Bill Roth hosts Brent Pry on the first episode of the "Level Seven" Podcast

I know the athletics department has been working on expanding their media coverage, part of which is their new podcast network. Bill Roth just launched his new podcast Level Seven (the Lane Stadium broadcast booth is on level 7, hence the name) and his first guest was Brent Pry. It's a really great interview if you haven't listened already, the man definitely has a gift when it comes to speaking.

Link to listen on HokieSports

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Now this is how to kick off a weekend!

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

It's funny listening to Pry talk, you can hear a lot of Bud & Beamer in him

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"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!

Thanks for sharing!! I added a little more detail to the thread title since this is something that most Hokies should know about

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I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

This retreat that Coach Pry talked about, did the previous staff ever do anything like that? Because I can't remember ever hearing about them doing that at all.

How would we know? Can't let our opponents know our secrets.../s

sounds like something he brought from Franklin

Two of the companies I have worked for have had executive retreats for the "important people" so this isn't a foreign concept to me. It is just another example to me of how amateurish the previous staff looked to the current football landscape.

While yes this does happen in the corporate world all the time, I dont think this is widely used in college football at least not yet. There were way bigger criticism of Fuente than whether did or did not do this.

And honestly, if we caught wind of a "Leadership Retreat" after say Year Three, there would have been some vocal pushback like there was when CJF answered a question about what he did to de-stress and he said watching golf.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

meh. I think you're downplaying it a bit. He didn't just say he likes to watch golf to de-stress. He said spring is the best time of year because he can coach football for a couple hours and then watch the Masters.

The main point, though, is that winning makes the difference. Fuente could talk about watching golf all day long if he's winning. But he didn't win enough. Pry needs to win. He'll get a year or two grace period but if he's not winning more games than he's losing in year 4 or 5 then his leadership retreats are going to be mocked by a vocal portion of the fan-base.

Onward and upward

Great listen. Man I hope he wins. Can't help but be happy with the hire so far. Winning is obviously the litmus test, but the signs are there that we made a good hire.

Omg all we ever needed to know about the difference between Brent Pry and Justin Fuente is that Pry loves The Allman Brothers Band and Fuente loves Dave Matthews Band lol

Another bonus point for flat out stating he doesn't like how frequently we have ODU scheduled

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Don't you blame my boy Dave for Fuente's shortcomings. That man and his band are a gohtdamn American treasure!

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Nothing out of Charlottesville is a national treasure

the pyrite to Gregg and Duane's gold

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

DAVE IS A FOOL. Marcus Mumford's brother went there as well (as he said so during the concert in JPJ), which hurt my feelings a little bit.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

If I had any doubts about Pry, these points have silenced them all.

Man in hindsight how could the head coach of Virginia Tech football have ever listed DMB as his favorite band. I kick myself for missing that red flag all along.

Brent Pry in the locker room after everyone start to hate losing

Fingers crossed for lotta post-game sticks under Pry

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

That scene made me go out and buy sticks

Sticks are f**kin delicious.

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

I love the upfront honesty about how poor a job the previous staff did with lettermen, VA HS coaches, etc. Usually coaches will use coach speak or be respectfully deferential to previous staff. Pry keeps hammering that nail home: We lost "our" way and I'm here to put us back on the righteous path

The transparency is amazing.

His answer to the second question about the Hokie club was about how the fans are happy to have a coach out there shaking hands and kissing babies. He didn't hold back about the previous staff.

That turned me off more than anything about it TBH. It feels like kinda nakedly trying to score points with the fans, buy a little extra goodwill on the cheap. He's had too many things like that (the snowball fight, the constant references to Beamer as "Coach," despite not having worked with him for like 25 years) for it not to be at least partially contrived, and I don't love feeling like I'm being sold to.

Feel like I'm in the minority, but it feels too salesman-y to me.

I think Pry has hit it out of the park in his first seven months. His respect for Beamer and Bud is genuine (gave him his first coaching job) and he went to high school and played in my hometown just up the road where he was also coincidentally coached by Bryan Stinespring. This guy is not a fake, he is genuinely excited to have this opportunity.

I can see some one thinking that,almost like this is too good to be true. Him getting out of his car to teach a better technique seemed a bit much, unless he just is that guy, he doesn't know anything but to do that. Fuente came in and said a lot of the right things, made the #25 jersey a thing. And people loved him especially after that first year. And everything is different when you're winning.

