2022 Season Ticket Sales not doing well.

Was talking about this with a friend the other day and Chris makes the point with an image even more apparent. Why aren't we seeing a season ticket sales bump under a new coach with a decent home schedule? Lackluster ticket sales and attendance at games has pretty big ripples across the entire athletic department from budget to recruiting etc.

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Fuente damage has lead people to other venues and activities. Hell, I got to where I didn't even watch on tv.
That said I bought tix to WVU & Miami. And I think we get on the right side of W's & L's a little bit, and the stands will fill back up.

This feels like such a mid tier program response from the fan base. I lived in Columbus during some down years of anOSU and they still rushed to buy season tickets and at least show up to most of the games. I always feel like Tech is behind the game anyway with where it sits in the state and it's recent history as a program compared to others and this only adds to the hurdles the team and athletic department has to clear.

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Comparing us to OSU is a little absurd.

Fan support is fan support. UCF sold out season tickets last year and will again this year. Tech has the fan base or should to sell out season tickets even in uncertain or down years.

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The key difference there is that UCF has actually put a team on the field that people want to watch.

People's priorities have changed over the last several years, for all sorts of very real and very important reasons.

I live in Scottsdale, AZ, so I'm obviously not buying season tickets. But with that said, I barely even watch them on TV anymore. I wouldn't question someone's fandom just because they don't want to spend a bunch of $$ on a weekend to go watch something that isn't enjoyable.

the other key differences are that UCF's stadium seats ~20k fewer people than Lane, UCF's student enrollment is about double tech's, and UCF is located in a metropolitan area with a 2020 census population approaching 2.7m people

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I would say those are some pretty sizeable differences. It's like comparing apples to elephants.

Well, we all already know those facts. I was t trying to give Fireman a hard time on the simple math.

The key is still that they have put a winning product on the field that people want to watch. Virginia Tech has not. Lane Stadium would be full if the Hokies were winning.

As someone who didn't go to Tech I have trouble grasping that though. Ive always viewed Tech as a "big" football program one that has reached the top games in the country. But this idea that fans will only come out if the team is good enough or hell even just shell out the money to buy even if they don't attend every game to be not reflective of that big time program fan base. There are other programs that don't sit in major metro areas or don't have massive current student enrollment that sell out or come close to selling out season tickets. Is this just a further snowballing of Tech falling further behind schools that we used to be peers of?

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Change is hard. We've gone from a legend that put us in a bowl every year, owned the Town, and put banners around the stadium to our second coach since. Nevermind the pandemic too. And the changes to tailgating over the past few years. It's getting more and more difficult to justify making the trek.

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It's a complex, multifaceted issue that is impacted by Tech's recent performance, the college football landscape, recent economic/cultural things, and technological changes. It's not just one thing.

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With the location of Blacksburg also being a major inhibitor.

I would ask you to look at fan fatigue from Fuente. During seasons where Bama & Sparty couldn't keep students in the stadium after halftime with big leads, we had fans going nuts in the 4th while we were trailing ECU.
It takes a LOT of let down to kill that kind of fan base.

He did it. And many TKP'r said they weren't renewing until he was gone. It just took too long to get him gone. Now it's just going to take a little time to turn it around. It's a carrier, not a PT boat.

Is this just a further snowballing of Tech falling further behind schools that we used to be peers of?

The fans are nowhere near any of the primary reasons that our football team is no longer regularly winning 10+ games every season.

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I did go to VT. During the time that CFB was nearly fired. There was passion for the team, but there was a great deal of cynicism for VT's knack for playing 3 solid quarters of football (we didn't speak about the 4th quarters...). That cynicism reestablished itself over the past few years. A new coach and an offseason isn't enough to reverse that. Getting back in contention, will. The ball is in Pry's court, and I'm pulling for him to knock it out of the park.


The ball is in Pry's court, and I'm pulling for him to knock it out of the park.

it's always amusing to me when people conflate two different sports analogies

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* And I'm pulling for him to boot it through the uprights.


