QB Dylan Wittke Commits to the Hokies

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Let's Go!!!!!

Welcome Home Young Man!

Coach pry says booom!

Everything I've read about this kid tells me that he's expected to take a considerable rankings leap next season.

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Which means he could flip. Looks like we were the only P5 school that offered him.

It is still extremely early but a good chance to see if Pry can get that coffee

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Guess we'll get to see if Pry can close on recruitments, not just get the initial commit. I mean, if we actually give QBs the opportunity to shine and actually develop them, that's a step in the right direction.

Lol we scarred af

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People here have been burned too many times. Let's see if Pry is the ace recruiter he was billed as.

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Pry was billed as an ace recruiter?

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Ace, no. Proficient, yes

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Y'all are really splitting hairs here lmao. It could not have been more plain that recruiting was a point of emphasis under the new administration. There.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jet Sweep

I'm not sure he was billed as an ace recruiter. I think the implication was that he'd be a lot better than Fuente because he has experience recruiting to a P5 school. Expecting him to be much better than Fuente is different than being an ace.

Also, being a good recruiter isn't something one coach can do in a vacuum. There's relationships with the recruiter, HC (assuming different than primary recruiter), recruiting staff, other players, and even between family and those other people.

I think Pry is going to do a lot better because of him having been a part of an organization that understands a lot of this and the importance of a support staff (and how big that support staff needs to be). And there are some other reasons that I don't want to pile on from the perspective of just continuing to bitch about previous staff.

I don't recall "ace recruiter" I recall more "effective in Va for Franklin", Regardless Fuente's best class at Memphis was 77th. He was trying to learn how to recruit on the fly. Pry has been around one of the very best in Franklin.

Anyone who listens to split zone duo may recall that Godfrey had an episode a few weeks ago where he argues that there is no such thing as an "ace recruiter." Made a lot of really good points, the main takeaway being: a coach's recruiting record has a lot more to do with the school/staff he was recruiting for than anything else.

yeah but shit coaches like Beatty, Locksley, and Deion Sanders pulling in 5 stars at 1AA say differently. Also Danny Pearman couldn't coach me to an IPA, but he pulls in great players.

Disagree with Deion. So far, Jackson St has been playing lights out under him and his staff's coaching. 4-3 in a COVID year, and 10-2 last year. Expecting another solid season this year.

Deion could well set himself up to return to F$U as a head coach.

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I was more speaking to the fact that he gets some top level recruits at a 1AA school vs. x and o's

NIL has to be part of that

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This is great news. Looking forward to seeing how Coach Glenn can further develop him as a QB at VT.

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Develop QBs? What's that?

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Remember what coach O'Cain used to do? *ducks*

Welcome home, Dylan! Seems like a solid pickup for Coach Glenn. Film notes:

  • Fluid whipping throwing motion with nice zip on the ball. P5 arm talent assuming decent accuracy.
  • Passable runner but don't expect much beyond keeping teams honest on zone reads or RPOs. I'd guess he runs a 4.7.
  • I believe his claimed 6'2'' 185lbs and he won't be fomenting any scrawny leg concerns.
  • Quick/snappy feet in the pocket. Better trained eyes could identify potential improvements to his drops/ how low he holds the ball/ and the finer points of QB mechanics, but there's a lot of potential for Coach Glenn to mold.

Trying to find the tweet but someone mentioned he is 4.5 speed and a 37 inch vert. Explosive athlete. He was the backup QB last year to a guy going to Stanford.

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He was timed in the 4.55 range at an elite 11 event. He's listed as a pro style though. So, running hasn't been a focus?

Might be more about the offense at the HS? He was brought in as a change of pace every few series and he ran a lot of RPO type things and did throw it.

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

Question for the recruitniks out there: what - if anything - does this recruit tell us about the Pry/Bown offense?

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That it uses a QB /s

Nothing really outside of every other college team. You want your bet athlete to be the quarterback. Scheme wise probably shotgun RPO/hand offs with a healthy mix of downfield passing but nothing close to air raid

Nice pickup! He has a smoothness to his game and seems to be quicker than he is fast. He has all the tools.

1) Does he have any recievers that want to come too? They looked bigger and faster than everyone they played.
2) He can run but isn't a natural football runner, a couple times he probably could have had a huge run but didn't make a cut, he just went for the yards he knew he could get which isn't a bad thing for a QB.
3) They need to work on their timing cause the recievers keep outrunning his arm.

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I like this commit for several reasons
1. Its in the hotbed of recruiting in Georgia essentially SEC country, very good Competition
2. He has room to grow and improve
3. This is a player for Coach Glenn to work with; I like having a separate QB coach reminds me back in the day when we had Kevin Rogers, he was instrumental in Bryan Randall's development
4. Getting one solid QB per cycle will help improve competition

Hope he has an awesome Senior Season and looking forward to signing day already

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Dylan Wittke anagrams to Twit Nakedly, which makes total sense if you were on Hokie Media social media last night and saw what happened during the baseball game. Coincidence? I think not

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Nothing happened, of course 😉

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Yes, the 9th inning was very titillating for sure.

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First thing that stood out was his zip. The kid can throw a beam. Second thing and I think this is a rare skill that's a "men amongst boys" type thing is his ability to throw on the run. He is able to maintain the zip, accuracy and in some cases, threads the needle. That skill set will force the defense to defend both his running ability (liked what I saw) and his arm when flushed out of the pocket. It's been a long time since I was impressed with a QB commit's HS highlight video. He ✅ the box for me.

Wittke intends to graduate in December and will enroll at Virginia Tech in January, hoping to get a head start on his college career.


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"I'm going to Virginia Tech," he said. "It's the home feeling for me. They've got something building over there. I'm not sure everyone outside of Blacksburg sees it yet, but there's an excitement there with the program and players."

Keep the excitement rolling! This is what I want people saying about our program!

"It went really well," he said. "I'd never been in Virginia before. I went up there and saw the facilities. It was super electrifying. It was just the spring game, but there was an electricity with the program and fans. I felt really at home."

If he thinks the spring game is crazy, he is going to love running out of the tunnel against WVU!

247 Story about his eval and ranking


"I think he is an interesting prospect," Ivins said. "The thing that stands out to me is, from a testing standpoint, he might be one of the best athletes, when it comes to quarterbacks, in the class of 2023. 4.55 kid in the 40-yard dash, 4.3 and change in the short-shuttle, 37-inch vertical jump, so he tests off the charts and he can run the football. Buford kind of used him as a change of pace quarterback. From my understanding, he would come in every third or fourth series in the game, regardless of how it was going, and they would let him throw the football, but his moneymaker was running that RPO, a little read-option stuff, and he can take off and get down the field. We only have an 84 on him right now, that's a pretty low ranking, I would think, for a quarterback, just because we want to see a little bit more. Not a huge 7-on-7 guy, but man, I could see him having a huge senior season for Buford, playing in a pro-style type of system in a school that always competes for state championships and moving up the rankings.

It would be really awesome if our coaches take this QB with great athleticism but very little field experience and......develops them. You know, helping QBs get better over the years.

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What do you mean "over the years?"

QBs only last one year....right?

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Well played 😂