So we shall see, but one thing I think Pry has done differently is that he seems to be an extrovert, he wants to be out there kissing babies where as I felt like Fuente wanted to coach football. He never seemed comfortable talking to the media. Pry seems to thrive on it.

I felt like Fuente wanted to coach football but when he just did that, the results weren't great either. Massive roster holes, complete lack of player development - a great coach doesn't do that.

He wanted to scheme football?

He wanted to dream football maybe.

But that's exactly what this program needs right now.

Someone has to sell the program back to the fans, to the high school coaches, to the media. Etc etc

Right now, as it stands, we're just an entrance. Pry has to wake up the echoes. That starts with going back to our roots. Our roots start with Frank Beamer.

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Of course it's contrived to an extent and of course it's to engender good will -- we're probably about to have our worst football season in almost 30 years. I at least want to feel like the guy running things understands the culture. The last guy could have contrived to engender goodwill but we got one Friday night on twitter instead of a spring game

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

I remember that random Friday night Twitter thing. It was so out of the blue and uncharacteristic a lot of people thought he got drunk during quarantining, lol.

Yep, I think the parts that bugged me had a lot to do with setting expectations for this coming year. It made sense where it was coming from, I just maybe could have done with a little more tip-toeing around the call-out of the previous regime. It felt like using the anger of the fan base about the past rather than the hope of the fan base for the future to engender that good will. Plenty of both floating around right now, not hard to focus harder on the latter.

I get where you're coming from but disagree.

Is it a bad thing to score points with fans? Rather smart in my opinion. In any job you need to appeal to your stakeholders whether through contrived efforts or not. If you've ever gone for drinks with your boss or colleagues it's the same thing. Pry's got a tough job and we aren't going to be winning anytime soon, so goodwill is a great idea.

And calling Beamer "coach" is even less of an issue for me. In the coaching world its just a sign of respect whether you know the guy or not. Heck, I still call my HS coach "coach".

That is definitely true, and it may well be genuine! I'm not saying the guy doesn't give a shit and it's purely cynical. But, his messaging is very tailored to both fans' expectations, desires, and disappointments with the previous regime. It's a calculated sales job. Again, of course it is, that's how jobs work, like you say. To me, it's coming a little thick at this point. And when it's wrapped up with a lot of throwing shade backwards (presumably to set expectations for the year), it starts feeling a little icky.

Anyways, I wasn't trying to rain on too many parades. I realize I'm in the minority, and there's probably a "once bitten, twice shy" thing going on as well after the last fella, it just rubbed me the wrong way! I totally get everyone's excitement. Fingers crossed that he really can turn a cultural corner with this program.

The only thing worse than selling the fans is NOT selling the fans.

Fuente came across as avoiding the fans, and when the going got tough that didn't work out so well for him.

If Pry wants to say hi to the moms I'm going to allow it.

At the end of the day, what happens on the field that matters.


Anyone have an RSS feed for this? Would like to add to my podcast app.

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Looks like it's included under HokiePod on Spotify and Google Podcasts. Same one that includes Hokies Sports Insider and Tech Talk Live!

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

Pry's take on NIL really aligns with his program vision. Don't lure guys to Virginia Tech with the promise of big NIL payday, but make sure the kids who want to be Hokies have a competitive NIL package.

I think he's put a lot of thought into spinning the best possible answers to questions which don't have particularly good answers. He did it several times (or more) in the interview - and has probably gotten practice on the recruiting trail.

That's not meant as a criticism, but an unfortunate reality.

Reported today that Texas Tech - Texas Tech - just promised 100 football players $25k each, for one year, in NIL money. If true, how do we keep up? I believe we could arrange 10 players that kind of money, maybe even a whole incoming class. Maybe a two deep of 30 if you include specialists... but 100? Can they continue that over 4 years?

Do we even want to compete that way?

You're right, we may not like the detailed answers on some of this.

Wait, what?

That's less than their football profit, so that could very well be attainable. It would be more than there expenses which I assume are larger because Lubbock is middle of no where.

I should clarify - a group associated with Texas Tech announced this. It's an NIL deal, so the school I guess is arm's length on this money, or at least that money is not coming from the school, so theoretically their football budget shouldn't have anything to do with it.

The eye opener to me is that they have boosters willing to give $2.5 million to be distributed to 100 football players - that means 15 of them are walk-ons - and that seems to be above and beyond whatever their booster club brings in. We have a few athletes over both revenue sports that have received NIL money that was announced to be in that neighborhood. We don't have anywhere close to 100 athletes receiving that money.

