Coach Jones is rocking being a Hokie!

I'm loving the tweets from him on the recruiting trail, but here's a couple that really stuck out to me - so happy to have him on board!

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Oh yeah bring that speed

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Also has is own flavor of wings at PKs

Tre Turner has been trying to get lemon pepper wings there for years. That tweet was funny.

Found it:

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I hope anyone can order them. Looks bangin.

I know what I'm ordering next time I go to PKs!

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

This man is single-handedly mending bridges with VA high schools the previous regime burned down.

I was just thinking about this, then realized that even though I haven't met him, he certainly seems like the kind of guy that, if I had a kid who was being recruited to play football , I'd feel like he'd be a good mentor for my kid, and certainly seems to have the history of developing talent. I'd be all on board sending my kid to Tech to play for him (you know, if I had one).

There's always tinder, Doug...

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

Tinder? then what the hell is the point if TKP?

I think you and I are looking for different things in our TKP experiences

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You're supposed to swipe left then

Not sure who has or hasn't followed him, but he posts some great stuff! I'll stop posting his stuff, but just wanted to recommend following him if you are on the Twitter and haven't followed him!

Feel free to keep posting. I'm sure others also have quit facebook/twitter but still enjoy reading the curated postings.

2022 Season Challenge: TBD
Previous Challenges: Star Wars (2019), Marvel (2020), Batman (2021)

Fair enough - I'll try not to overdo it.

No, please do overdo it. I don't use Twitter and that seems to be where he lives, but these are all gold.

Some of the stuff is just flat out good life advice. I follow him, get the inspiration stuff and VT football content in one. It's a nice one stop shop

Good point - the stuff I posted is great for recruiting and seeing that it looks like he's definitely embracing being a Hokie, but yes, he has a lot of stuff that applies generally to success in life. I should have mentioned that when I suggested following him for those that have Twitter.

One football related, one not.

Just curious, do we usually fly the coaches around for recruiting? Is this new?

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

His decision was made after a phone call with longtime Virginia Tech assistant coach Bud Foster. All Foster told him was, "We win. They don't."

Much easier to get to high schools when you're not in tunnel traffic.

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I don't think we do, assuming the plane is mostly because Pry is there. If it was position coaches, they'd probably just be driving. Unless they're making heavy use of the plane this first year on the recruiting trail to get their guys out because they're not just trying to see recruits, but in some instances, build the relationships. I wonder if Pry is there to try to mend stuff with Oscar Smith.

The first trip out last week had four assistants on the plane. So maybe this was because of Pry but I suspect they will also use the plane if a bunch of assistants are traveling together.

We've already been trashed for not hitting every school in 757 on the first day. Using the plane probably lets us add at least five hours of FaceTime to every trip. I'd say we will see it used more, just as a way to be time efficient and effective. Our coaches have a lot of ground to make up.

Makes sense though that trashing seems pretty ridiculous.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

His decision was made after a phone call with longtime Virginia Tech assistant coach Bud Foster. All Foster told him was, "We win. They don't."


Let's call it a 5 hour drive from Blacksburg to Norfolk and then the same back. 10 hours round trip sitting in a car. In a jet like a CJ, that's maybe a 30-40min flight, figure an hour block time with taxiing. So you're at an 8 hour time savings by taking a jet vs. driving. If you figure you've got 4 guys in the plane and they all scatter once you land and hit different schools, it's an amazing amount of time savings.

My surprise is that they're using a jet for trips like this when a turboprop like a TBM or PC-12 would be more economical and realistically just as fast.

But I don't think Tech has a TBM or PC-12 at their disposal. They have a Cessna Citation Excel and a Cessna Citation Sovereign. You could lease something smaller, but why do that if you already have a horse in the stable.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Because it's a LOT cheaper to operate a TBM or PC-12 than it is those jets, especially for short range trips. Figure a TBM is probably $1k per flight hour and the XLS is at least $2.5k per flight hour. You've saved $3k on that one flight to Norfolk using a TBM vs. the XLS. A TBM/PC-12 also doesn't require a type rating because it isn't a jet.

Yes, they have a horse in the stable, but why use a thoroughbred when you can get a quarter horse that will work just as well and be cheaper in the long run.

Sounds like you know your stuff.

Maybe you can convince Whit that Pry's 6-hour radius strategy can save him some money on the plane and go into support staff now that we won't be recruiting in Texas and need the jet as much...

I know enough to be dangerous. I've owned my plane (little 4-seat piston) for about 5 years now and it's made certain trips SO much easier. When we lived in Norfolk it was a no brainer to fly to BBurg (1.5 each way) vs. driving (5hr plus traffic). And with the Blacksburg Airport (BCB) being so close to the stadium there was even more incentive. Now that we live in HooVille, it's a little bit more of a coin flip, but I will gladly "pay" the money to fly vs. deal with the BS that is 81.