I hope he serves up an ace of a first year, it'll be an opportunity for this program to get a mulligan.

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maybe he can win all 3 of the 4 game series. We'll call it a hat trick.

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Am hoping the KFC will get Jobu to help him finally hit that curveball.


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As a current grad student at UCF while all technically true it doesn't account for the "vibe" so to speak on the ground. Orlando like a lot of major metro areas outside maybe Columbus doesn't pay a lot of attention to college sports in their town (although UCF actually sits outside Orlando). UCF football is a new kid on the block and while they have had good seasons they are G5 team. I would hope Tech alums and fans wouldn't need pressure to just buy season tickets or show up to a few games. All the reasons on here are true, cost, apathy, distance, bad teams, subpar stadium experience I just assumed Hokie Nation would do what Nebraska fans have done for decades, or Iowa fans, or Ole Miss and show up and show out for the most part.

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Look at the areas you have offered up. What do they have outside college football to offer, to compete for the dollar? Not much at all. No professional sports teams within the main core fan base area. Look at the 95 corridor from Richmond thru Philly. Not only professional teams, but other universities (that kids are attending) and other cultural stuff to draw the dollar. Plus investment of time.

Let's be honest, we are still a young program so to speak. In '92, 30 years ago (gulp) we were 2-8-1. Nebraska had won 2 national titles by then and would win 3 of the next 5. THAT draws people in. Oh, and Ole Miss had won 3 by '92 as well and perfected tailgating while we were trying to hold a 4th quarter lead.

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This right here.


Rather than comparing our ticket sales to teams like OSU and UCF, you should be looking more at teams that have been barely .500 for the past 4 years

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We are "behind" on wearing orange and maroon and having a bird mascot too I suppose.

Let's no get into how much our colors have drifted from what they truly should be.

Our cheerleaders have been wearing UVA colors for a few seasons now..

Updog for life!

I have 2 maroon shirts that say "Virginia Tech" in orange on the chest. One from circa 2008 and one from the last 5 years. The new one looks like garbage and definitely not the right colors. The orange is approaching neon red.

One of the athletic programs' instagram accounts recently posted about new banners on the outside of Lane and the "orange" on them is just straight up red. The "free" ACC basketball champions flags were the same shade of red, on top of those being one of the lowest quality items I've ever seen. Just charge me $5-10 more and make it something I'm not going to throw in the trash. This stuff should be easy, but ever since our athletic rebrand our gear has gone in the toilet. End of rant.

And let's not overlook inflationary cost. It's been a world of hurt just to fill the tank for the last few months.

The on field product last year was garbage and not to rain on everyone's parade but it won't be that much better this year either. If I didn't live 90 minutes from Blacksburg I'd heavily reconsider my tickets

I live in Cburg. It made the decision easier but if I don't see actual improvement over the year I might cancel for next year.

For the first time since 93 when sitting at a couple games last year, I wasn't enjoying myself and thinking there were better uses of my time.

A couple of other factors could be factoring into poor sales:
A. Record Inflation?
B. Gas prices for travel.
C. COVID lingering (not trying to open that can of worms)
D. Lot of pessimism over the current teams chances (projecting 6-6 anybody?)

If the team was good, people would find ways to save money elsewhere and still make it out to the stadium for game days, much like we did from 2008-2011 or so when we went through the last big recession. COVID is really not showing to be a big deterrent elsewhere in society, with most people just kind of accepting the risks now in their everyday lives.

At the end of the day, the team just isn't very good and people don't want to spend time and money on a product that is subpar to what they expect. Everything else is an excuse, the same kind of excuses we hear from Miami on why Canes games are never sold out (there is more to do, stadium is too far away, blah blah blah).

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Bingo. Back in the day, the only home games you worried about were Pitt being a pain in the ass perhaps and Miami. We whipped everyone elses ass on the regular. Now, you drive 5-6 hours to Lane and Wake, Liberty, ODU, NC State, Duke are toss ups. BC is hope and pray we can beat them, and Pitt is a loss. We don't beat Miami anymore either unless they have 5 turnovers or a total bonehead coach. This program is a shell of what it was in every way.

