8 and 6 capably while he develops a bit more and eventually take over for Partey when his contract is up (or something else happens).

Besides, with Zinchenko essentially becoming a midfielder in possession, Elneny's job can become much easier if he has to play. Break up counters and get the ball to Zinchenko, Xhaka, or Ødegaard. I am not worried about Elneny playing at all. If Sambi had to play 6, then we would have a problem.

Does the 15-point penalty make Juve more or less likely to move McKennie? I'm thinking they'd want all hands on deck to climb back, but maybe they accept mid table finish and focus on next year.

There have been rumors for a while that other teams are interested in McKennie so I wouldn't be surprised to see him leave. I don't think they will be selling anyone until the summer though. They are appealing so there's a chance they'll get their 15 points back (doubt it).

McKennie seems to be divisive amongst Juve fans. He shows up in big games and looks unstoppable at time but others he is almost invisible. But we know this from the USMNT - that's just how he is. He is someone who o think could generate some money for them so I think they will have to let him go if someone comes in for him. They bought him for 20m and they could easily make 15m profit on that right now. They'll have to at least consider it.

Anthony Gordon from Everton to Newcastle for Β£40m. I've never quite understood the hype and he seems like a bit of a wanker, but Newcastle do need someone how can do some offense.

Arsenal bid Β£60m for Moises Caicedo rejected by Brighton. Seems like a bit of a waste of time, IMO. Don't think they're going to sell this window unless someone offers 100m or Caicedo makes a stink about leaving (doesn't seem like that kind of guy). Apparently Arsenal are also interested in Martin Zubimendi from Real Sociedad (53m release clause, but player doesn't want to leave in the middle of the season) and a couple others.

Whatever they do, they need someone to backup Partey now that Elneny is out.

Weston McKennie to Leeds United (States) to join up with Tyler Adams, Brenden Aaronson, and Jesse Marsch. Loan to buy from Juventus for €33m

looks like just an option, not an obligation. curious one imo

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

I believe it becomes an obligation if Leeds stay up, and Weston makes 10 appearances. Makes sense, since if they go down, I don't think he'd want to stay around.

It's good for those guys to play together at club level in the PL for chemistry purposes with the NT, but Leeds staying up will be crucial to it having a meaningful impact imo.

Great for Weston, I think he'll do really well in the Prem. Was hoping for another USA->Ars connection, but it wasn't meant to be.

Go Hokies!

Anthony Gordon to Newcastle for 40 million. Will be interesting, he had a bust up with Scharr the last time they played Everton.

looks like tottenham and sporting are haggling over payment of administrative fees regarding the payment structure they'd negotiated in the Pedro Porro deal. classic!

also cancelo off to bayern on loan

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Would truly be hilarious to see their one big move of the window collapse on the final day.

Then again, we're about to sign Jorginho so

Figured it out now, deal is back on

Chelsea pushing hard for Enzo Fernandez. As a Chelseas fan, I am feeling pretty optimistic that it will be done today.

Jorginho to Arsenal for Β£12m on a 1.5 yr contract plus option year (unsure if player out team option)

Disappointing not to get Caicedo, but seems like Brighton weren't budging and it's probably smart not to ruin the relationship between the clubs. 1.5 year d deal is very good for Arsenal and 12m isn't too bad. It's not my favorite move but they needed to do something so it's fine

If we get Rice in the summer, I'm not worried at all. Has there been any reporting on Partey's fitness after the FA cup loss to City?

Go Hokies!

tests showed nothing serious after a blow to the ribs and he's training as normal ahead of the league trip to everton

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

All indications are that the Rice pursuit doesn't change - even if we had gotten Caicedo. Biggest thing that could trip us up now is if another team comes in and offers him a crazy salary. Jorginho basically changes nothing long term - Elneny's contract likely won't be extended and Jorginho replaces him. If we get Rice, he'll step into the left 8/6 understudy. We'll see if we go back for Caicedo in the summer as well.

From what I heard, the injury wasn't major and he should be fully fit for Everton this weekend.

wow just twelve pounds lol! a lot to pay for 6 months of someone (he was out of contract in the summer) but he is definitely good enough to rotate into the europa matches. with EFL and FA cups both off the fixture list, need to stay firing on all cylinders in the league. Hopefully Jesus has no additional setbacks and returns on schedule at the end of February/early March. Midfield depth is still worrying as Elneny is out for a while and it looks like Lokonga will go out on loan to Crystal Palace. So so glad arsenal qualified first in their group and avoid the "knockout playoff" round that United have to suffer through. No Europa matches until med march is a blessssing

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

They must mean business with this title challenge, Edu is forgoing a decent lunch to secure Jorginho

It's feels like a great "win now" move to help us on both EPL and Europa fronts, which is exactly what we should be doing right now.

Lokonga going out on loan is a sneaky good piece of business, esp to play in the Prem. He just needs minutes.

Go Hokies!

Agree on Jorginho. It obviously wasn't plan A but it doesn't mean it's not a good move.

Re: Sambi, I agree he needs to play and get some confidence (and defensive awareness) but it does now leave us a bit short in midfield overall. Arteta clearly doesn't trust him but we don't really have anyone to play behind Xhaka now. Vieira or ESR could I guess but that would be a very aggressive midfield. Hopefully, Xhaka continues to be his ironman self and good ol Paddy Vieira teaches Sambi how to play defense.

Hakim Ziyech Chelsea to PSG (loan)
Marcel Sabitzer Bayern to Manchester United (loan)
Matt Doherty Spurs to Atletico (contract termination)
Pedro Porro Sporting to Spurs (buy)
Keylor Navas PSG to Nottingham Forest (lol)
Sambi Lokonga Arsenal to Palace (loan)

And looks like Chelsea finally got Enzo Fernandez. Haven't seen details yet but Benfica were pretty adamant about €120m. Assuming they didn't cave, that's a ridiculous amount of money and there's just no way he will ever live up to that fee unless he is literally the best player in the world. I hate Chelsea so much

Transfer Window Todd doing TWT things. These better be able to play or else they'll be the laughingstock of the sporting world. Will be fascinating to see how quickly they all get worked into the team.

Go Hokies!

Apparently the Ziyech deal is off because Chelsea submitted the wrong documents three times! And couldn't get there correct ones in on time. Bet Ziyech is pissed.