The upside to flying is that there are SOOOO many small airports throughout the NC/VA/WV/MD area that provide access vs. flying into a regional airport.

So how does this work? Do you have to pay to land/park at the Blacksburg airport? Assuming you have to schedule arrival/departure ahead of time?

This would be awesome to have a plane and just fly in for a game. I am envious for sure.

It all depends on the size of the airport, aircraft, and duration of stay. For instance, BCB (Blacksburg/Montgomery Exec) starts charging ramp fees once you hit 6,000# gross. This allows smaller planes to freely use the facility. That means you can land, walk into the FBO, piss, walk around town, get back in your plane, and fly away without paying a dime. If you spend the night you'll get charged an overnight fee, but again, with BCB it's pretty reasonable. The way BCB makes up for that is gas. They used to be on the cheaper side but their price of avgas has gone up in the last year.

As for arrivals, outside of your larger airports (Dulles, Charlotte, Atlanta, DFW, etc.) you don't need to arrange an arrival or departure time with airports. I could fly down to Raleigh right now and give them a call in the radio 30nm out and they'd work me into the sequence. Now, if you're flying in inclement or cloudy weather, you'll need an instrument flight plan which technically would give a departure/arrival time, but that has nothing to do with the airport and is solely for the national air transportation system.

I'm in Charlottesville and my Tiger is at CHO. If anyone is ever in the area and wants to go flying, let me know. I enjoy taking people up if they've never been in a small GA plane.

I'll see if my son (6) ever gets into aviation. I'll reach out if it happens.

.... this is the most perfectly written thing I've ever seen on this site

*waves to hooville neighbor*

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One does not make money in aviation, but off of aviation./s
It is called the 100 dollar cheeseburger for a reason.
Landing fee, ramp fee based on a/c weight, airport tax, county tax, fuel hookup fee, and on and on at lots of airports. No idea what bkb charges, but that is readily available public info.

Cole slaw is a condiment.

Dude has Grumman in their username.

Dude knows planes

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Jets are faster, can fly over the weather most often. The aircraft is part of the V. T. Foundation, so my assumption is it is not just for athletics, but for the president and other officers of the university. Then there is insurance issues for the college president and other high position employees. As in, no travel on turboprops either single engine or multi engine, that all air travel be on turbojet rated aircraft with an approved mx training and pilot training program in place. Hourly operating rates established out there. I'll see if I can dig them up later.

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A plane makes even more sense if you can drop passengers as you go, i.e. drop 1 guy at airport A, 1 @ B, 1 @ C, 1 @ D so they can all hit up different schools in different regions, and then you turn around and pick them up in reverse order.

I'm not a plane expert but this would seemingly put a lot of wear on the plane. I think planes are machines who's wear is measured more in cycles rather than run time because the stress of taking off/landing/pressurizing takes far more toll than just running the jet.

(add if applicable) /s

That's why we're launching the 'Fly for 25 (million)' campaign; we're gonna need some new wings.

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You're right, most turboprops & jets track cycles vs. piston aircraft which track hours. That said, this type of use would be baked into your operating costs and would most likely result in a higher operating cost, but if you're saving your staff's time by extending their reach, then it's most likely a wash.

Get the coaches skydiving trained. You want to win recruiting in this Twitter world, land in the middle of the football field with a parachute to hand the kid his offer.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

I like the way you think. VT does have a skydiving club that jumps out of Orange...

That said...jump planes are not the fastest in the land...

Yeah, my understanding is that opening the door on a jet is ... ill advised.

Edit: specifically when it's in flight, in case there was a question.

Yea...usually the only ones that are supposed to do that have that big door in the back...

Or they're owned by Harrison Ford and he's yelling at you to get off his plane.

Even the ones with the big door in the back I'm sure have something to accommodate those pesky air pressure problems.

Or yes, like the ones Harrison Ford is telling people to get off/out of.

Side note, my dad was a pilot in the Air Force, so grew up hearing how all sorts of scenes in movies aren't realistic or whatever ("those aren't Migs, those are (whatever they were)" or "that stripe on the wing means it's a trainer"). What a way to grow up ๐Ÿ˜‚

This is me too. Navy aviators all arpund me. And i built radio systems installed in specialized versions. I know more then i want, but it does help, sometimes.

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They just close the door to the cockpit and depressurize the cargo hold. My guess is the pilots also go on oxygen just in case there's a leak.

I've got a buddy who's a C-17 pilot. I'll be sure to ask him.

