OT: Lebron James is a Cake guy

I'm sure this will be included in future discussions on his placing in the all time rankings. Do we know if MJ is a cake or pie guy?

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And thats why he will always be inferior to MJ. Cant be the GOAT if you like cake.

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Happy to be pie!

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Lebron is so polarizing I can't tell if this is a win or loss for Team Cake

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

Lebron is an incredible talent and undeniably among the best ever. But look at what happens when he plays shadow GM -- his evaluation skills and higher level judgment calls when it comes to team composition are so bad!!!!!

Lebron choosing cake over pie is like LeBron thinking he needs Russell Westbrook to win. On paper sure sounds great, but like cake, Westbrook's biggest fans are those without refined palate who only like the sugar even though they're totally empty calories. Westbrook averaged a triple double! Yes, he did. He also hamstrings your team on both ends of the court nowadays and is wildly overrated and riding on the coattails of those years gone by, much like cake with early childhood memories.

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Team Cake already wins. This is just noise to distract those that also ran.

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Great, this just solidifies me as the best King James

Attitude checks out.......

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