Wait, what?

Sorry I wasn't clear, I know it's not TTU, but their football program has 28 mil in profit. They are bringing in 10x that money in profit almost 20x in revenue. So in the money going into to dwarfs the NIL money.

Let's think about this another way, Lane holds 65k fans. Assuming you by 4 tickets its really like 15k fan families. (assuming 5k is for away team/not for sale tickets). If every "family" gave $25 per home game (6 games) then that's $2.25 mil. So an extra $150 a year "donation" to an NIL fund from fans would get you to 90 players.

Yep, I didn't make those connections. Makes sense.

Wait, what?

Friendly reminder that the majority of NIL reports are somewhere between complete bullshit and poorly reported.

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Yes, hence the "if true." But good additional caution.

Wait, what?

I love that Jim Phillips was one of the speakers at this get away. It shows that Pry sees the big picture. I also love that Jim Phillips recognizes that VT is one of the four schools that needs to be good if the ACC is to be good.

The other topic I really enjoyed was ODU - "I wish we played those guys less so we could work together with them" - This is something that LSU does really well with the other schools in their state (I know VA isn't Louisianna, and VT isn't LSU, but the principle stands).

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I haven't heard of LSU working with Louisiana, but I've heard of them leaning on politics to ensure UL is always second fiddle.

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Yeah from what I know LSU does everything in it's power to be the only P5 team in the state

Yea that's kind of the point - Because everyone in Louisianna (1) knows their place in the pecking order (at least relative to LSU) and (2) doesn't compete against LSU, there's no competing over recruits. As a resutl, LSU and insert directional Louisianna school can run camps together, build relationships with high school coaches together, etc. Godfrey did a podcast on this - it wasn't the recent patreon special on Louisianna football, a while ago, maybe in the PAPN days - where here talked about Les Miles worked with ULM/ULL coaches to keep kids in state.

Anyways, think about how this could work with VT/ODU - Imagine a world where ODU and VT were the two big brands in the 757, and the coaches from both schools ran camps together, visited high schools together, etc.

Think about if we could create a pipeline for coaching talent from ODU to VT.

Now think about the Transfer Portal - let's say you're a low 3-star Receiver from the 757, and you want to go to VT, but we don't have space right now to take a risk on someone who hasn't developed yet. What if Coach Pry said to you 'hey, why don't you go to ODU, they're a great developmental program. If you go there, put some weight on, grow a couple inches, and get really good at route running, maybe we reconnect in a year or two and see if you want to transfer here? Now doesn't that sound better than going to wine and cheese parties after going 2-10 every year at UVA? Yea I thought so"

The reverse could also be true - not cracking the 2-deep on our roster, but you want to get off the scout team and stay close to home? ODU could be a great fit.

Anyways, I'm starting to speculate on the future of college football at this point, but having a lower level school in your state who you can collaborate with for recruiting events and coaching development is definitely beneficial. It's less beneficial when you play that team every other (?) year.

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Love this idea. How can the NIL get tied in to it?!

You might be joking, but boosters from two different schools could definitely create a collective together.

Create the 757 collective. Advertise for businesses in the 757.

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Totally serious. Trying to tie as many pieces together to create the most impact.

this got me back in the boat. Roth is such a good interviewer. great Qs, put pry at ease and got him loose quick.

There was a point where he was talking about Addison transferring to USC and he was like "I feel for Pitt, but" and then he paused and in my head I thought he was going to say "Fuck Patt Narduzzi, I don't feel bad for him". And I was all giddy with expectation, only for Pry to continue in proper fashion, but I think we all know what that pause was for.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Got to see and hear Pry (and Whit, and Bud) at the Richmond Hokie Club event at Hardywood this evening. Pry may be pandering to the audience, but he is doing but with a purpose. He made a great statement about how someday, somewhere, a recruit they want will choose VT because of a sentiment or story from us the fanbase. He sees the opportunity there and is working to ensure we all feel recognized and energized. He is good with people - especially Virginia people - and he knows that counts.

BTW, Great event. 1500 people turned up and the energy was good. Can't wait to see the on the field product.

Let's go.

That's awesome. I wish those guys would come down to Atlanta. Fuente did it once after the 2017 or 2018 season. I know that restoring relationships in VA is more important than coming down to ATL, but I would be pumped to see it.