Eh, I'm being lazy. I'm almost 100% sure you're right. My dad flew C-141s and my brother flew C-130s, C-5s, and I believe C-17s (also for passenger airlines, but they GENERALLY don't open any doors mid-flight), so I could check also.

Sweet, something aviation related that I can comment on.

Two types of ways to jump from an airplane while in flight safely. Static line (the static line is looped to the top of the parachute and deploys it automatically) and MFF (Military Free Fall). Static line is easy, jump altitude is typically between 1,000 and 1,500 ft AGL (Above Ground Level). You can exit the A/C via the troop doors or the ramp of your big cargo planes (C130, C17, and C5) The 141 is no longer in service and I don't think you can do a ramp blast on a C17 or C5, at least I never have. Ramp blasts are normally reserved for C130's and CH-47 chinook helicopters. The A/C has to slow down to a speed of 130kts or the static line can break or damage the parachute on opening shock. Sometimes the pilots don't like slowing down that much because the A/C is borderline stalling at that point, especially the bigger ones. As a Jumpmaster it's imperative that you triple check the drop speed with the loadies before sending the troops out.

MFF, also known as HALO/HAHO (High Altitude, Low Opening or High Opening) Anything above 15K ft and everyone has to be on oxygen, even the jumpers after they exit the A/C. Most aviation units will require you to put them on at 14K just to be safe. MFF jumpers can exit in the same manner as static line jumpers although, 9/10 times they will utilize the ramp.

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I dunno man. Static line may be "easy" but getting out at 1000-1500 is too low for this guy. I think the lowest I've done (sport side, not military) is 3k. SL is a helluva pounding, even with a properly PLF.

Skydive Orange leases a twin otter during the summer jump season. Bought my hokie junior an intro flight lesson in a citabria across the field from SO a couple years ago and while he was in the practice area I drove over the skydive to watch the ops. The otter mission was neat to watch as the pilot hit all his gates from drop to block in for the next load up of jumpers. Then I saw a jumper flare too early and too high. Dropped from about 50 feet and went thud. Broken femur, ribs, not sure what else, but that was enough for me. No good reason to leave a perfectly good airplane.

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I'm glad you know what all of that means. Have a leg.

SDO leases both the Otter and Caravan. Otters are awesome jump planes and the ones with -34s are rocket ships.
I've heard of the outfit your talking about and I wanna drive up there and do a couple of aerobatic lessons with him.

Too bad about the jumper. I'm surprised, SDO has a pretty good program and good safety record. That said, I've taken a canopy course there where people in the course ran into (a) the fence between the landing area and the ramp, (b) draped their canopy over the barbed wire behind the hangar surrounding a couple of transformers.

Not all jumpers are good canopy pilots which is unfortunate.

I saw lone jumpers get blown a mile downwind and land in a field/treetops at the access road/maint rte intersection that day along with the stall out. Then there was one guy who zipped right over my head (I was sitting on the picnic tables) and "water ski'd" on the grass strip right in front of the hangar. The only safe jumpers were the tandems. They seemed to be the only ones with any self discipline, due mostly to the instructors' sense of self preservation.
Highly recommend the aerobatics instructor. I don't trust my kids with anyone and he was recommended to me by my buddy who flies with the Geico skytypers. Downside is the instructor is not a primary instructor, but I wanted my son to get some stick and rudder taildragger experience so he could get a taste of what real flying is like. He enjoyed it.

Cole slaw is a condiment.

Like I said, not all jumpers are good canopy pilots and they get themselves into trouble. The guy who zipped over your head was landing in the high performance area which helps to keep traffic separated so that the smaller faster parachutes aren't having to weave through the slower ones. Tandem canopies definitely are the safest because of the whole "I've got someone else's life in my hands" thing.

Good to know about the aero instructor. You're talking about Dan?

That would be him! He did nearly 2 hours flight with my boy. S&L, climbs, descents,turns. Then he taught him l&r airleron rolls, loops, then demonstrated a hammerhead on the way back to the pattern. Talked my son through the pattern and landing. They did about an hour and a half of ground school and parachute instruction prior. My son has logged more tailwheel time than his old man!

Cole slaw is a condiment.

Awesome! I'd heard about him but a first hand review is great. I'll give him a call in the spring. Do you fly out of CHO?

I'm curious as well.

Down here in clemson land, Dabo has had keys to the clemson plane for some time.
There was some 'scandal' a few years ago that I vaguely remember before it disappeared, whether taxpayer $ was being used or not.

But, perhaps this was part of Pry's deal to allow access to plane?
Joining the big boys?
(Or we've been doing it all along, but now we have actual engagement and its the first I remember seeing it.)