This right here ^.

If I lived within maybe a 2 hour drive of Blacksburg, I'd get season tickets this for sure. But I live 6.5 hours away, so I am not going to be investing that kind of time + money in something that is likely to still cause a lot of heartburn and anger this year, lol

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Living in Richmond, the round trip drive for home games is 500 miles; at 30 mpg that's about 17 gallons of gas which at even the slightly lower $4.25 a gallon here lately means gas cost for a single game is about472 (485v if it goes back up to $5/gal). I make decent money and it is 2 of us so that helps and we still get season tickets and plan to attend all games.(even might try to make ALL the games given the close proximity of all our away game in even years-did that in 2016 only missing the Syracuse game(thank God lol)).

But for those with kids and the extra expenses those involve or those who are less fortunate than I am income-wise, I can certainly understand the hesitance to get season tickets-particularly with inflation raising all their other expenses.

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

the formatting of your post is a little wonky, I'll just clear it up

17 gallons x $5.00 = $85
17 gallons x $4.25 = $72.25

for comparison to a while back:
17 gallons x $3.25 = $55.25

so it's an extra $17-30 per game in gas money

People aren't skipping games to save $30. A weekend in Blacksburg can easily be over a grand (travel, hotel rooms for 2 nights, food, tickets, concessions, etc) and a lot of effort (you have to plan ahead, especially if you don't have a place to crash).

$30 isn't making/breaking anyone's decision.

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Eventually even a straw can break the camel's back.

I would add the potential for the ACC to become completely irrelevant due to losing the TV revenue wars. So the "What's the point?" factor.

Maybe with the cost of gas, uncertainty about inflation/COVID/etc people are just not as willing to spend a lot of money on something that isn't a sure thing.

Would you like Prys with that?

Trying to compare LOLUVA and UNC sales but their websites say I'm a suspicious user.

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As someone from NC who has never gotten season tickets, I still usually make the trek up to Blacksburg for a game or two.

With three games in the Triangle this year, I might drive up for the UVA game, but even that isn't set in stone.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

We warned about fan apathy years ago as to why you have to bite the bullet and make a coaching change when things are clearly not working.

This is what it looks like.

Thankfully, we caught it relatively early, so there is time to get it back.

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That's an interesting note that if we were to join the SEC, sell out Lane every game, we would actually bring the average down

which is why Average Attendance is weir and misleading -- strongly influenced by realignment. recording what percentage of capacity is filled is better way to look at it i think

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90% economy, 10% fan insecurity about quality of the product.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

"WVU, UVA and Miami are on the home schedule."

I mean, I don't doubt that those games are going to sell tickets. It's more likely people are thinking they'll be available as single game tickets.

If I had the financial capability to buy season tickets I would. With this economy and oncoming recession I can't justify dumping that much money into season tickets. And if I could move stuff around to make it work I would, but again that much money for just football tickets isn't a wise move.

I am even having trouble pulling the trigger for single game tickets, and I've been looking forward to going to the WVU game for a long time now.


Brother I hear ya. I pulled the trigger on WVU because it's a Thursday night and I can get my oldest a VTCC tour that Friday & we can hit VMI for a tour Saturday.
I pulled the trigger on Miami because I wanted my gf to experience a good Tech game. She's a Vols fan, (I'm still teaching her to read & such) & thought she would enjoy the experience.

WVU because it's a Thursday night

My cousin is a Mountaineer (lol) and he has been to one Tech game when we played Pitt and had the goal line stand. I really want to show him a Thursday night crowd at Tech.

She's a Vols fan, (I'm still teaching her to read & such)

I am sad I have but one leg to give for this.


I remember going to a Tenn- Miami game 15 like 20 years ago. I believe it was McGahee who broke a 76 yard run and Miami fans cheered loudly (all like 500 of them) amd then UT stopped them and forced a FG. No cheering. Those Miami fans were louder than UT fans. They have a 100k stadium and the opposing team is louder, WTF!