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I could see them doing that trip another year. It really seems to be their focus to hit VA hard. He wants everyone in the program aligned in that goal to have a meaningful connection to every school and know every kid in the state before recruiting picks up for that class.

On a fan run podcast "Tales from the Transfer Portal", earlier this week, they had on Kaleb Smith as a guest. Kaleb indicated that Pry "low-key loves to throw shade on the old staff any chances he gets"....first few minutes of that Roth interview seemed to confirm that, lol

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

I know a guy in coaching circles. He spoke to Jerry Kill. Let's just say that what came out publicly from Kill was tame to what he really thought of the old staff.

"Give me a fuΒ’king beer", Anonymous Genius

Poor scouting- opponents film would tell a clear story that Fu would ignore. His other main criticism was that FU/Corn thought they could impose their will on defenses first, soften them up, then every play they called would work. He said one look at the personnel would tell a coach he couldn't do that effectively. He said it really affected play calling and killing drives. Kill implored Fuente to script more plays, more "safe" gains, and pick his spots based on that and not assuming the defense would fold.

If anyone wants a paint by number example if these issue I have a Duke game to show you.

It's almost as if they actually thought that same kind of thing that worked with a top shelf QB against G5 defenses would still work against P5 defenses with NFL talent.

Yes, I would love to hear all the gory details

Onward and upward

People don't want to hear it, but its becoming clear that the old staff was just very bad at their jobs. I get some people not wanting to beat a dead horse when the staff has been fired, but at a certain point when there was rot in the system, its not the worst idea to publicly come clean with just how bad things had gotten with promises to make it better, especially if you have a direct plan to make it better. Especially when you're trying to repair relationships with stakeholders (boosters) and customers (high school coaches and recruits) who were able to see the rot firsthand.

Accountability goes a long, long way, and what I am hearing from Pry right now is "what we had when I got here was not good enough, and its on me to fix these problems" while spending time detailing what those problems are.

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Said it at the time- got killed for it on here- The ODU game was a clear indication of a coaching staff in over their heads. Schematically that game was a joke on both sides of the ball. The second unit was not prepared to play, the defense was an absolute clown show- let's play zero coverage and blitz every down on their juco type QB and hope for a sack on literally every play- brilliant. It was a program that was coached and led poorly in every phase of the game. A blind man could tell Fu wasn't the guy. I would have sent a message to the team and fans and fired him after that game. A total embarrassment in our home state in a stadium with port o johns in our hotbed recruiting area and we give up 500 yards passing and have players fighting on the sidelines. Clown show. Fire Fu, send a message you are serious about winning and not losing to fucking ODU, and name Bud or Wiles interim coach and take your chances.

For the record, as someone who skewered you for your takes after that game, it wasn't the message that got you in trouble, but the way in which you delivered said message.

This is my school
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And you were right to do so. I lashed out at Bud aggressively - that was a bit unfair.

Now, as for this comment.... Yeah. I didn't want to believe it after ODU but you were always correct in the fact that game should have been our wake-up call. No excuse to get shredded like we did that day. For me, my breaking point was Duke in 2019. Not just for the atrocious on field display but the complete neglect of the 1999 team by our coaching staff that was invited back for their 20th anniversary that week. Just an all around shit show that proved they didn't know their ass from a hole in the ground when it came to running a major football program.

In all seriousness, Fuente probably should have been fired on Sunday after he single handedly lost us the Liberty game the way in which he did.

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Amen, I was at both of those games live. That fucking kid is not making a 54 yard field goal in any circumstance asshole. Hes a fucking college kicker. He's not making that kick. In fact perhaps your vastly overpaid ST coach could have drawn up a block. Total fucking joke. In terms of Duke.. when that was a 6 point game, we literally had 2 DBs running into each other with no Duke WR in sight. lol. Come on

Like, his career long wasn't even 40 yards at that point, and they're lining up for a 54 yarder? Let him kick the ball, dumbass. You're not icing him from literally 15 yards further than his career long! He's either going to have it land like a punt that we can return, or he's going to try and kick it too low to gain more distance and we'll block it.

Predictably, and when it comes to sports there were few events less more predictable than this, he kicked it too low trying to get extra distance on it, and we housed it. And it was all for naught because Fuente second guessed the moment. One of the most predictable moments we've ever seen and our head coach single handedly choked on it.

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Yep- contrast that with one of the best special teams minds in CFB history- who thought that any college kick over 45 yards was pure luck anyway and blocked more of them than anyone in history because of that mindset. "Hes not making this anyway" That was how Beamer approached it. He would have 100% taken his chances with the liberty kicker there. Asshole Fu treated it like an NFL playoff game with an NFL kicker in a dome.