Tech has a couple of planes (was mentioned previously that it's a Citation XLS and Sovereign) based at BCB. It's in Pry's contract, I know it was in Fuente's and Beamer's that they can use it for recruiting purposes and then they also get so many hours per year for personal reasons.

This entire subthread brings up a key question from me.
What are the reasons for VT airport 1000' extension (length increase up for debate)? A lot of rumors of VT getting bigger plane. Certainly its to get alumni big wigs w bigger planes here.
Anyone with info, please engage. Thanks

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Bcb is at what, 2500' elevation? That has an adverse impact aircraft takeoff and landing performance. Also, an extension gets bigger aircraft into the fbo, which also has the benefit of expanding the tax collection base to the airport. Also, airports authorities are always seeking and getting grants for expansion and improvements to the field, ramps, runways, and safety equipment. Federal mandates get handed down regularly for the airports to meet faa standards that have to be complied with. Safety overrun areas was one of the more recent mandates. So as to minimize the likelihood of another Burbank or midway overrun from happening. Also, runway lengthening allows for larger aircraft operations and also for lower approach minimums to be established. Close to 6000 of runway gets charters landing in bcb instead of roa.

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Im sure there is also a Tourism and Economic Impact Assessment for an expansion of the airport filed either with the City of Blacksburg or with Montgomery county. These things are generally years in the works.

uva - the taint of the ACC

Exactly. One of the main advantages to lengthening it is that it allows larger jets to be able to operate out of BCB while allowing them to properly deduct from their takeoff/landing calcs due to runway conditions, i.e. rain, snow, etc.

Bigger planes. I flew on a private jet to Wisconsin a few years ago. They had to pick us up at the Dublin airport because the Blacksburg extension wasn't done yet. And that wasn't a big jet. Maybe a 12 passenger Cessna. Used to be the jet for the owners of the Seattle Mariners or some such.

And, indeed, cole slaw is a condiment.

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It can be if eaten on top of a hot dog or pulled pork sandwich.

But it is a salad in its own right.

With comments like that, we can be friends.

Cole slaw is a condiment.

The spicy coleslaw neighbor from El Salvador (known as curtido) is excellent on pupusas, tacos, or as a side salad.

The acidic coleslaw cousin from Eastern Europe (sauerkraut) is delicious on sausage, pierogies, or schnitzel.

I'm also a big fan of shredded cabbage with dressing complimenting my baja style fish taco.

Coleslaw (and cabbage in general) is pretty versatile, and honestly should be elevated above typical shredded lettuce toppings and lettuce salads.

๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฆƒ

IIRC, Buzz had specifically asked for access to a plane for recruiting purposes. If our basketball team is getting a plane, I am sure our football team would too.

Unfortunately they've masked the two tail numbers, N51VT and N80FW so you can't track them using commercial sites like FlightAware.

Interestingly enough...there's a third flying machine registered with the FAA for Virginia Tech, a Buckeye Dream Machine which is a powered parachute. Not sure Pry wants to be doing recruiting trips in that though...


That Buckeye Dream Machine must be for recruitin' because it says it's registered to "Virginia Tech University"

At least now we know where they are getting it from! Lol

Man that would be cool to land next to a recruit. But a bit cold.

I'm guessing that was spoils from the 2014 game.

The Buckeye Dream Machine was stolen by Michael Brewer and co that day....

Possibly. I wouldn't be surprised if VTF didn't go full bore and block it at the FAA level (

Absolutely, that needs to be taken into account. But if you substitute a TBM or PC-12 in for the KA, you'll burn half the fuel which reduces your operating cost, you'll actually go faster (TBM900 at MGW will do 313kt @ 65gph), and you can fill your 4 seats.

I'm not saying that it's the answer to everything, but I'm still surprised that there isn't a SETP in the fleet for shorter missions.

What we need to do, apparently, is have a handful of us become billionaires and donate shit-tons of cash and various planes to the athletic department, primarily for football.

I volunteer for the assignment.

More winning at being a Hokie!

Not Jones, but the graphics team has been going hard lately. I see at least one or two new ones a day come across the timeline

Meanwhile, UVA's coaches are taking pictures in front of the Cavalier Hotel (Get it?). I can guarantee they're not gonna find any talent at the north end in VB unless they're recruiting for the lacrosse team.

Then again, with the staff they've hired, they might be scouting at Fort Story...

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

I am very excited about Coach Jones and assumed the high number of comments in here were in a similar headspace.

Did not expect to learn so much about flying??

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

Did not expect to learn so much about flying??

especially this far from peak offseason.

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Meh, I pretty much just fly right past that part of the thread

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I mean, there is a South African fighter jet called the Cheetah. Just saying.

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.