Does the VTCC still offer "Spend the Night with The Corps" opportunities? I'm just saying, that Thursday would be a great night to do it and they could probably get him in with minimal shenanigans. Saves you a ticket and he gets an up close look at some of the most fun Cadets get to have!

.... this is the most perfectly written thing I've ever seen on this site

Coleman should be happy. He can get in for season tickets before the greedy evil huge donors scalp the good games for market price and not charity.

I chuckled. Leg.

To add to this, the cost of secondhand single game tickets has gotten out of hand. I was looking into getting tickets to the VT ODU game. This is in Norfolk with a lower tier G5 program and a rebuilding Tech squad. 4 tickets was going to cost over $800! I was searching through Vivid seats, they added close to $45/ ticket and labeled it a "service fee". That is absurd and Vivid can go jump off a bridge.

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Use TickPick, no service fees (and no the base ticket prices aren't higher/have fees built in)... why people still use other sites like Vivid and StubHub where they make you pay absurd fees, is beyond me.

Every time I find a ticket on StubHub, I look to see if it's available on TickPick (which 90% of the time it is) and it's always 20-30% cheaper on TickPick since they don't add BS fees

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Thank you! I had never heard of TickPick

EDIT: Gotta throw more thanks to you! September 2nd is the start of my brother's birthday weekend and we had to cancel going to the game due to the cost. I just bought tickets through TickPick and he has no idea. He's gonna be jacked when I surprise him!

"The Big Ten is always using excuses to cancel games with us. First Wisconsin. Then Wisconsin. After that, Wisconsin. The subsequent cancellation with Wisconsin comes to mind too. Now Penn State. What's next? Wisconsin?" -HorseOnATreadmill

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Glad I could help! Sometimes SeatGeek is another good option too (instead of StubHub/Vivid/etc.)... I spoke with a TickPick rep before and they told me they only take fees from the seller, never the buyer.

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At that price it would be cheaper to buy ODU season tickets and sell the rest of the tickets at cost.

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maybe its because everyone dumped their money for season tickets into flat donations to take care of the buyout...

on a personal note I have never had season tickets since graduating. The reason(s) for not having season tickets has changed over the years, but now its primarily an issue of how I need to invest my time. With young kids I can't justify at a minimum a whole day commitment that otherwise should be going to the family instead (and I'm the only invested in sports, let alone Hokie football)... plus the idea of having to able to drive, and most likely angry, for 5 hours just isn't appealing.

Not to be a Debbie downer, but there is really no mystery to this. We've just been flat out BAD for several years now. We are coming off back-to-back losing seasons. We have finished 3 out of the last 4 seasons with a losing record. Since 2018, we've lost by 20 or more points on 8 occasions; 30 or more points on 4 occasions; and 40 or more points once. To make matters worse, these blowout losses are not coming at the hands of Clemson or Notre Dame, but Duke, Pittsburgh, Maryland, and Georgia Tech. We lost to Old Dominion. We lost to Liberty. We were an offsides penalty on an onside kick away from potentially going to overtime or losing to Furman at home. We struggled to put away Richmond and Rhode Island at home. We never had a chance last year against a Boston College team that finished the year with a 2-6 record in the ACC. We also lost at home to a Syracuse team that finished the year with a 2-6 record in the ACC, with their only other win being over that same Boston College team that threw us around like a cat playing with a dead mouse. To use an old NRV Radio analogy, our program went from being the Shelor Motor Mile to JW's Auto World. No matter how you look at it, the product we put on Worsham Field under Fuente for the last 4 years absolutely stunk. Were this not enough, he mismanaged the roster so badly that even Coach Pry admitted recently that we're one offensive tackle injury away from an "oh shit," situation (seriously, look at the depth chart). Finally, while WVU, Miami, and UVA are exciting home games, we only have 6 this year (rather than the standard 7), and the other 3 are absolute snoozers against Wofford, BC, and GT (the latter two of which we are hardly guaranteed to win). So, while I live in NC and still buy season tickets, it's not that hard to figure out why many other Hokies are just saying "the hell with it." At a certain point, this becomes a "what's the definition of insanity?" situation, especially given what's going on with the economy, gas prices, hotel prices, etc.