And this is before you consider that, after the timeout, we played a soft defense that literally gave the offense a 10-15 yard cushion to pick up the distance they needed to actually get into FG range

This is my school
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Totally agree. This was the moment that Fu lost me.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Duke 2019 was also my point of no return with Fu. I knew after that moment that we had the wrong guy and things wouldn't get better until he was gone. I think he also knew after that season he was going to be exposed and tried the Baylor jump which didn't work. Way, way over his head.

ODU 2018 was brow raising. I genuinely thought that the only way to save his job after 2018 was to make sweeping staff changes. That didn't happen. Then Duke 2019 was the nail in the coffin for me. I worried that Fuente wasn't the guy after 2018 and I knew he wasn't after that beat down in Lane. And then we endured 2.5 very long seasons with no changes - the worst part is that waiting those two extra years just allowed the problem to fester and get worse. The job for the next guy was always going to be tough but the longer we waited the harder it was going to be.

I don't know if Pry can dig us out of this mess. He's got an uphill battle. I'm willing to give him some time to prove what he can do but I really believe that regardless of how good or bad we actually are in 2025, we'll know damn well which direction we're heading by the end of that season. All this conference realignment nonsense is just exacerbating the situation too. VT just doesn't have the resources to compete with the best of the best (thanks Swofford). Pry will need a series of miracles to get us to where the fans expect to be.

Onward and upward

Honestly, for me, if Pry can keep us around 8-9 wins and his personality and fan interaction remains the same as it is now...I hope he stays a long time.

I've accepted that Tech's ceiling is probably winning the ACCCG once in a while...playoffs or Nattys just wont happen for us unless there's a miracle.

Give me a cool as shit coach who wins more than we lose and gives us the occasional big game win and I'm happy.

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Same, the Duke game was the final nail in the coffin for me. I left early and mentioned to my friend over consolation beers that White should let Fuente go the next day and start over and we would still have a good shot at finishing the season with the same record as if he coaches it out.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Read that at the Hardywood event earlier this week, Whit flat out said the last couple years were his fault and that Pry and Co. were better than Fu. Pretty damning considering how charitable Whit usually is in speaking.

Really makes you wonder what in the world was going on with VT football the last several years. Clown show I think sums it up.

Other than Shibest and Vance, it is clear that the rest of the staff has a skill set with a ceiling of G5 level football. I still think Shibest was overpaid though.

Completely agree. The evidence is that none of them (sans Ryan Smith) that has taken a new job has been at the P5 level. I understand that some are taking the time off but still shows just how bad they were.

"Give me a fuΒ’king beer", Anonymous Genius

Someone else mentioned it in another thread, but I think most of them were on 2-year contracts so they're not just taking time off but getting paid to do it. It will be interesting to see who picks up jobs next year though.

I just started listening the Kaleb Smith episode you mentioned and 10 minutes in I am already like holy shit. Was Corn liked by ANYBODY except Fuente? And how does a guy 3 or 4 years in the program not know where their o-coordinator's office is?

The most telling thing for me so far is the James Mitchell story, there was no need for that play and the team knew it.

He said give to me Roscoe

I listened to the whole thing while I was working today and I can not believe Fuente allowed that much shit to happen. I can 100% believe why most of the old staff has not been picked up by new teams. If this culture is well known in the coaching circles, the old staff might be too tainted to be picked up by any FBS football program (Ryan Smith excluded of course). Corn's weird ass personal coaching website makes sense now. Nobody is going to touch him. Incompetence and arrogance is the worst combination for a so called professional.

I am still just shaking my at how much of a cesspool Fuente created. I mean... damn.

My goodness. I'm legit shocked after listening to that podcast. I really feel like we may just see a pretty dang motivated and much better coached team hit the field this fall. Kaleb talking about how he met with Pry after spring and Pry was asking him about his goals, asking if he was happy at VT - he stood up and hugged him and told Pry he was so happy he was there. I really feel sorry for the players that they had to deal with Fu and the clown show for as long as they did. Sounds like everything is night and day different and everyone loves Pry and Co.

It's amazing to me that any of this is shocking to people on TKP. Dcwilson, among others, has been sounding the alarm about these coaches for years. The evidence was there. We just needed to be willing to see it.

