RB Jalen Holston declares for NFL draft

No surprises here! Redshirt senior using his bonus covid year of eligibility. Here's to hoping that he crushes the pre-draft process and sticks at the next level.

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Go get it Jalen! He stuck it out with our team as things crumbled. Hopefully he finds a way on the field at the next level.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

He closed out the season strong, beating Liberty!

Good luck Agent Zero!

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He has already graduated, right? I mean I wish him the best as he tries for the next level, but please tell me he has his degree.

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He was around for 6 years, sure hope so

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Multiple ones, probably. Maybe even a masters.

Thank you. I an glad to hear that. I mean I wish him the best if he wants to pursue pro football. But let's be honest, he had better have a legitimate fallback plan. Sounds like he does, so that is good.

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Guys that have been around that long have degrees. The football team's academics people don't let those guys sit around in the summers and do nothing. I'd say a majority of kids who do the basic 5 years to play 4 plan leave with 2 undergrad degrees or an undergrad and a master's degree. Now, the kids who come in and play immediately and leave for the draft after their 2nd or 3rd year on campus, no. They're gonna go NFL and then get a degree afterwards, a la Kevin Jones.

Good luck to number zero. I'm glad he showed out against liberty. Always thought he could've been that type of grind it out back his whole career and glad he went out with a bang.

With all the crap fans gave him, he showed himself as a team player in a way I wouldn't have at the end of the liberty game. Chance for a 5th 4th TD and a 100 yard game and the coach tells you to run out the clock? Mad respect. Best of luck Jalen

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Even fighting to go down when Liberty tried to carry him into the end zone.

I really need to find a replay of the game. Had to listen on radio since Disney+ bundle expired that day and lost Hulu 2 minutes into the game.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Beyond stupid. Liberty has a contract with ESPN to show their games online yet you can't get a replay anywhere?

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Seems like when a game is on ESPN+, it is never put out on ESPN Watch.

Good luck to him. Hope he makes a roster.

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one click shows Wagoneer's been around TKP for 7 years. Sheesh. Everyone take a nap, have a snickers or something.

Good on him.

I wish him luck.