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IT isn't just the ticket prices. I live in Chesapeake and the round trip is not doable in a day after tailgating and watching a game! So then you have to figure in the outrageous prices of a place to stay and most with a 2 night minimum!

The location of Blacksburg turns catching a game in person into an event that takes up the entire weekend and the product on the field is flat out not good. Many people don't want to give up that much of their time off for something that isn't terribly fun anymore. When we get back to winning it will be different but I'll spend my fall and winter weekends in the woods for now.


But seriously, I don't see this as terribly surprising. The product has been bad for years and it's not likely to be better right away. I think I saw another poster use the idiom "once bitten, twice shy" which I think is appropriate. Fans are kind of in wait-and-see mode with Pry. Fuente was lauded as the 'hire of the off-season' back in 2016 and he turned out to be a big, big bust. He did a tremendous amount of damage to VT football and I don't blame most fans for seeing Pry, with no HC experience, bringing in a staff of coaches who don't have a ton of experience (particularly at the coordinator spots) as potentially Fuente 2.0. Pry will need to win and do so consistently, especially against the teams that we "should" beat for fans to start feeling comfortable with paying for the product on the field. And most people are already reserved to the "fact" that 2022 is going to be a tough, tough season for VT. Couple that with the ACC being left behind in the conference re-alignment business and the current climate of the economy, it's no wonder people aren't chomping at the bit to buy season tickets.

Onward and upward

I agree with all of this.

That being said, I think we'll still see a full Lane this year. We're just going to have to lean on single game ticket sales more than we have needed to in the past, with more discounts or giveaways needed to get fans into the game. I know I am expecting to come back for a game for the first time since before COVID and suspect I'm not alone there, even if I know I am not coming up to all home games.

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Maybe I can get some reasonable tickets to a single game and take the youngsters. Now will I be able to get a hotel for less than $600? When the price for a family of 4 to attend one game starts to approach the price of a new TV, attendance is going to drop. Bowl games too, way too expensive.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

I would also think conference realignment and NIL has lead to some apathy. The ACC feels like it will be left for dead and programs with bigger budgets are taking the top talent (TX Tech just signed a deal to give all players $25k each!!). It is hard to see VT getting back to being a top tier program. I will still watch every game and go to as many as I can in person, but it's hard to get excited with CFB these days unless you are Bama, OSU, Clemson, UGA, etc.

To be honest, I don't think the average fan is that plugged into realignment or NIL. There are definitely some boomers yelling at clouds over NIL/Portal/Realignment, but I don't think that's driving much apathy.

I do think the CFP (or rather - the media's coverage of the season) is contributing to apathy - ESPN and College Gameday control so much of the narrative around the sport. From week 1, they start talking about the playoff. There's 132ish teams in FBS. About 60 teams don't have a chance at the playoff no matter. About 45 teams will be eliminated after their first loss. There's about 25 teams that can absorb a single loss and still make the playoff.

Now, I am NOT one of these people who think that the college football season doesn't matter if you don't/can't make the playoff. I hop in for the ride every season because I enjoy the weirdness, the debate, the pagentry, and the upsets. I enjoy the season while believing that VT will never again compete for a natty in football, and that doesn't bother me.

But not everyone is that way. And when the media - for 6 straight seasons - does nothing but talk about the playoff... it can get exhausting.

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25 teams that can absorb a loss seems high ...

100% on board that the playoff talk ruins CFB. Build up the 2nd tier teams that are having great seasons. I hate ESPNs announcers, I hate CFB talking heads, I just watch ganes any more cause the rest just sucks.

25 teams that can absorb a loss seems high

Any SEC team can go 12-1 and will be in the playoff - that's 14 teams right there. The majority of the B10 would be in the same boat. Probably 10 other schools that have a schedule where they could afford to drop one game

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I did think about that, but a 12-1 vandy who played the crapiest teams from the west, lost to UGA and the rest of the east was mediocre is a tough sell ... similar NW, Indiana, Illinois, Rutgers all would have issues depending on who they beat.