Onward and upward

Denial ended at different points for different people. And only 1 or 2 owe me apologies for things they said while still in denial

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Braxton Burmeister, Ryan Willis, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

He showed he could be successful. But 2019 ended on such a sour note losing to UVA and Kentucky. Then there was the 2020 season and Liberty. That's when I was done. But it was a COVID year, and I gave him a pass.

So I gave him a chance in 21. He was still our coach, and I felt wrong to not support our players. But getting housed 2 years in a row by Pitt. The close losses. He had become toxic.

Good Lord, we all need some serious therapy. And Dr Pry is gonna have his work cut out for him.

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this is it for me -- there were obvious "this isn't okay" moments (odu, liberty, duke) but there were also always a metric frick ton of extenuating circumstances. injuries at qb, coaching shuffles, key contributors leaving early, etc. it took me a little while to come around on it.

the weirdest thing was the lack of program engagement and closing off access -- that coupled with the emerging chatter about facilities closing at 6 etc just comes across like a staff that were in over their head, knew they were in over their head, and just tried to prevent everyone else from coming to the same conclusion. unfortunately ball don't lie

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

I know the Baylor situation got spun by some as a wake up call for VT, that Fu needed more resources to compete, etc. And I don't disagree, we did need better investment in the program and got it. But that was sort of serendipitous in my opinion. I think Fu honestly knew the writing was on the wall for him in Blacksburg and tried to jump ship before he was exposed to preserve his coaching stock. That way he could spin it as "VT just didn't give me what I needed to win." It all backfired horribly for him and he had no excuses left to hide behind. If it weren't for the pandemic there's no doubt in my mind he would have been gone after 2020.

I said this in another thread, but anyone to follow Beamer would have failed. The resources just weren't there. We had a major investment around the program while he was here and then soothe major investment when Pry got here. Today, we have something like 30 more staff members than when Beamer left.

Now what Fuente did was just make sure no one misses him if the next couple guys don't work out. If Pry doesn't win, i feel people are gonna still like the guy.

if vt doesnt get back to 10 win seasons, people will still be blaming fuente in 2040 lol

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

So Fuente was the hero we needed but didn't deserve?

Onward and upward

this is it for me -- there were obvious "this isn't okay" moments (odu, liberty, duke) but there were also always a metric frick ton of extenuating circumstances. injuries at qb, coaching shuffles, key contributors leaving early, etc. it took me a little while to come around on it.

I was there with you, until I realized it was almost exactly like every situation I've ever had dealing with bad coworkers. Just endless screw-ups, and they always had an excuse for why it wasn't their fault. The difference was that I knew enough about the subject at work to fully understand that they were completely bullshitting their excuses. Once you started to hear some actual football experts wonder wtf was going on in Blacksburg (like Kirk Herbstreit's infamous "omg its so bad" reaction to the situation at VT on the plane after the Duke game) it made me realize the same situation was happening here.

This is my school
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but there were also always a metric frick ton of extenuating circumstances.

where I come from, we call these excuses. Virginia Tech was not, is not, and will never be, the only place that has "extenuating circumstances".

Good coaches figure out how to win in the face of adversity. Bad coaches make excuses for losing. Full Stop.

Onward and upward

Halfway through this podcast right now. Absolutely brutal on the old staff.

Listening to Kaleb Smith now.....not only were the coaches not doing their job, but locked the facilities down so athletes couldn't get in extra work......prevented them from improving on their One of the biggest things that happened with Beamer/Foster was getting guys to buy in when it came to the weight room, and getting them to do extra work. That's one reason why we were stronger and better conditioned than most teams we played.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

There is a part of me that feels bad for those ex coaches trying to get another job after all these reports and interviews have become public. Then I remember what they did to Virginia Tech football and screw em.

One of the best quotes from this interview that stood out to me was Pry saying that he can't say he's the smartest Xs and Os coach in the ACC, couldn't say he was the hardest worker, but that absolutely no one was more competitive than him in this league. The guy absolutely hates to lose and loves fighting to get the win. Watching his presence and tone a bit yesterday at Media Days, he definitely gives me some Dabo vibes. He knows how to turn on the charm and be a funny, extroverted personality. But he will compete against you and do whatever it takes to win. Also knows how to promote the brand and program (that VT suit was awesome and timing Fleming's commitment to when he was on the podium was excellent) and his attention to all the little details is really striking. Seems all the players love him and have rallied behind him. I can't wait to see this team hit the field in September. I don't think they are viewing this as a "rebuilding year."