I mean ESPN would push the hell out of the SEC, but USC, Clemson, and OU all go undefeated this year then B1G 1 loss vs SEC 1 loss is tough call

12-1 Vandy either (a) went undefeated in the SEC east in the regular season (this has a win over UGA), or (b) has one regular season loss, still won the division, and won the SEC.

The only way a 12-1 SEC champ isn't getting a bid is if every other P5 conference champ is undefeated.

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If UGA loses to Bama and LSU and Vandy loses to UGA it still goes ... Yes they had to beat a good west team but they really could get by with no really good wins.

There's a lot of things that factor into this:

  • A seemingly inevitable recession alledgedly coming soon
  • The cost of traveling to Blacksburg - mostly lodging IMO, but other things play a factor
  • The state of VT football - despite having a new coach, this could be our worst season 92.
  • The focus the media puts on the playoff (which we have no chance of getting into for at least 5 years) has made the regular season less relevant (to some fans - not to me) if you're team isn't in the playoff race
  • The fact that it's easier than ever to watch a VT game from home

All of these things are contributing interrelated factors. It's also worth noting that college football attendance has been declining across FBS for seventh straight years and is at the lowest average since 1981.

The decrease spared no part of the country. More of the half of the teams in the final AP Top 25 saw attendance declines, including eight of the top 10. For the seventh consecutive year, a majority of FBS conferences (seven of 10) declined in attendance. Compare that to 2010 when only the Pac-12 saw fewer fans attend games among the major conferences.

In 2021, only the Big Ten experienced attendance gain among the Power Five conferences. Michigan led the country in attendance for the fifth year in a row and for the 21st time in the last 22 seasons.

For the 23rd consecutive year, the SEC led the country in attendance with 72,195 fans per game. Still, the nation's most football crazy league was not immune from the trend. The SEC suffered an attendance decline for a fifth consecutive year since an all-time high of 78,630 in 2015. Even though the average decline from 2019 was minimal (528 fans per game), the SEC posted its lowest average attendance since 1999.

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I get the feeling that college football has lost some of its appeal due to the recent money grab by the SEC and BIG for most people. now if you are in one of those conferences you like it but if not why care? People have the feeling that you can't win no matter what and it kills excitement. I'm not arguing whether it's true or not, but when the talking heads keep saying that if you are outside the conferences that you are obsolete people start believing it. Hard to sell tickets when you feel like you aren't even eligible for a title.

Yes, there is an issue, and I think everyone has hit the several nails into the cross. Pry literally has to resurrect the program. It won't take 3 days, maybe 3 years.

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I live in Pennsylvania. No way with the gas price and inflation. I donated to the "start jumping" club or whatever it was called and donated $22.22 to get the basketball garden flag. Now I get a thing in the mail that I'm a "Hokie Club" member and no donation is too small lol. Got a free magnet and stickers though.

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College football is turning into leagues without salary caps. Not interested in watching the monied out spending the moneyless, ala the Yankees.

Are we really behind in ticket sales, though? Do we know what ticket sales were like at this point last year? I'd be shocked if we really were behind last year's sales, given the apathy that was growing under Fuente.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

The way they phrased it is more about there not being a significant bump.

But it seems to me that the mood/economy is a lot more threatening than last year at this time, so there may be factors at play other than simply the coaching change.

Last years tickets sales were probably misleading, I think 70% of the season ticket holders let our covid tickets ride until last year. The season tickets had been paid for the previous year.

Impending recession and layoffs has lots of people being a lot more cautious with their discretionary spending. I know my family is really thinking hard about our purchases and what is a necessity even though my wife and I both have good jobs right now. After the last few years of seeing people blindsided by layoffs I dont take it for granted that things will stay good.

Danny is always open

"my family is really thinking hard about our purchases and what is a necessity even though my wife and I both have good jobs right now. After the last few years of seeing people blindsided by layoffs I don't take it for granted that things will stay good."

Wise move. We are in the same boat. Hope most others think the same way.

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A lot of - I think correct - comments on inflation and economic uncertainty being a big factor in people not buying tickets. This article just showed up on my LinkedIn feed. Talks about how the cost of many entertainment venues have gone way up beyond the base rate of inflation. Interestingly, parking is often what has jumped the most. Not directly tied to VT or college sports, but gives some background on the economic choices people have had to make relative to the 1960s. And this article probably does not even cover the changes in the last few months as that should be too recent to have done the analysis. Link here:


Recovering scientist working in business consulting

Inflation is definitely playing a role. I work for a food retailer in the Northeast. The cost of goods for our products has increased by 10% year over year. And that's before increased transportation or labor costs. Yet, retail sales across the food industry are only up 6% year over year. People are looking for lower cost alternatives. If that kind of change is impacting necessities such as food - it definitely is impacting discretionary spoending such as season tickets.

I think it is a mixture of economic conditions, apathy, and technology.

Gas is a factor for everyone. Long trips have to be worth it. Last few years, home games aren't worth it (to me).

The easier it is to stream games and watch live will detract from sales. Who wouldn't want to be fishing, camping, whatever you enjoy and experience the game live in that moment rather than attending the game be the moment.

I went to 1 game last year. This season we (as a family) are going to 1 game also (BC). I feel like we had to be there for the first home game of Pry.

I did bite on the South Endzone promos. Going to the WVU game with a work bud (90s hat looks spot on) and trying to work on travel timing for the Miami to get that 276 on an official item!

So, I do think season tickets will drop some when the major games are being sold cheap as a promo. The increased costs of season tickets since the per seat donation was added has finally caught up to the consumers. We gave up our season tickets in 2018.

If Pry has a decent to great season, sales will pick up.

it is a mixture of economic conditions, apathy, and technology.

Succinct and well put.

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Had season tickets last year, but I live in FL, so tough to make every game and this year'sresale market is going to be tough.

Got individual tickets for Miami this year - 50yd line with no seat donation. Trying to make WVU work as well. It's way cheaper to buy individual game tickets in down years.

If Pry has a decent to great season, sales will pick up.

Except - have you seen next year's home schedule? Gonna be tough to sell that.

How are you getting from FL to Blacksburg. That's limiting my trips up.

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We (well, my wife surprised me with) just booked our trip for the WVU game (hate to look at what she paid for tix).

We're driving from Naples to Orlando Thursday morning, fly out of MCO at 10:51, into CLT at 12:35, renting a car and driving in. Back out of CLT at 1:25 the next day. Not ideal, but a helluva lot cheaper than 1- driving up in the truck and 2- flying into Roanoke.

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FWIW, Allegiant flies direct flights from Orlando Sanford (SFB) to Roanoke. Might be worth looking into if you haven't bought tickets for the flight or can cancel.

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We did the Spirit route because we're sneaking up for one night for the game. I have meetings Wednesday and she works Wednesday night and Saturday night, so we literally have 24 hours once we land in Charlotte. Coming back on Friday gives us breathing room if something should happen to our flight home. AND since the game is actually ON her birthday, it gives me some time Friday night to do something special for her

Warning- Filter lost.

"Look at this... This is just spectacular.... These people are losing their minds"


If you play it, they will win.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used." -The BoD

Allegiant also flies (or used to fly) St. Pete PIE-ROA direct.

Although they only fly certain days of the week and their reliability is less than stellar.

That's one of the problems for VT fans in the Southeast that don't live in the ATL or CLT vicinity...the required connection to get to ROA makes it nearly as timely to drive. And ROA can be absurdly expensive.

Just FYI..frequently fly to ROA to visit family...on more than one occasion have found LYH flights MUCH cheaper and it's a straight shot down 460 vs. driving from CLT or GSO.

As of now, Allegiant flies from Orlando to Roanoke on Monday's and Friday's. Great for a Saturday game, not so much for a Thursday night one

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Just FYI for the FL residents:

You can also fly Allegiant from Sanford to Tri-Cities (TRI) in Blountville, TN (not far from Kingsport).

I live about an 1hr 30min from TRI in Virginia. Ye olde Google says it is a 2hr 10min drive from TRI to Blacksburg.

Unsure about flight costs vs Roanoke. But I believe Allegiant runs on Thursdays between Sanford and Tri-Cities.

Last year we usually flew Breeze from Tampa to Richmond because we have family there, borrowed a car and drove to the burg. Probably try Charlotte this time.

We live near Clearwater/St Pete, but Allegiant only flys certain days. The extra hotel stays offset the savings on the flight.

Yep that's what I'm finding looking at every airport around Jacksonville all the way down to Orlando.

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... A real program that is

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When Fu stopped trying, everyone else did, too. People got used to not going and now they are in wait and see mode. Gotta start kicking ass on the regular.

Looks like the WVU-VT game is sold out!

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Even with the cupboard being bare and season outlook not being the greatest, I think the Hokie fan turnout for this season is going to be pretty on par with last few years...

Night/prime time games - close to sell out, if not a sell out already
Shit games (ex. Wofford) - 50-60%
Every other game - 75-80% with top of south EZ and top right of West side a little scarce

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I will be surprised if the Wofford game attendance hits 50%. That 11 am kickoff is a killer. LancerHokie and I are bailing on that game because that early of a kickoff sandwiched between two night games is not worth it. Especially since we live in NoVa. 3 games in 12 days is nuts.

I'll eat it if I'm wrong, but 50% is pretty pessimistic for Wofford unless we lose to ODU. We've probably had some games skirt 50% attendance (I'll ignore the Pitt game in the rain that never happened), but in September with new coach optimism? I bet we still hit 70% for that game barring an 0-2 start to the season

That was possibly the most miserable game I've ever attended.

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It's going to take a long time to undo the damage from Fuente - and while Pry very well could be exactly who we need going forward, I'd be curious what percentage of VT fans had even heard of him prior to him being announced.

This isn't a criticism, but he wasn't the buzzy (pun intended) hire that was going to juice the entire fanbase.

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I had obviously known about Pry being from Lex/Rockbridge and him going to high school here. And generally knew he was a really good DC as Penn State had some great defenses. But I honestly didn't know the extent of his VT connections until his name came up in our coaching search. Coached by Bryan Stinespring at Lexington High, camped at VT, hired by Frank/Bud and coached at VT for 3 years, then was eventually hired as DC by Rickey Bustle when he left VT to be HC at UL-Lafayette. I can totally understand why he was absolutely pumped about this opportunity and think he's a fantastic fit.

I think VT is one of those schools where it really benefits to have someone with some connections to the program or the state as your head football coach. Obviously I think Saban would do well at VT, but short of getting an all time great like that, I think we need an insider who knows the culture and has the connections.

It was kind of funny in hindsight, but during the 2021 season a coworker and I were talking about if Pry would make a move to HC soon. Never thought it would end up this way at that time. I know a ton of people here in the Lex area that are super stoked about the hire and pulling for him.

What's going to juice the fanbase is winning.

I don't even know what college football is anymore to start. I do know that we have sucked hard the last several years and the last coaching staff really did its best to slowly degrade and eventually ruin any hint of good felling I had left about VT football. I love this new staff, but I am not driving that far to see a likely bowl-tweener team. Even if I was single/divorced and had no kids, I would probably not travel to a game this year. My interest in college football has been reduced more and more due to the ongoing erosion of what it once was when I enrolled at tech in '99, for good for whoever or for worse. It just is.

Buy season tickets then sell off the tickets for games you won't attend at cost.

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That was my plan for Redskins season tickets.

Never seemed to work out.

This has been a losing strategy lately. Most of the games struggle to find someone to pay 50% of face value.

There is no selling the shit games anywhere near cost. I do my best to make sure butts are in my seats and I at least get some loot back though. I dropped my price to $15/ticket twice last year on Sat AM and got buyers with the electronic tix. And I have 4 section 9 seats.

Didn't realize it was like that.

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